2016 Was The Greatest Year Of My Life

The other day I told you about one of my biggest ragrets. Missed it? It's here.

Today, a week into the new year I wanted to recap 2016 for me.

I've seen so many people complaining about 2016 being the worst. And they can't wait for 2016 to be over.

From my perspective, to blame a year for something negates any positives that happened to you or by you. And to throw that much shade on a year, to not acknowledge the good, what you're proud of or grateful for, in my book... is setting yourself up to make next year even worse. You're going to get more of the same.

So in being some what hypocritical I'm going to say 2016 was the GREATEST YEAR OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Here's why:

1. I documented a HUGE CHECK of it. I made over 130 videos of our life and business. It makes memories easier to remember.

2. I dropped over 30 lbs. I went from 200ish to 167ish.

3. Because of #2, I sleep better and no longer have chronic shoulder injury.

4. In relation to my last email (the one below) I started running and ran my first 5K with Katherine on Thanksgiving day. She also started running this year. Neither of us were "runners" before this year.

In fact, when I committed to getting into shape in April/Mayish of this year, I could barely walk a mile at a brisk pace without getting shin-splits.

5. We paid off a mortgage and now own a property FREE & CLEAR. This is an incredible feeling. It was a huge goal. A huge accomplishment. And does so many things for us emotionally and financially.

I'd love to hear why 2016 was awesome for you. Contact me and let me know.

If however you hated 2016 and you can't find any good in it, don't bother emailing my back. Just put that up on Facebook. I think that's the appropriate place for it. ;)

Happy New Year! Darin Persinger

PS: By the way, you don't NEED to be negative or complain on Facebook. Look at my wall. You'd have to go back over 2 years probably to find anything negative.

The world doesn't need more negativity. And do you know the worst thing about posting or sharing something negative on Facebook?

It's permanent. It's like a tattoo. It's not just a thought or even something you said out loud.

That negativity is now documented and stays in the world forever.

“I think when I look out and I see there’s so much negativity in the world and a lot of people are unhappy and a lot people are anxious, it just feels like that’s one view of the world. But you don’t have to always focus on that view of the world.” 
— - Chris Hardwick

One Of My Biggest Ragrets

I went for a run early today.

It was 42 degrees. Strong, steady rain.

There's something about running in the cold and rain that makes me feel even better about myself.

Which brings me to one of my biggest regrets.

Biggest Regrests

When Katherine and I met, I was in pretty good shape. Like 90 minutes in the gym every day, strict diet kind of shape.

One of the problems of being in that kind of shape is it is not easily sustainable. Not when you're trying to start a new relationship and working 12 hours a day.

It becomes even harder when you start your own business, start traveling 30-40 times a year to speak around North America and are now working 16-18 hours a day.

There was this one time when I was speaking in Philadelphia, staying in a hotel in New Jersey. Flying coast to coast and losing three hours sucks.

Checking into your hotel after midnight sucks.

Being told room service stops serving at midnight sucks even more.

Wandering around the hotel at 1:00 am looking for a vending machine because you haven't had dinner yet and settling on pop-tarts really sucks.

Pop-tarts from a vending machine.

I have a bunch of stories like this.

And stories can become excuses.

These stories became my excuses of why I put on almost 40 lbs over the next few years.

Travel. Work. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Excuses. Stories I told myself. Excuses.

And one of my big regrets is I did let these stories become excuses.

I regret that I wasn't going out for a run each morning.

I could have been getting exercise and taking a little tour of the newest city I was visiting. But instead I had excuses.

I could have been planning and preparing my nutrition better. But instead I was eating pop-tarts from vending machines.

I regret this one one thing because I was gaining weight, losing energy, becoming unhealthy which made me start to resent traveling.

But I shouldn't have resented it. I should have been grateful for the opportunity to see and explore new places.

One of the romantic ideas I have about running ( keeping in mind, I'm not a runner, never was a runner) is that running is simple.

You don't need fancy weight or equipment. You just go run.

It should be much harder to find excuses if you're a runner.

That's the story I'm telling myself now anyways. And why I was out for a run in the cold rain.

