Positive Thinking

2016 Was The Greatest Year Of My Life

The other day I told you about one of my biggest ragrets. Missed it? It's here.

Today, a week into the new year I wanted to recap 2016 for me.

I've seen so many people complaining about 2016 being the worst. And they can't wait for 2016 to be over.

From my perspective, to blame a year for something negates any positives that happened to you or by you. And to throw that much shade on a year, to not acknowledge the good, what you're proud of or grateful for, in my book... is setting yourself up to make next year even worse. You're going to get more of the same.

So in being some what hypocritical I'm going to say 2016 was the GREATEST YEAR OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Here's why:

1. I documented a HUGE CHECK of it. I made over 130 videos of our life and business. It makes memories easier to remember.

2. I dropped over 30 lbs. I went from 200ish to 167ish.

3. Because of #2, I sleep better and no longer have chronic shoulder injury.

4. In relation to my last email (the one below) I started running and ran my first 5K with Katherine on Thanksgiving day. She also started running this year. Neither of us were "runners" before this year.

In fact, when I committed to getting into shape in April/Mayish of this year, I could barely walk a mile at a brisk pace without getting shin-splits.

5. We paid off a mortgage and now own a property FREE & CLEAR. This is an incredible feeling. It was a huge goal. A huge accomplishment. And does so many things for us emotionally and financially.

I'd love to hear why 2016 was awesome for you. Contact me and let me know.

If however you hated 2016 and you can't find any good in it, don't bother emailing my back. Just put that up on Facebook. I think that's the appropriate place for it. ;)

Happy New Year! Darin Persinger

PS: By the way, you don't NEED to be negative or complain on Facebook. Look at my wall. You'd have to go back over 2 years probably to find anything negative.

The world doesn't need more negativity. And do you know the worst thing about posting or sharing something negative on Facebook?

It's permanent. It's like a tattoo. It's not just a thought or even something you said out loud.

That negativity is now documented and stays in the world forever.

“I think when I look out and I see there’s so much negativity in the world and a lot of people are unhappy and a lot people are anxious, it just feels like that’s one view of the world. But you don’t have to always focus on that view of the world.” 
— - Chris Hardwick

One Of My Biggest Ragrets

I went for a run early today.

It was 42 degrees. Strong, steady rain.

There's something about running in the cold and rain that makes me feel even better about myself.

Which brings me to one of my biggest regrets.

Biggest Regrests

When Katherine and I met, I was in pretty good shape. Like 90 minutes in the gym every day, strict diet kind of shape.

One of the problems of being in that kind of shape is it is not easily sustainable. Not when you're trying to start a new relationship and working 12 hours a day.

It becomes even harder when you start your own business, start traveling 30-40 times a year to speak around North America and are now working 16-18 hours a day.

There was this one time when I was speaking in Philadelphia, staying in a hotel in New Jersey. Flying coast to coast and losing three hours sucks.

Checking into your hotel after midnight sucks.

Being told room service stops serving at midnight sucks even more.

Wandering around the hotel at 1:00 am looking for a vending machine because you haven't had dinner yet and settling on pop-tarts really sucks.

Pop-tarts from a vending machine.

I have a bunch of stories like this.

And stories can become excuses.

These stories became my excuses of why I put on almost 40 lbs over the next few years.

Travel. Work. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Excuses. Stories I told myself. Excuses.

And one of my big regrets is I did let these stories become excuses.

I regret that I wasn't going out for a run each morning.

I could have been getting exercise and taking a little tour of the newest city I was visiting. But instead I had excuses.

I could have been planning and preparing my nutrition better. But instead I was eating pop-tarts from vending machines.

I regret this one one thing because I was gaining weight, losing energy, becoming unhealthy which made me start to resent traveling.

But I shouldn't have resented it. I should have been grateful for the opportunity to see and explore new places.

One of the romantic ideas I have about running ( keeping in mind, I'm not a runner, never was a runner) is that running is simple.

You don't need fancy weight or equipment. You just go run.

It should be much harder to find excuses if you're a runner.

That's the story I'm telling myself now anyways. And why I was out for a run in the cold rain.

It's a lot harder to have regrets when you aren't making excuses.

Next email I'll share with you some of the things I'm most grateful for this year.

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Darin Persinger

? Yes Darin, There Is A Santa Claus ?

"How was Santa going to find us?"

My parents tried to put me at ease that Santa would know where we were for Christmas.

I was only 5 years old and the Persinger family was going to Hawaii for Christmas.

I didn’t know much about Hawaii... didn’t much care. I was only focused on one thing.

"How was Santa going to find us?"

The night before our flight was going to leave the entire Persinger family was in my bedroom, which also served as my parents home office. My brothers and I were playing Nerf basketball, while my parents, I assume were working out the details of the family vacation.

