Making A $100,000 In One Year As A Real Estate Agent: 29 Thoughts, Things To Do & Think About

So you want to make a $100,000 in one year as a real estate agent: 29 thoughts, things to do & think about:

  1. Depending on the market, location, price point, it could take a lot of time or could happen immediately.

  2. Remember, income is a lag indicator and you can only control your lead indicators.

  3. Getting focused on your goal is easy. Staying focused is hard.

  4. You’ll need a big enough database or a way to generate enough leads.

  5. If you don’t have the right strategy and systems you could burn yourself out reaching your goal.

  6. Do you know WHO can you help you or are you trying to do this by yourself?

  7. If you aren’t growing your database/audience, even if you hit your goals, you’ll have the same problems of hitting your goals the next year, and the year after, the year after.

  8. Being learning based is awesome, but you should be focused on what you need to learn now, not what you should learn next.

  9. Know what you need to do and be committed to doing that to get Market Leadership in your SPHERE, so they see you as who you are becoming, not who you were.

  10. “To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together.”

  11. Some months you’re going to do less transactions than you need to do to hit your goals. Some months you’re going to do more. Keep your focus on the MORE months.

  12. Your numbers will grow to the levels you’re growing personally (your mindset and skill set).

  13. Make decisions quickly. Scale it or kill, don’t stand still.

  14. Recognize there's a big difference from peak achievability and continued sustainability.

  15. It’s hard to live in complexity for very long. And most marketing, advertising and business development ideas are over engineered and complex for no reason.

  16. To reach your goals and to stay above that level, you can’t do the right things sometimes. You have to do the right things most of the time.

  17. If you’re doing everything yourself, almost everything is going to take longer. This includes small tasks and big goals.

  18. Even if you’re doing everything right, don’t be surprised by inconsistent outcomes.

  19. Your lifestyle won’t be much different when you do hit $100,000. At least it shouldn’t be.

  20. Save for your taxes.

  21. If you don’t have money to invest into your business, you’ll have to invest the time. And it’s almost impossible to get in front of enough people online by simply spending your time.

  22. The average real estate agent doesn’t even make $50,000 a year, so if you do hit your goal, you’ve doubled the average. That’s incredible.

  23. You have to remove emotion from your decision making.

  24. You’ll probably have to start doing some things you don’t like and stop doing things you do.

  25. Make sure you’re in the right environment, every day.

  26. You don’t have to be obsessed with metrics, but with limited access to resources (time, energy, money) you must be aware and careful how you invest in your marketing, lead generation, lead conversion, platforms and business development.

  27. You can’t just like helping people buy and sell a home. You have to be good at finding people to help. And getting people who want help to find you.

  28. Brute force only works so well, for so long.

  29. Successfully reaching your goal isn’t something that happens in the future. Success comes from what you did today… and yesterday… and the day before that… and the month before that… and the year before that.

SO get started where you can start.

Not sure how… Let’s talk.

2016 Was The Greatest Year Of My Life

The other day I told you about one of my biggest ragrets. Missed it? It's here.

Today, a week into the new year I wanted to recap 2016 for me.

I've seen so many people complaining about 2016 being the worst. And they can't wait for 2016 to be over.

From my perspective, to blame a year for something negates any positives that happened to you or by you. And to throw that much shade on a year, to not acknowledge the good, what you're proud of or grateful for, in my book... is setting yourself up to make next year even worse. You're going to get more of the same.

So in being some what hypocritical I'm going to say 2016 was the GREATEST YEAR OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Here's why:

1. I documented a HUGE CHECK of it. I made over 130 videos of our life and business. It makes memories easier to remember.

2. I dropped over 30 lbs. I went from 200ish to 167ish.

3. Because of #2, I sleep better and no longer have chronic shoulder injury.

4. In relation to my last email (the one below) I started running and ran my first 5K with Katherine on Thanksgiving day. She also started running this year. Neither of us were "runners" before this year.

In fact, when I committed to getting into shape in April/Mayish of this year, I could barely walk a mile at a brisk pace without getting shin-splits.

5. We paid off a mortgage and now own a property FREE & CLEAR. This is an incredible feeling. It was a huge goal. A huge accomplishment. And does so many things for us emotionally and financially.

I'd love to hear why 2016 was awesome for you. Contact me and let me know.

If however you hated 2016 and you can't find any good in it, don't bother emailing my back. Just put that up on Facebook. I think that's the appropriate place for it. ;)

Happy New Year! Darin Persinger

PS: By the way, you don't NEED to be negative or complain on Facebook. Look at my wall. You'd have to go back over 2 years probably to find anything negative.

The world doesn't need more negativity. And do you know the worst thing about posting or sharing something negative on Facebook?

It's permanent. It's like a tattoo. It's not just a thought or even something you said out loud.