It's a lot harder to have regrets when you aren't making excuses.

Next email I'll share with you some of the things I'm most grateful for this year.

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Darin Persinger

Stacking The Scale

Watch just the first 20 seconds of the video below. It will either benefit you directly, or someone you know, I promise... It might be the thing that tips the scale.

I believe getting started, getting motivated, comes from a stacking of things, not one thing.

It's easy to point to the ONE THING, that tips the scale, because it's the thing that tipped the scale.

It's the last thing on your mind, that you remember easily and the thing that "did the trick". The thing that put everything in to motion.

Gary Keller, the c0-founder of Keller Williams Realty, and author of books like Millionaire Real Estate Agent andThe One Thing calls this your Big Why.

Gary Keller says this about a Big Why,

"A Big Why is about having a purpose, a mission, or a need, that in turn gives you focus."

Or Micheal Gerber, the author of the book for business owners called " The E-Myth" calls it your Primary Aim.

When it came to losing weight and getting in better shape, the things that I stacked on the scale to tip motivation in the right direction was: having a healthy shoulder again, sleeping better, feeling better, being able to fit into my clothes again, increase in energy, being able to play with Morgan now, and later.

These and a few other things started my motivation. But, it's easy to get motivated. It's harder to stay motivated. That's why you need to keep stacking.

See, last October I finally went to a physical therapist for my shoulder that had been bothering me for over a year.

Long story short, she was concerned with the amount of scar tissue my shoulders, back and neck had (pretty sure it's via wakeboarding). Her second concern was my weight. She said we could try to relieve the pain, but if I don't lose some fat and add some muscle, this chronic pain will be forever and only get worse as I get older.

(Not Katherine's fault... I had gained about 40 lbs since we first met.)

My desire to lose some weight or get more fit is not for vanity.

58 is only 20 years away for me. Morgan will only be 21ish. If my body keeps falling apart at the same rate from 18 to 38 on my way to 58 - it will not be good.

After some half-committed effort I came home a few months ago after an AHA moment (another thing to stack on the scale) and told Kat that my health had to be the priority. Since then I'm down about 30 pounds. No specific, crazy diet that I can't stick too. Just eating healthier and really watching portions. Doing a bit of activity, not enough, but not too much to reinjure my shoulder and way more than I was.

The weight loss is slowing down a bit, but this video by Mike Vacanti, an online fitness coach, really re-inspires me. I hope it will inspire you or someone you know and that motivation is found.

It's called Why Fitness Actually  Matters.

Finding and consuming content like this stacks the motivation scale for me to keep me motivated and moving in the right direction.

Business Coaching: What To Do When You Are Stuck And Hit A Plateau


First, let me give a shout out to the Mobile Agent TV guys and . Michael tweeted...

Thanks @MobileAgentTV for introducing me to @darinpersinger! Best used 5 minutes of my day reading his e-mails!

Awesome! Thanks guys!

I'm a fan of any story... , health, etc.

It inspires me to see people commit, fight past the ... the desire to quit and give up, but keep at it and still achieve.

The other week I watched a show called Extreme Weight Loss. The host is named . He specializes in extreme weight loss transformations. And this show was about the first husband and wife he ever worked with at the same time.

In the first 90 days, they did amazing. The had a goal to lose 150 lbs between the both of them.

At their 90-day weigh-in, the wife had lost 75 pounds, and her husband had lost 86 pounds. EPIC WIN!!!

But at their next 90 day weigh in, they didn't quite have the same results.

They were frustrated and complained to Chris...

"We are doing the exact same thing we did the first 90 days. We are still eating clean, we are following the same exercise routine."

Well there's the problem!

Chris explained to them that they no longer had the same body they had the first 90 days. In order to get better results now, they would have to pick up their intensity.

It reminded me so much of what I see in business.

Business owners, think there is this magically orbit. They just need to get to a comfortable level and coast.

This is what I call a "Death Valley" in business. The gap from one level to the next level in business.

What got you here, won't get you there.

You need to pick up the intensity, but also change your focus on what your priorities are at each level in .

