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Creating A Productivity Environment - Productivity Nugget #250

How To Create A Productive Environment To Get Things Done

Maybe you have a deadline pressing down on you … your timelines are coming up... you really need to get a project done...

Or you decide today is the day when you're going to be more focused and take more action, and be more productive.

Whatever it is, you can benefit from having a productive environment

A Productivity Junkies Environment is about being able to be get focused, be focused and stay focused with limited distractions while you work on activities that have impact.

To watch How to create a productive environment to get things done on Youtube Click Here

The 7 Things To Create An Environment of Productivity

0:42 Take your productivity to warp speed

How to Create A Productive Environment Tip #1

1:10 What is your objective?

Do you know what you want to get done, not just for the day, but for this focused productivity time.

How to Create A Productive Environment Tip #2

1:50 Where is that you are going to create your Productive Environment?

Where is that you are the most productive?

How to Create A Productive Environment Tip #3

2:22 Who?

Who helps you with your productivity, getting things done or needs to be there for this project?

Or should you be by yourself?

Who shouldn't be there? Who is a distraction?

How to Create A Productive Environment Tip #4

2:52 When are you the most productive?

How to Create A Productive Environment Tip #5

3:40 The Sounds

What sounds help you focus? What sounds should be shut off because they distract you or are interruptions?

Check out

How to Create A Productive Environment Tip #6

4:37 The Resources

What tools, resources do you need?

How to Create A Productive Environment Tip #7

5:30 The Weather?

Maybe? Maybe not?

"When there's surf, we surf."

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Increase Conversions On Your Landing Pages - Productivity Nugget #249


on with this simple trick. Increase Conversions On Your Landing Pages

It's not really a trick, but more of a philosophy. It's a philosophy on how to by not being so in people's face.

are needed to convert your traffic to leads.

And you have three kinds of landing pages...

  • You have Pass Thru Landing Pages - sending your website traffic on to other content they might like
  • Landing Pages - getting your website traffic to opt-in to your email marketing follow up and appointment setting
  • Sales Pages Landing Pages - Turning your traffic into paying clients and customers

So watch this video on how to increase conversions on your landing pages...

In this Coaching Video:

0:25 The most common mistake people with their landing pages

0:38 Why so many people are making this mistake

0:52 What you don't want to do on your landing pages

1:29 What is going through the mind of your website traffic

1:34 A lesson I learned from observing a situation at the mall about "information"

2:00 "That's how valuable ______________ information is"

2:07 What you should be doing to increase conversions on your

Contacting Your SOI: How Often Should You Contact Your Sphere? - Productivity Nugget #248


So you want to increase your referrals from your Sphere of Influence? And you are wondering just exactly, "How Often Should I Contact My ?"

If you want to generate more referrals from your ...

If you want to get referred more often by your ...

Watch this Nugget

In this Coaching Video"

0:30 A little advice from the "A" Team, Colonel Hannibal Smith

o:40 My default answer to the question of, "How often should I be contacting my sphere?"

0:46 A little bit more of a specific answer

1:07 What it really comes down to

1:14 The PJ's Business Development Model

1:56 Why Frequency, "How often..." shouldn't be your only concern

Want help putting together an SOI Outreach Plan? How about help planning it, paying for it and implementing it?

How To Increase Your Productivity - Productivity Nugget #247


How to increase productivity So you want to know how to increase your productivity?

You are busy... only sleeping 5 hours a night or less... trying to get it all done... wish you could clone yourself?

What is the secret to increasing your ?

Is there even a secret to productivity? Or do you just have to work longer hours, work harder?

You've tried all the , you've read all the books and have tried all the methods, but you just can't seem to figure out how to .

In This Productivity Nugget:

0:21 You live in amazing world with technology and all these digital apps 0:33 The question you need to ask yourself 0:39 The secret to productivity and getting more done 0:59 The reason you are not productive 1:36 I share with you my simple productivity system (the 3 steps to increasing your productivity) 2:02 The things you need to eliminate to increase your productivity

Referral Marketing: Stop using this phrase, start getting more referrals - Productivity Nugget #246


Getting More Referrals In Your Business

Starting Getting More Referrals From Your Referral Marketing

Want to referrals?

The wants to ban two potentially ... "citizen" and "brown bag".

If those words are offensive, then we need to ban this word in sales, marketing and business.

In This Productivity Nugget:

Stop using this phrase to increase the effectiveness of your

0:32 Do you want more referrals? 0:41 Referrals and introductions are a transference of knowing, liking and trust 1:28 The phrase you need to stop using to get more referrals from your sphere 1:44 The problem of using this phrase 1:54 An example of using this phrase the problem it causes 2:32 What you need to do to and keep getting referrals

If you want to increase your Marketing, Let's Talk.

Real Estate Lead Generation: What Is the Best Form Of Lead Generation?

Real Estate Lead Generation: Best Form Of Lead GenerationReal Estate Lead Generation is where it all begins. If you are not generating as a Realtor, you really don't have a business.

How can help a seller sell, or a buyer buy if you don't have any sellers or buyers to work with?

and marketing really is the name of game. Like or not, accept it as a reality.