The vacation that I was convinced that was going to confuse Santa, leaving me to not get my Christmas presents. And that’s when I heard it...

... Bells.

***jingle***  ***jingle***

I froze. ... More bells.


Where was it coming from?

It was coming from above me.

I looked up.

I could hear foot steps on our roof.

The sound of snow being packed down with each step.

Then... more bells.

***jingle*** ***jingle***

I looked at my parents, “Do you hear that? What is that?”

I knew what it was in my mind. Santa had come early.

Santa wanted to make sure that he got me my Christmas presents. I was sure of it. He didn’t want to risk not finding me in Hawaii.

Besides, I saw some pictures of Hawaii and there was no snow. So I wasn’t even sure Santa would go there.

Yes. It had to be Santa. “Saaaaannnnntttttttaaaaaa!” I screamed.

Running to the door. My tiny five year old hands fumbling with the door knob, fighting to get it open.

By the time I ran down the hallway to the living room, there under the tree... presents.

Presents that had not be there 15 minutes earlier... Wrapped... Bows... Big boxes... Little boxes... My stocking was full.

And again I heard bells. ***jingle*** ***jingle***

Coming from outside. And then I heard... “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

It was Santa. Santa was here.

In my house. I didn’t see him, but I heard him.

There are the presents right there to prove he was here.

I ran to the giant sliding glass doors and threw back the curtains. My hands pressed against the cold winter glass, cupping my face, trying to block the light to get a glimpse into the outside darkness.

I was hoping for a glimpse of Santa or the reindeer or the sleigh.

That’s the magic of Christmas, the power of mystery and the joy of family. Still to this day my parents and brothers have never told me who or how Santa was there that night.

I grew up in Wisconsin. We lived in the country, miles away from the closest neighbor.

It’s still clear in my mind. That bit of magic. The memory of that moment. And now the appreciation for my family to create that for me and still to this day for not stealing the mystery from me, so that I still have the belief of Santa and the magic of Christmas.

Katherine, Morgan, Pearl and I wish you and yours a magical holiday and hope you create something memorable for you and yours.

Darin "Yes... There is a Santa Claus" Persinger

Front-loading Your Next Challenge or Transformation (Get Your Mindset Right)

When I talk about front-loading, I'm not talking about a new washer and dryer. I'm speaking of where you spend the majority of your time and effort, so you can move faster later.

I started my coaching program inside my real estate office this week.

The first session of the program starts off with mindset, or what I call Mindset Getter.

The entire session is about getting your mindset right. Setting yourself up for success. Eliminating negative beliefs and ideas that hold you back. Overcoming fear and how to stop procrastinating.

You know, that kind of stuff that either you think is silly or just can't get enough of.

Here's the thing about mindset, it's not something you have or you don't.

Everyone has a mindset. A mindset about everything. Some people have a mindset that serves them in their goals. Some people have a mindset that hinders them.

I'm not sure where mindset comes from. I don't know if it's a nature vs nurture thing. And candidly, I don't care about discovering which it is. I just need to understand that mindset is something that is. And your mindset can either serve you in a positive way and help your progress feel easy and elegant. Or your mindset can hinder you and it can make things feel like a grind.

Another thing I know about mindset and why I know it matters, not only do successful CEO's talk about mindset but sports psychology for top performing athletes is becoming vital.

THINK and REFLECT on that for a moment.

CEO's focused on products, services, business strategy and profit put importance on mindset. AND athletes who perform with their body are now putting emphasis on their mental game.

Here's a video with Pete Carroll, coach for the Seattle Seahawks and the sports psychologist, Michael Gervais. Pete brought Michael in to work with the Seahawks on their mindset.

Here's a video of CEO's talk about the importance of mindset:

The reason why I believe that you have to front-load with Mindset is: the wrong Mindset is going to pop up sooner or later. It's not a matter of will it? It's a question of "When?"

I've heard physical trainers and nutritionists say the reason why people yo-yo in their weight is they truly don't see themselves as a thin, fit, athletic person.

When someone reaches their goal weight and fitness goals, they don't see themselves as this new person.

They still see themselves as the person that was out of shape. Thus it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. They put the weight back on.

It Starts With Right Mindset

You can try to ignore Mindset as the first step. You can say it takes too long. You don't have the time.

My response would be, anything else takes longer.

Don't get me wrong. Action matters.

You can't just sit around thinking, reflecting and analyzing. You have to get moving.

But if you're taking the wrong first steps, you're just wasting resources.

Ramit Sethi talks about front-loading in the aspect of generating business ideas. But the idea is still the same. Front-loading on the right things actually saves you time, money and effort.