This is exactly what I talk about in my book, 5 Levels of Success. 

You can  find it on Amazon if you want.

  • Stay Productive
  • Keep Focused
  • Be Consistent

- Darin Persinger

P.S. If you know you need to pick up the intensity of your business...

Let's talk or bring me to speak to your team

How To Get Better Results, Faster Results - Productivity Nugget #244


How To Get Better Results, Faster Results

The 3 Questions You Must Ask & Answer To Get Better Results, Faster Results

If you would like to get and in your , with less time and effort, watch this video.

In this Productivity Nugget:

0:07 Hype? Snake oil?

0:44 Get Marketing And Productivity Tips to your email

0:50 The email I sent about Dolph aka "I must break you"

:12 What Dolph, still looking like he is in great shape at 55, has to do with this

1:30 The problem of limiting beliefs and personal contraints

1:44 "Maybe I can if I follow a model"

1:54 you need to ask, reflect on and answer

:07 Question 1 - To getting better and faster results

2:17 Question 2 - To getting better results and faster results

2:24 Question - To getting better results and faster results  The Model aka The Path

It's easy to get on the Path, and it's difficult to stay on the Path.

If you want help getting on the Path to "Better Results", and staying on the Path...

... Let's talk.


  • Stay Productive
  • Keep Focused
  • Be Consistent

-- Darin Persinger


The Problem Of Being A Problem Solver - Productivity Nugget #240


The reason you don't have enough time and you don't have ... It's you've created... And now you must break this habit.

In today’s Nugget:

  • 0:20 The problem of being a Problem
  • 0:48 What taking care of the urgent does
  • 1:11 Many roles and occupations involve this
  • 1:22 What you have to do as Business Owner
  • 1:35 The shift you have to make
  • 1:48 What you need to stop doing, and start doing


Life & Work Lessons To Learn From A Retiring Professional Athlete


In a little midwest town... ... a small crowd gathered...

To listen, to support, to cheer, to acknowledge... to say "thanks".

Retirement is the welcome end for many, but for a professional athlete it is the reality that an end has come... (for many, only in their mid to late 30's).

, wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers (& Dancing With The Stars winner), gave a retirement speech this week, after turning 38.

I'm sure you didn't spend every Sunday with Donald as I did. So you might not know how incredible of player he was and also what an amazing human being he is.

There is something that Donald Driver can teach you about your work... your life... and your legacy.

Every first down that Donald made, he would get up from the ground, do a little shimmy and shake and point down the field, "First Down".

And he always had this infectious smile on his face.

He had FUN doing his job. He brought Joy to what he did. 

During his retirement speech, looking at his wife he said,

"Life is what it is. Life is whatever it may be. But life without you in my life is nothing. I love you."

Later when asked why if he felt like he could still play, was he retiring...

"Someone's always going to tell my kids that their dad was a great football player, but no one will be able to tell my kids that their dad was a great dad and a great husband. I have to show them that."

He is putting family first.

Today, with so much online/ training being thrown at you... you hear the words like... "engage" and "" so often.

When running your business and trying to increase sales, it might feel like (if you are listening to the noise) you have to spend all this time on , and pinterest, engaging and building relationships.

That's great... if your clients give you great reviews on Yelp and Zillow...

It's great... if you get listed on some Top 99 list for being so social.

It's great... if you have a high Klout score.

It's great... if you engage and build relationships.


In the end... aren't the reviews from your significant other, children, family and friends what really counts?

How much "engaging" are you doing around the dining room table at night?

How well are you "building relationships" with your friends and family on the weekends?

How high would your Klout score be if you are ranked as a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, a friend, a brother, sister, a husband, a wife?

Lessons I'll take from Donald Driver...

1.  Have fun doing what you do... Bring Joy to it.

2.  Put family first.

Wanna watch Donald give his retirement speech?

It's inspirational and well worth the time.

Click here to watch

-- Darin


Perspective Is Everything


The years have been hard for me... I would not the last 7 years on .

I've done my best to not think, act or be a victim though...