In this Productivity Nugget:

0:30 today can be a bit overwhelming

0:47 Back in the day, this is what I did for real estate lead

1:22 The "Key" to

1:40 The "S" word

2:00 The best form of lead generation is _____________________

Get help with lead generation, Contact Darin.

How To Get Better Results, Faster Results - Productivity Nugget #244


How To Get Better Results, Faster Results

The 3 Questions You Must Ask & Answer To Get Better Results, Faster Results

If you would like to get and in your , with less time and effort, watch this video.

In this Productivity Nugget:

0:07 Hype? Snake oil?

0:44 Get Marketing And Productivity Tips to your email

0:50 The email I sent about Dolph aka "I must break you"

:12 What Dolph, still looking like he is in great shape at 55, has to do with this

1:30 The problem of limiting beliefs and personal contraints

1:44 "Maybe I can if I follow a model"

1:54 you need to ask, reflect on and answer

:07 Question 1 - To getting better and faster results

2:17 Question 2 - To getting better results and faster results

2:24 Question - To getting better results and faster results  The Model aka The Path

It's easy to get on the Path, and it's difficult to stay on the Path.

If you want help getting on the Path to "Better Results", and staying on the Path...

... Let's talk.


  • Stay Productive
  • Keep Focused
  • Be Consistent

-- Darin Persinger


Making Excuses? The Solutions Are In The Excuses - Productivity Nugget #243


You don't need to .

In today’s Productivity Nugget:

0:02 You can have your results or you can have your excuses 0:37 Why loves excuses 0:52 What Darin does when his clients start to stop themselves from making excuses 1:01 The beauty of excuses 1:24 What should you do if you are always getting distracted 1:39 The problem of not letting excuses come out 1:46 A great quote from Fierce Conversations

So, don't beat yourself up, but don't live in your excuses either.

Simply let your excuses be part of the process of you finding the right solutions.

How To Turn Liabilities Into Assets - Productivity Nugget #242

How to turn you liabilities into assets

It's easy to feel like you have liabilities in sales and in .

But it's more focused around how you think and your .

In today’s Nugget:

  • 0:29 How you are currently looking at things and Why
  • 0:43 Why because your new is not a
  • 1:02 How to turn that "liability" of being new into an
  • 1:18 Another example of how to turn a liability into an asset
  • 1:54 The problem of getting drunk in college
  • 2:27 What if you are not tech savvy enough?

In this are examples of how to turn liabilities into assets.

Watch how to turn liabilities into assets on youtube

Now it's time to sit down, reflect and be honest about how you feel and what you think are liabilities.

What excuses have you been making?

Now think about how you can turn that thinking around so it becomes a positive thing, an asset for you in business.

Knowing, Doing, Mastery - Productivity Nugget #241


There is a difference between , and . In today’s Nugget:

o:16 The problem with the amount of information

0:26 The 2 Things you should KNOW

0:41 People feel significant when the know and they share

1:10 People telling me how to do Email Marketing that are not Doing Email Marketing

1:39  I've learned from Doing Email Marketing

1:47 A Crazy stat from my Email Marketing

2:12 There are certain things you only Learn from Doing

2:18 Where Mastery comes from

2:27 A quote about Mastery


The Problem Of Being A Problem Solver - Productivity Nugget #240


The reason you don't have enough time and you don't have ... It's you've created... And now you must break this habit.

In today’s Nugget:

  • 0:20 The problem of being a Problem
  • 0:48 What taking care of the urgent does
  • 1:11 Many roles and occupations involve this
  • 1:22 What you have to do as Business Owner
  • 1:35 The shift you have to make
  • 1:48 What you need to stop doing, and start doing


Getting Your Name Out There Marketing Mistake - Productivity Nugget #239

Marketing Mistake - getting your name out there Are you making this marketing mistake?

The marketing mistake of "getting your name out there".

You are a small business.You can't compete with the Billion Dollar ad spends of a company like Apple or Geico.

Do not...

I repeat... Do not model the marketing, branding of large corporations.

You don't have the time or money for those types of marketing, branding tactics to kick in...

Watch the real estate coaching video below to get the low down on what you should be doing instead of "getting your name out there".

Can't see video? Watch Marketing Mistakes Video on Youtube

How To Get Your Direct Mail Marketing Opened - Productivity Nugget #237

If you are not marketing, you are not using a simple, effective marketing tactic.

If you are using direct and are struggling to get results and wondering how to get marketing opened... then you will want to watch this coaching video.

marketing is still extremely effective. I have coaching clients generating leads with Just Sold and generating referrals sending relational direct mail to their sphere of influence.

Personally, I'm getting a 30% conversion from a I'm using for my business.

In this coaching video, you'll see a tactic I picked up from direct response copywriter .

Real Estate Coaching - Too Much Knowledge Is Causing You To Fail - Productivity Nugget #236


Real Estate Coaching, Darin Persinger Video on why your business is failing...

Or at the very least why you are not making a professional level of profit in your .