That negativity is now documented and stays in the world forever.

“I think when I look out and I see there’s so much negativity in the world and a lot of people are unhappy and a lot people are anxious, it just feels like that’s one view of the world. But you don’t have to always focus on that view of the world.” 
— - Chris Hardwick

Stacking The Scale

Watch just the first 20 seconds of the video below. It will either benefit you directly, or someone you know, I promise... It might be the thing that tips the scale.

I believe getting started, getting motivated, comes from a stacking of things, not one thing.

It's easy to point to the ONE THING, that tips the scale, because it's the thing that tipped the scale.

It's the last thing on your mind, that you remember easily and the thing that "did the trick". The thing that put everything in to motion.

Gary Keller, the c0-founder of Keller Williams Realty, and author of books like Millionaire Real Estate Agent andThe One Thing calls this your Big Why.

Gary Keller says this about a Big Why,

"A Big Why is about having a purpose, a mission, or a need, that in turn gives you focus."

Or Micheal Gerber, the author of the book for business owners called " The E-Myth" calls it your Primary Aim.

When it came to losing weight and getting in better shape, the things that I stacked on the scale to tip motivation in the right direction was: having a healthy shoulder again, sleeping better, feeling better, being able to fit into my clothes again, increase in energy, being able to play with Morgan now, and later.

These and a few other things started my motivation. But, it's easy to get motivated. It's harder to stay motivated. That's why you need to keep stacking.

See, last October I finally went to a physical therapist for my shoulder that had been bothering me for over a year.

Long story short, she was concerned with the amount of scar tissue my shoulders, back and neck had (pretty sure it's via wakeboarding). Her second concern was my weight. She said we could try to relieve the pain, but if I don't lose some fat and add some muscle, this chronic pain will be forever and only get worse as I get older.

(Not Katherine's fault... I had gained about 40 lbs since we first met.)

My desire to lose some weight or get more fit is not for vanity.

58 is only 20 years away for me. Morgan will only be 21ish. If my body keeps falling apart at the same rate from 18 to 38 on my way to 58 - it will not be good.

After some half-committed effort I came home a few months ago after an AHA moment (another thing to stack on the scale) and told Kat that my health had to be the priority. Since then I'm down about 30 pounds. No specific, crazy diet that I can't stick too. Just eating healthier and really watching portions. Doing a bit of activity, not enough, but not too much to reinjure my shoulder and way more than I was.

The weight loss is slowing down a bit, but this video by Mike Vacanti, an online fitness coach, really re-inspires me. I hope it will inspire you or someone you know and that motivation is found.

It's called Why Fitness Actually  Matters.

Finding and consuming content like this stacks the motivation scale for me to keep me motivated and moving in the right direction.

Do You Have More Or Less Home Equity Than The Typical American?

Buying and owning real estate is one of the main ways of creating wealth in the US. And just like your 401K or your IRA, the sooner you start, the better off you are.

The sooner you buy your home, the quicker you are paying down the principle, letting appreciation do its job and building equity in your home.

Your home may be your castle, but it's also the single largest component of your net worth. Last year, the U.S. Census Department took its most recent look at how much equity people have in their homes by age. The findings, which are based on 2011 data, offer valuable insight that may help you judge whether or not you're on the right track financially.

Read the full article at: The Typical American Has This Much In Home Equity -- How About You?

Productivity Tip From Jack Reacher


for ya today... from In the film Jack , title character played be , he is having with another character who uses the word "Someday".

Jack Reacher responds,

"Someday. That’s a dangerous word. It’s really just a code for ‘never’."

What are you putting off until "someday"?

Stay Productive Keep Focused Be Consistent

- Darin Persinger

The Joy Of A Welfare Christmas


I hate those people who love to tell youMoney is the root of all that kills They have never been poor They have never had the joy of a welfare christmas

When Business Owners or Sales People tell me that money doesn't matter to them I have 2 immediate thoughts...

1. They are lying

2. I'm very concerned for their business partners, employees, family, etc...

I tend to lean towards Art Alexakis, song writer and lead singer for Everclear. He wrote this song, "I Will Buy You A New Life."

I hate those people who love to tell you Money is the root of all that kills They have never been poor They have never had the joy of a welfare christmas

When people say money doesn't matter, money is evil, profit is bad... Art and I are on the same page.

I have to feel they have never been poor and don't have the respect for money and what it actually does.

I have to believe they have never had to buy groceries on a credit card.

I have to believe they have never had to sleep on a futon bought at Wal-mart for 3 years because they couldn't afford a real bed frame and mattress.

I have to believe they have never had to use old crayons at school. They probably had the box of 64 with the sharpener.

I also get equally afraid and concerned when people don't put value on time.

Time = Life, Therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life. - Alan Lakein

If someone is willing to waste their time... I know they don't care about wasting mine.