But more than a few times I've wondered WHY?

  • Why can't I catch a break?
  • Why can't my family catch a break?
  • Why can't my close friends and their family catch a break?

It's been hard... but I've survived.

And the truth is, this year has been such a blessing. Not just because it's been a great year, but been probably the best year over the last decade for me.

For those in the USA, and celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow... if you've had a rough year, or rough few years... or NOT...

I would invite you to read this.

It's called Maybe.

So, maybe you had a good year...

Maybe you had a rough year...

It's all about though.

Tomorrow I encourage you to have of gratitude and thanks.

Don't forget to read Maybe

  • Stay Productive
  • Keep Focused
  • Be Consistent

-- Darin "Thanks" Persinger

To Grow Just Say No



I had a last night.

I'm pretty sure it was inspired by ... even though I haven't watched the movie since it was in theatre.

You know the parts of the movie where finds and that say " Me" and "Drink Me"?

When she would eat or drink those, she would like a giant or shrink like a bug...

That's kinda what my dream was about.

But instead of finding cakes that said "Eat Me" or bottles that said "Drink Me"...

The cakes and bottles in my dream said "Yes" and "No".

When I would eat a cake that said "No" I would grow.

If I drank something that said "Yes" I would shrink.

I don't know how to interpret , but here is what I feel this dream was saying to me...

... Say "No" to more things. Or basically narrow my focus. Do less. Eliminate...

... And saying "Yes" meant I become overwhelmed and felt more pressure.

I don't know how you feel about your business, productivity and results...

But I'm willing to bet you need to say "No" to some things. You need to narrow your focus. You need to prioritize.

-- Darin "I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast” Persinger

The Biggest Time Trap You Get Yourself In


you can get into...


If you are on a debating team, or want to become a lawyer or you are a politician, maybe debating is for you.

But, in business and in life, there is no reason to have a .

A debate implies one party is right and the other is wrong.

The definition of debate is....

"To engage in argument by discussing points."

Or this...

...argumentation in which two opposing teams defend and attack a given proposition."

It's been my experience that when you enter a debate, the other party has no intention of actually changing their mind.

You debate your truth. They debate their truth.

Not productive use of time, in my opinion.

I just wrote a post for InmanNext that talks about this very problem.

It's called dissonace.

What is really interesting to me, is even though I point out what cognitive dissonace is and give examples, you can see people in the comments section displaying cognitive dissonace.

It's kind of a mind freak to see it happen.

Go check out the post by CLICKING HERE

Be aware of this behavoir in .

Notice it in others. Accept that you can not logically debate someone in to seeing your truth.

  • Maybe it's getting a seller to lower their price.
  • Or a bank to accept a short sale offer.
  • Or a buyer not to walk away from after inspection

Don't get me wrong. This doesn't mean you throw your hands up, walk away and just give up.

But is the opposite of debate.

Effective communication is understanding the other persons Point of View.

Debating is trying to get the other person to accept your Point of View.

I promise...

Nothing good comes from debating. Just wasted time. Frustration. Angry emotions.

Everything good comes from effective communication. People feel heard. Understood.

Debating is not effective communication. And I'm seeing way much debating online, not much effective communication.

The to this is understanding what  is.


If you want to take effective communication to the next level in your business development...

Hire Me To Speak

Debating Is Not Selling

is not . You don't make a of profit by spending your time debatin'.

You make a professional level of profit by

  • Picking the right target
  • Communicating with them with an effetive message
  • Communicating with them in an effective method
  • Nurturing the relationship until they are compelled to take action

But I see lotsa people debatin' in the social media space like they want to be the next Republican candidate.

CLICK HERE to see the problem with debatin' online.

I told someone to UN-Like My Page

The other day I posted on the Productivity Junkies Page about marketing budgets.

Someone disagreed with me.

He said 10% should be spent on Marketing.

I told him he should UN-Like my Page.

He thought it was because I was feeling "challenged" by him.

My response,

"I don't feel challenged, but I gave the answer, did you read it? I called you silly if you use a %. Why waste your time on page like mine that thinks you're silly and gives you bad advice that you don't agree with?"