If you are looking for coaching or ways to increase your businesss and sales, you need to make sure you are focused on the right things in . isn't just about dumping more information and on you.

A good is going to encourage you to enhance your abilities and show you how to develop skills that pay da bills.

In this Video you will see how having access to information and knowledge (and it's all FREE) is actually causing your to fail.

Real Estate Coaching - K-S-A

You'll found out why the FREE info online isn't helping,

Plus, You'll get the 2 things you should be focused on to...

  • make more money,
  • having higher level of success,
  • better relationships,
  • and more happiness.

Video Marketing - Q & A w/ Darin Persinger, Video Marketer - Productivity Nugget #235

question and answer time... Video Marketing With Video Marketer, Darin PersingerGot this question recently...

Hey Darin, why don't you do video marketing any more?

The answer about where I stand with awaits in this video. Marketing should be purposeful. That is a hint for what you'll get inside Productivity Nugget 235 ...

It's not that I've stopped using video in my business.

It's that it has worked.

With over 230+ Productivity Nuggets here on PJ's Dot Com, plus many other videos...

And over 300+ videos on my ...

The marketing machine has been built.

Storytelling Isn't Marketing - Productivity Nugget #234


We have a new in the now... .

I was getting played out, so now it's time for something new.

But storytelling???


Storytelling isn't new... it's been around for at least 30,000 years.

If you think that by adding some "storytelling" to , your business will be saved... well good luck with that belief.

And then when you decide to start chasing another belief in 3 months... good luck with that one two.

And then in 6 months when my  new social network called Fridgerate comes out, you'll be focused on that.

On Fridgerate you will "Magnet" stuff you want to show off or remember, and the public can see this. But there is also a privacy setting where can "Fridge" stuff. This means you keep it inside and "cool" in a secure location, but you can choose to share it with others. Kinda like Dropbox.

So you have that to look forward to...

But in the mean time, you have everyone, their mom and dog telling you that you have to become a Storyteller now.

Storytelling Isn't Marketing

Look, I get the concept 100%.

If you are on my email list, I've been telling a story every day for almost the last year.

But you can't just be a storyteller.

Check out the latest Nugget to see what I mean... If you really want to step up your ...

Hire Me To Speak

Don't Stop Doing What Works - Productivity Nugget #233

Do you like and Show?

and I bring you the MAP Radio show every ...

This 21. And we celebrated!

You should celebrate with us...

To give you a sneak peek of what JR and I chatted about on this weeks episode I recorded a short video...

Take a look and decide for yourself if you want to listen to the show this week...


What Pepe Le Pew Can Teach You About Success In Business - Productivity Nugget #232

My favorite character... ... Maybe it's the romantic in me...

... is .

I seriously love the Le Pew cartoons so much that I almost named my dog for this Looney Tunes short.

My dog is a French. A French Bulldog.

is a French name and the name of the cat that Pepe is always chasing.

My dog almost ended up being named Penelope (Penny) for short, but I settled on Pearl instead.

Marketing & Productivity Tips From Pepe Le Pew

Here is what I dig about Pepe...

He is suave. Consistent. Never looks stressed. Stays relentless without overexerting himself.

He is casually persistent.

No matter how fast, how frantic, how far Penelope ... Pepe is always right there. And he never breaks a . He just does his little hop and sings his .

Pepe stays positive. He never looks disappointed or frustrated or upset. No mater what happens to Pepe he always has a good attitude. I think the reason is because he is chasing something he loves.

Are you chasing what you love?

It's important to do all these with your marketing and to increase your productivity.

    • Don't stress.
    • Be consistent.
    • Stay relentless... but don't overexert.
    • Stay positive.
    • Chase what you love.
    • Don't just chase your prospect... be where they will be.

Watch some Pepe Le Pew videos below...

For more marketing and productivity tips from Looney Tunes be sure to check out...

Productivity Tips From The Roadruner & Wile E. Coyote

Productivity Tips From Sam Sheepdog

Productivity Tips From The Roadrunner & Wile E. Coyote - Productivity Nugget #231

Yesterday you got some productivity tips from Sam Sheepdog. Today lets go over what you can learn about and marketing from The and E. .

Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote are basically the same premise as Sam Sheepdog and . Except Wile E. is a bit more obsessive and crazed about catching the Roadrunner. Ralph can leave work at work.

Wile E. Coyote uses every trick, every , every idea he can come up with to catch the Road Runner.

Wile E. Coyote bounces from one tactic to another tactic to another tactic.

He even seems a bit tech savvy... the way he is always ordering gadgets from the Acme Company.

But it never works. It's just one shiny object after another.

The Roadrunner on the other hand...

He does one thing... and he does it well.

He runs really, really fast! Beep!

This is a great productivity and marketing tip.

Do one thing.

Do it well.

Keep doing it. Keep doing it. Keep doing it.

Don't be like Wile E. Coyote always ordering another . Always coming up with a crazy complicated complex plan. Always chasing after what he wants. Never catching it.

Be like the Roadrunner. Do one thing. Do it well. And keep doing it.

Watch some Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote cartoons below...