Stacking The Scale

Watch just the first 20 seconds of the video below. It will either benefit you directly, or someone you know, I promise... It might be the thing that tips the scale.

I believe getting started, getting motivated, comes from a stacking of things, not one thing.

It's easy to point to the ONE THING, that tips the scale, because it's the thing that tipped the scale.

It's the last thing on your mind, that you remember easily and the thing that "did the trick". The thing that put everything in to motion.

Gary Keller, the c0-founder of Keller Williams Realty, and author of books like Millionaire Real Estate Agent andThe One Thing calls this your Big Why.

Gary Keller says this about a Big Why,

"A Big Why is about having a purpose, a mission, or a need, that in turn gives you focus."

Or Micheal Gerber, the author of the book for business owners called " The E-Myth" calls it your Primary Aim.

When it came to losing weight and getting in better shape, the things that I stacked on the scale to tip motivation in the right direction was: having a healthy shoulder again, sleeping better, feeling better, being able to fit into my clothes again, increase in energy, being able to play with Morgan now, and later.

These and a few other things started my motivation. But, it's easy to get motivated. It's harder to stay motivated. That's why you need to keep stacking.

See, last October I finally went to a physical therapist for my shoulder that had been bothering me for over a year.

Long story short, she was concerned with the amount of scar tissue my shoulders, back and neck had (pretty sure it's via wakeboarding). Her second concern was my weight. She said we could try to relieve the pain, but if I don't lose some fat and add some muscle, this chronic pain will be forever and only get worse as I get older.

(Not Katherine's fault... I had gained about 40 lbs since we first met.)

My desire to lose some weight or get more fit is not for vanity.

58 is only 20 years away for me. Morgan will only be 21ish. If my body keeps falling apart at the same rate from 18 to 38 on my way to 58 - it will not be good.

After some half-committed effort I came home a few months ago after an AHA moment (another thing to stack on the scale) and told Kat that my health had to be the priority. Since then I'm down about 30 pounds. No specific, crazy diet that I can't stick too. Just eating healthier and really watching portions. Doing a bit of activity, not enough, but not too much to reinjure my shoulder and way more than I was.

The weight loss is slowing down a bit, but this video by Mike Vacanti, an online fitness coach, really re-inspires me. I hope it will inspire you or someone you know and that motivation is found.

It's called Why Fitness Actually  Matters.

Finding and consuming content like this stacks the motivation scale for me to keep me motivated and moving in the right direction.

Learn This Lesson From Marvel If You Want Your Business To Thrive

I was up early this morning with Morgan (cuz that's what mornings look like now) and I decided to check out Daredevil on Netflix. A bit darker and edgier than other Marvel shows/movies right now, but I want to save my thoughts about Daredevil for now...

First, let me go back in time and share with an old email and a portion of my book 5 Levels of Success.....

Marveling at marvelous mistakes in Marvel’s movie – The Avengers

It’s wonderfully interesting to me…

I’ll get emails from people yelling at me about spelling errors, grammar errors, and how else I’m in error. For example, the other week I got an email and all it said was… “Why can’t you write in proper english!”

Today’s lesson is… You can either create or you can critique. Did you see the Marvel’s movie, “The Avengers”? If not, you’re probably the only one. The Avengers had the biggest box office opening in history. So Avengers made more money on that opening weekend vs any other movie. It is also currently the #3 money maker movie of all time domestic and worldwide.

It was the fastest movie to ever gross $500 million It is #1 for opening week earnings even when adjusted. Meaning looking at inflation and movie ticket prices over time.

That’s pretty marvelous, wouldn’t you agree?

Joss Whedon, the writer and director of the film created something special.

Here’s the real kicker… As a sci-fi nerd I came across a blog post the other night titled.. “THE AVENGERS Is The Most Mistake Filled Movie Of 2012? It goes on to point out 15 mistakes the movie makes, such as…

Factual error: The video game company NAMCO Bandai is misspelled twice as “NAMECO Bandai” in the end credits.

Continuity: Just after Dr. Banner asks Nick Fury how many spectrometers the Helicarrier has access to, he takes off his jacket, rolls it up, and puts it under his arm. In the next shot, the jacket is suddenly draped over his arm.

Audio problem: When Bruce Banner meets Natasha Romanoff for the first time in Calcutta, there’s a shot from behind her where Natasha is heard talking but her reflection in the small mirror behind Bruce isn’t.

Who do think is enjoying life more right now… all the people involved in creating the biggest box office opener of all time OR… the people that created this list calling the movie the most mistake filled of the year?

You can either create or you can critique… And this doesn’t just come down to you critiquing my work, or others work. What this is really about is how much time, energy and money are you wasting critiquing YOUR work?

You are paralyzing yourself in perfection and doubts.