I'm not getting in to debate with someone on my facebook page.

You shouldn't either.

You shouldn't waste your time or debating someone, or chasing a prospect that puts you down, or tells you that you are wrong or won't to your .

A Productivity Junkie focuses on things that have an Impact, like...

  • Picking the right target
  • Communicating with them with an effetive message
  • Communicating with them in an effective method
  • Nurturing the relationship until they are compelled to take action

If you have your mind made up about the way business should be done and it doesn't resonate with the message I share...

Save yourself a bunch of time and unsubscribe from my emails and UN-Like my page and then....

Go do work.

Stop debating.

Stop disagreeing.

Get productive.

Get results.

Make a professional level of income and...

Enjoy the process of doing it.

If you do like what I share in these blog posts and want to go deeper with this content, check out Hiring Me To Speak


The Problem With Being Self Motivated

"You'd like Thom. Everyone likes Thom. is a funny, good natured, candid, authentic and the man at the top of his game. A CEO in Seattle, he is part of an executives group there.

A few years ago , also part of the executives group,  and Thom started together. At first they did just day trips, then came a few weeks trip to Alaska.

This day a four man team was mounting their most ambitious attempt yet - . The four person party had split up into two two's. Don had paired up with JJ - an experienced female climber - to go ahead and make base camp first. Thom joined Mike, the climb leader, to follow four hours later.

Half way to base camp Don and JJ came to a glacier where marked the recommended path around a deep . A snow bridge offered an enticingly more direct route.

It seemed solid but after Don carefully examined the crevasse, they decided against it and went the longer path. They arrived at base camp later that day and began preparations for the rest of the team.

Meanwhile Thom and Mike arrived at the glacier at 2 in the afternoon. They sat down to eat some lunch and reviewed the situation. They also discussed route options - the snow bridge or the bamboo poles. Thom was leading this next section of the climb.

"I vote for the snow bridge," Thom declared, shouldering his pack.

Thom moved quickly, without roping up to Mike.

Mike stood quickly, in time to see Thom's head disappear as the snow bridge collapsed beneath him.

As Thom fell, nearly seven stories, he glanced off the ice walls. Each hit broke something - a rib, an ankle, a cheekbone, his eye socket and then slam - an ice shelf.

It took hours to extract him from the narrow icebox and evacuated to hospital. Don and JJ could not return down the mountain at such a late hour of the day. The next day they retreated to the city, getting their photos developed before visiting Thom in hospital.

When they walked into the ward the first thing Thom said was, "That crevasse came out of nowhere!"

Don swallowed. This was a moment of truth. The executive group in Seattle had many robust conversations during their time together, and this would be no exception.

Don took a deep breath and said, "You look like hell buddy. I'm awful glad you're alive. But that crevasse didn't come out of nowhere. It was risky enough at ten in the morning. Look at this photo. You got there four hours later, four hours later under the melting full sun. 'What were you pretending not to know?'"

This is an excerpt from the Susan Scott book, Fierce Conversations.

I was reminded of it yesterday when I saw a tweet to a client of mine.

Someone on twitter had asked, why she has a coach. Why can't she do it on her own?

The response to justify why she didn't need a coach, "Maybe I'm just a self-starter, , goal achieving girl. No one has to me to next level."

This sounds to me. But hey...whatever floats your boat!

Many people think coaching is just about accountability and pushing people.

If your idea of coaching is being in prison, then I guess this idea of coaching is right.

A great coach, will not just give you accountability, but also help you build a bigger vision than what you have for your business and world.

Don't believe me?

Try me. Call me and I bet my vision of what you can achieve is bigger than the current vision you have.

A great coach does this by getting you to lift your head up once awhile and take a look at where you are and make sure where you are going is the right track.

Being a and self motivated doesn't equal success. It could be dangerous. It almost killed Thom.

Back to that story about Thom for a second.

In the book it goes on to share the rest of the story.

A couple months later he is able to get back to work and shared a story with the executive group.