If someone is willing to waste their money and not care about profit... They are not someone I would want to do business with or be in business with.

If... you care about your money, making a profit and your time

Then... you should check out what we do at Persinger Group.

  • Stay Productive
  • Keep Focused
  • Be Consistent

- Darin Persinger

P.S. Deuteronomy 8:18

Your Vision Is Too Short To Get On This Ride


Remember yesterday? You and I talked about why smart people are dumb with their money.

Today, I wanna stay on the some line of thinking...

Check this out...

The Vital Smarts Team says this about short term vs long term vision:

"Often humans react to their immediate environment as if they were on autopilot. They don't pause to consider how their immediate choices reflect their ideals, values or moral codes. The connections between their actions and personal standards are rarely "top of mind."

This means that when we make horrific and costly mistakes, more often than not we're not purposely choosing bad things. It's almost as if we're not choosing at all. It's the lack of thought, not the presence of thought, that enables our bad behavior.

Under stress, when our emotions kick in, our time horizons become even shorter, and we give less weight to our abstract values.

When facing the harsh demands of the moment, instead of action on our values and principles, we react to our emotions by shortening our vision and focusing on detail. We act against our own values in a way that we yourself would otherwise abhor.

If only we step away from the moment and take a look at the big picture."

Action Item For You...

... Slow down right now... ... Reflect... ... Ask yourself "What is important to me?" ... If it will help, find me on twitter @darinperisnger and share it.

  • Stay Productive
  • Keep Focused
  • Be Consistent

-- Darin Persinger

Why Are Smart People Dumb With Money


Smart People... Dumb With Money

There is a experiment that goes like this...

People are asked...

"Would you rather have $100 a year from now or $101 a year plus 1 day from now?"

The vast majority of the people say $101. You've waited a year... what's 1 more day, plus you get the extra $1, right?

But then... when asked....

"Would you rather have $100 today or $101 tomorrow?"

The vast majority of people change their mindset and decision making and respond with "The $100 today."

Why is that?

What is going on here?

Why can people understand that when presented with a year out, we have a clear mindset about what the right thing to do is....

But when presented with NOW... with TODAY... with the PRESENT... our brains short-circuit and we want the immediate gratification.

I'm not a Behavioral Economist or a Pyschologist so I can't really give you a good answer...

I'm just observing and sharing.

But what I can tell you... people do the same thing with time.

IE - Business Plans and Goal Setting Worksheets look great. You know what you should do.... why you need to do it...

But then tomorrow comes and focus on what is right in front of us... instead of doing what we should be doing to bring us the results we desire a year from now.

Humans are a tricky little bunch, ain't they?

I personally think the trick is to slow down, reflect and review... You know the right answer, when it's presented to you in the future...

You just fail when you are only thinking about today and this moment.

It's short-sighted.

Don't be with your ... or your time. See Further. Think Bigger.

To help make smarter decisions about money... find a good financial advisor... I'm meeting with mine later today.

-- Darin Persinger P.S. See Further, Think Bigger.

In today's "instant gratification", "microwave", "gimme gimme world", it's easy to be short-sighted, think small and only about today... But the future is coming and is waiting. For the future to be yours, you'll have to see further than today and think BIGGER than now.

Don't Go Broke Like MC Hammer

was the first rapper to have "legit" main stream success. <- see what I did there With his big, baggy "Hammer" paints and high energy , everyone seemed to like him.

He could dance. He had rhymes. And. He. Could. Entertain.

I remember staying up late past my bed time to watch MC Hammer perform on the Arsenio Hall Show. :) (Who remembers the Arsenio Hall Show?)

It was AMAZING!!!

Hammer had dancers every where. A huge band. Performers and more performers.

It was quite a show and a show he took on the road.

The problem with such an elaborate road show is that it made it very expensive.

Hammer employed a lot of people. He was giving away his success.

He also spent on cars, homes and even race horses, but his biggest expense was his entourage.

He was giving himself into poverty.

Don't go broke by giving it away

I see a lot of agent trainers and agents training other agents to give it away.

To start blogging, creating content, content marketing, whateve's you want to call it, and to start giving away all your info, knowledge and expertise.

Don’t Share Your Way In To Poverty

I have a video of Brian Clark, the super smart Founder of saying, "A lot of people just share themselves into poverty."

Are you sharing yourself into poverty by giving it all away?

Are you giving away your information with out converting leads?

Do you have clear, concise Call-To-Actions on your website?

Do you know what your target market wants and needs?

Do you know how to create desire in your marketing, online and offline?

Or are you buying into the silly idea, the myth, that it takes time to succeed online?

Buying into the idea that you have to just:

  • give away all your knowledge and expertise,
  • blog every day,
  • be patient for the next year
  • and perhaps… will show up.