"Lying in the hospital forced me to lie still and think about some things I see that they way I approach that crevasse is pretty much the way I live my life. One foot after the other. Head down. Don't look up. No time. Just move. Now, now, now. What's coming next? Sorry, too busy. Got things to do. It almost cost me my life."

See...a good coach doesn't just push you. I've seen some coaches that do the pushing style and they would have been pushing Thom right into the crevasse. How does that serve anyone?

It doesn't. A good coach helps you

  • lift your head up,
  • look around,
  • get perspective,
  • create a vision and
  • then move in the right direction at the right speed.

As one of my clients said recently about working with me,

"You’re a true blessing and are helping us like no other coach to make impactful changes within our business, at a pace that makes sense. And you ‘GET’ technology, too! Coach D, you’re a dream come true. “ - Julia Fishel

What are you pretending not to know? Stay Productive | Keep Focused | Be Consistent


Why debating is just kicking dirt

"You have not converted a man because you have silenced him." -


I am a naturally .

I like to learn, I like to improve.

I think sometimes my turns into in certain cases.

What does being curios and suspicious mean?

It means you ask lots of questions and look for .

Debating is not answer-looking

I've been getting dragged into some lately online and I really need to stop.

Debating is what the does when he feels the made a bad call.

Is that ever productive?

The manager is not looking for answers. He wants the ump to see things his way.

The ump isn't trying to understand the managers perspective. They are simply debating. There is no answer-looking going on. There is no benchmarking, solution focused conversation taking place. sees things one way. The other person sees things another way. And the are both convinced they are right.

Still interested in answers and solutions

I'm still interested in answers and solutions. I still want to learn. I'm just not interested in debating. It's not productive. Most people would rather what they think they know instead of implementing what it is they do know.

Many people also love to debate minutiae.

Ramit writes on his blog,

If you’re below the age of 125, you have heard people saying one of more of these about :

  • Don’t eat before you go to bed because fat doesn’t burn as efficiently
  • If you cut your carb intake and raise your , you can lose lots of weight quickly
  • If you eat fruit in the morning, it’s easy on your and your will speed up

I always laugh at these things because they’re so absurd. Maybe they’re correct, or maybe not, but that’s not really the point.

The point is that we love to debate .

We love to debate details at the completely wrong level of analysis.

When it comes to weight loss, 99.99% of people only need to know 2 things: Eat healthier and exercise more. Only Olympic athletes need to know more.

I see this happening more and more with real estate when it comes to things like , lead generation, lead conversion, website and ROI.

People want to debate minutiae of it all. I don't.

I want answers and solutions. I want .

I don't want to hear opinions or guesses or theory.

I want to implement and get results.

Why do we love to debate minutiae?

As Ramit puts it,"...we feel like we really expressed ourselves, and it’s a good feeling. The problem is that the feeling is totally illusory when it comes to getting anything done."

Sounds to me like the opposite of being a Productivity Junkie.

Do you find yourself in too many debates, but not enough conversations looking for solutions?

What will you do when you find yourself debating minutiae?

Being A Productivity Junkie By Being A Productive Dad

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.  ~Clarence Budington Kelland

My , is one of the most people I know.

That's a picture of him and me.

His work ethic is second to none, even though he is retired and turning an age today that I won't mention. Today is his birthday.


Since I said to my Dad, I have to say Happy Birthday to my brother Kevin. It's his birthday also today.

Happy birthday BRO!

I have been blessed with the DNA from my parents, but I was also witness to them building businesses and raising a family. And they did both very successfully.

I was a very active kid.

Baseball. Basketball. Soccer. Golf. Wakeboarding. Acting. Plays.

My Dad was there for all of it.

We tossed the baseball around in the backyard.

We shot baskets together.

Well, I shot, he rebounded. He became no competition for me after I hit 6th grade.

Becoming A Productive Dad

Family is extremely important to me.

Read: How To Easily Determine Priorities

The reason to even become a , is so you can be present in your other roles in life.

  • Friend
  • Sibling
  • Parent

I see a very sad trend in our industry and culture, especially as tools and technology allow us to stay more connected. And that is the celebration of 12, 14, 16 hour work days.

Don't get me wrong. I know my Dad worked hard and certainly was never afraid of effort, but like I said, he was always there. To throw the ball. To watch the game. To drive the boat. To pick me up. Or to even watch a practice. He was a Productive Dad, still is.

(I need to add this or he'll get upset.)  --> He is also a Productive Grandfather. :)

3 questions to help bring you some clarity and focus

A Moment of Clarity

“There is nothing as mysterious as something clearly seen” Robert Frost

It is so easy to get overwhelmed in today's . Opportunity is every where and really most distractions are disguised as .

So how do you ? How do you gain about what to do, why you are doing it and keep your energy level high while you do it?

3 to clarity and

1. What is working really well for you?

Take a look at your business and life and look at where the success is coming from. Try to build off that, use momentum to propel you to another level.

I see some people quit what's working to go try something brand new. Don't do this.

2. What are you trying to ignore?

There always seems to be issues, challenges or tasks that we try to ignore.

Ignoring problems does not make them go away. It's like changing the in your car. Sure, it will take time and a bit money to change your oil, but if you ignore it, you end up with bigger problem on your hands.

3. What is boring or annoying you?

There are many things that could be boring, annoying or frustrating you. In fact, the things that are going well might be boring you.

That's why I want you to identify what's working so you don't throw out what is making you successful just because you are bored or annoyed by it.

Ask yourself these three questions to bring some clarity and focus, then go to work on implementing a strategy for each answer.

If you are bold, you can answer the questions in comments below.

7 Ways A Productivity Junkie Can Relax


Puget Sound SunsetBeing a is about doing the important and essential, not just being busy and stressed. A Productivity Junkie can't operate at a high level if they are not taking time to reflect, and recharge.

“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.” - William S. Burroughs

7 Ways to Relax

1. Read a book -

Not a blog. Read a good ol' fashion book. I guess a Kindle is ok, but to me there is something about a real book. Reading blogs leads to checking your facebook and email. Which leads to getting on twitter. To truly relax get offline and read a book.

2. Have a cup of coffee or a tea -

You might think that having should not go on the recommendation list for relaxing. You could be right. What I'm suggesting is be with that cup of coffee or . Hot liquids could be relaxing and soothing to the body and soul. Really taste the beverage, feel the way it warms your mouth, your throat and stomach as you drink it. Enjoy the flavor. Do nothing else but be with your cup of coffee or tea.

3. Sleep in -

Have kids or pets that won't allow that to happen? I hear ya. Luckily, I have a French Bulldog that will sleep in until 2 PM if I let her. See if you your spouse, significant other or someone else can help you out one morning of watching the kids or pets while you sleep in. The fact of knowing you will get to sleep in will help you sleep better and have a peaceful rest that night. A reason we don't sleep well at night is we know how busy, hectic and stressful the next morning and day is going to be.

4. Laugh -

Have brunch or lunch with friends and enjoy their company. Listen to and share stories from the stressful week. Don't bitch and moan about things. Have a light-hearted outlook on things. Know that the week is over that's in the past and be able to look back on things on laugh.

5. Take a hot shower, bath or hit up hottub

Again, like the hot coffee or tea, the suggestion of heat. Heat can have a very soothing, relaxing effect on the body and mind. The key to this is also be present in the moment. You could also add some candles or aromatherapy oils to add to the experience.

6. Listen to some music

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." - Bob Marley

When I need to unwind, decompress and just let go, I put on some . That type of music relaxes me. It might be different for you. Maybe its classical, country or even hip hop. What I know is that music has the the ability to move our soul. So find the kind of music that moves your soul to find peace.

7. Lay in the sun -

I observe my French Bulldog laying in spots on the floor where the sun is shining, so I know this one works. She always looks so content, peaceful and relaxed. I know finding the sun is not the easiest thing to do if you live in the Pacific Northwest like myself. Its hard to find the sun on most days. But when you can, enjoy the sun washing over your face and brightness shining through your eyelids. Be present and in the moment.

What things would you add to this list?