Buying those ideas is expensive. It might just cost you your business.

There is a better, smarter, faster way to do this blogging stuff with out giving it all way.

It will take work. You will need a strategy. And you will need to implement the right tactics.

Don’t be like MC Hammer and share your way into poverty.


3 Ways Fear Of Money Manifests Itself - Productivity Nugget #190


Buffalo Nickel

That’s where the comes from—from your uninvestigated thoughts. ~ Byron Katie

Yesterday I asked you, "Are you afraid of money?"

The more I observe and failure, the more it confirms my belief that it all starts with mindset.

Not just knowing the How To's or What To Do's or Goal Setting or Planning...

But getting your mind right with who you are, where you are and where you want to go.

I see many smart, capable, driven people that are not succeeding in business.


is a big part of the . Its not the only thing, but its pretty damn important thing. Without profit you can't stay in business. If you are not in business, you didn't have a successful business. Even a Non-Profit has to generate more donations than expenses to keep doing good for the community and world.

Creating, having and keeping a profit starts with peoples relationship with . And the reason why, I believe I see so many smart, capable, driven people that are not succeeding in business, is they don't have a good relationship with money.

In this Productivity Nugget I share 3 ways Fear of Money Manifests Itself

Do You Have A Fear of Money?

Did one of these ideas that I shared in the video resonate with you?

Or is it something else for you?

"Most of us, when asked, regardless of how much money we actually have, feel afraid. If you spend a lifetime pushing your fears away, I can promise you that ultimately you're pushing money away as well." - Suze Orman


9 Ways To Cutting Costs In Your Personal Finances And Real Estate Business

If you want to have a successful and a life with less stress, one good place to start is spend less money than you are making. Yes, I know, I'm Captain Obvious there, but sometimes the simplest things are not the easiest things to do. Since its the day after , you have probably become more aware of finances and . So this is the perfect time to look at some budgeting and control. Here are some quick ideas, that could have impact on your expenses with out too much discomfort.

1. Stop buying

Alternative: Buy Starbucks grounds at the grocery store for $9.99. That will last you the month if not longer. Don't like your coffee black? You can get creamer, syrup or sauce at the store too. I have made many a white mochas at home.

Potential Savings: $100

2. Stop going out for lunch

Alternative: Brown bag it. Bring your own sandwich, some fruit or bring leftovers from dinner last night. Not only will save money, you will save time. Plus you will be eating healthier and smaller portions. Save money and lose weight. NICE!

Potential Savings: $140

Bonus Tip: Invite other agents to do the same and watch my Productivity Nuggets and mastermind.

3. Cancel subscriptions

Alternative: Those magazine, even gym subscriptions can really add up. Start reading blogs.

Potential Savings: $20+

4. Stop Print Marketing - Newspaper/Magazine

Alternative: Start creating your own content and web presence. Prospect more. Use craigslist.

Potential Savings: $500+

5. Check your cell phone bill

Alternative: Many carriers have an Everything Plan or Unlimited Plan. This might cost you a bit more, but you are going to get a lot more out of service, by having unlimited calling minutes, texts and being able to be online. Research and decide what plan is right for you. Spending 10 minutes actually looking at your bill and calling plans could save you some money or get you more services. Also most franchise   offices have special deals for between 10%-20% of your bill. Check with your Broker/Manager/Team Leader.

Potential Savings: TBD

6. Pay bills on time - don't get late fees

Alternative: Banks, companies, even the cable, utilities, etc EVEN your real estate office make huge money off of you paying bills late. Schedule your bills on your banks website, use an AFT, or just pay the bill the day it comes in. With some late fees at $15+ or this adds up

Potential Savings: $50+

7. Don't get ATM fees

Alternative: Banks made over $4 billion in ATM fees in 2008. That's ridic!!! Don't pull the cash out if there is . Just don't do it! Many stores, grocery, fast food offer cash back. Grab the cash there while you are making a purchase already.

Potential Savings: $10-$20+

8. Don't give out gifts at your Broker Opens

Alternative: Just hold a kick ass open house! If you are giving out lottery tickets, or starbucks cards just to attract people, you are going to attract the wrong people.

Potential Savings: $100+

9. Cut out cable tv

Alternative: Sign up for a netflix account and watch television on Hulu.

A better alternative would be to read books or blogs.

The best alternative would be to write a book or blog.

Potential Savings: $50+

BONUS TIPS: Anny Havland, a Mortgage Broker in Bellingham, WA, shared with me a tip on twitter to :

Anny Havland, mortgage broker, tweet about personal finances

Steve Jagger, who operates, a company that provides websites and online marketing tools to thousands of real estate agents shares:

Cutting Costs In Your Real Estate Business

What suggestions do you have for cutting costs in your personal finances and real estate business?