But it’s up to you, you can either create or you can critique. You are always going to have your critics, just don’t be one yourself. If you are done critiquing and ready to start creating…

Could a career with Persinger Group be waiting for you?


As A Realtor: Should You Focus On Seller Listings Or Buyer Leads?

As A Realtor: Should You Focus On Seller Listings Or Buyer Leads?

Focus on seller listings or buyers, As a Realtor?  You two businesses, generating buyer leads and seller leads. Right now, you have a choice to make. Which part of your real estate business is going to get your time, energy and money? If you are not leading with getting Seller Leads, I think you're crazy.

Become A Lead Generation Jedi: How The Force Can Help You Generate More Real Estate Leads


Become A Lead Generation Jedi

If you want to generate more real estate leads, keep reading to learn the ways of the Jedi, my padawan.

Here is your step-by-step guide to becoming a Jedi master.

I know this might sound crazy, especially if you are new around here, and especially if you are not on my email list, but hear me out.

You will learn a few things and we'll have some fun along the way.

Don't worry, I'm not suggesting that you take up a lightsaber or get yourself into a podrace.

You'll learn how you can bump up your ... which can lead to some extra transactions and commission dollars along the way.

You must unlearn what you have learned

The reality is, there is a lot of misinformation, outdated information and untested theories when it comes to and online marketing.

If your idea of a lead generation strategy is posting and commenting on facebook and your internet marketing consists of only have a page on broker's website with no specific traffic getting strategies, we have a lot of work to do.

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

  • Spend 30-45 minutes on Facebook in the morning
  • Click over to your email and weed through a few emails
  • Go over to a few of your favorite websites and "Pin" a few things
  • Check your Google Analytics
  • Head back to Facebook to see if you missed anything
  • Stare at your CRM, decide you don't feel like calling these people because it's been so long since you talked to them last
  • Walk out to coffee pot for a refill
  • Jump on to a webinar to learn about the "latest" lead generation strategy
  • Drop into your favorite and post a question asking how everyone is generating their leads.
  • Finally publish that blog post on the new local cupcake shop

You might think being online will bring you buyer leads, that time "hanging out with your sphere" on Facebook will lead to referrals and joining all those webinars and watching the videos helps you stay innovative and ahead of the game. Young padowan, you have much to learn.

You must start by forgetting what you think you know. Unlearn what you've learned. (Unless it's from me. ;) )

Find your Yoda

Find Your Yoda: Lead Generation Jedi

Every Hero has a Mentor. And you are the Hero of this Story.

Obi-Wan had . Luke had Yoda. A Mentor gives you guidance on your journey, helps you with limiting beliefs and pushes you to be better than you thought you could be.

They've already been there and done that, so they can seriously accelerate your learning process versus you trying to learn it on your own through trial and error.

Reading a book or taking a class is great, but it's generalized information. A mentor can customize and personalize it for you.

You need to find your own Yoda.

If you want to lower your golf score, find a local golf pro or someone that has a low handicap. If you want to eat better, find a nutritionist and learn how to grocery shop and prepare a few meals. If you want to make sure you're exercising with the right intensity and proper form, find a great personal trainer. If you want to generate more , talk to an agent in your office or company that is generating massive amounts of leads.

Learn the ways of the Force

In the original film, the is first described by Jedi Master as an energy field created by all living things, that surrounds and penetrates living beings and binds the galaxy together. When becoming a Jedi lead generator, you need to learn the ways of the Force and understand how everything in your life, business and world is interconnected:

  • Drinking too much caffeine can affect your ability to focus.
  • Your poor sleeping habits can and will affect your energy level.
  • Having alerts on your phone or computer for new email or Facebook messages can distract you and take you out of your flow.
  • Reading a negative email in the morning can put in you a bad mood for the day.
  • Not time blocking your To-Do List can lead to not getting your Top Priorities done.
  • Being "too busy" coordinating transactions to lead generate.
  • Marketing a great listing will lead to a new buyer lead.
  • Working with a great client who gives you referrals to other great clients.

The Force binds everything together. One thing going wrong can cause a "disturbance in the force". You need to identify your priorities, find a balance in rest, and focus on Consistent-Focused-Action that are connected to your goals. And everything is connected. And everything you do and how you respond to everything that happens affects everything else.

Recognizing this will change your life and business. Showing discipline in one area can carry over as a positive into other areas.

For example, the better you manage your time, the more leads you can generate. It really works like that.

You might think you have a lead generation problem, but what you really have is a time management problem. You might wish you could be more productive and get more done, but what you really have is a limiting belief and mindset problem. The Force is always there, just depends if it is the darkside or lightside.

Control your emotions

Don't Give In To The Darkside

"Control, control. You must learn control." - Yoda

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering." - Yoda

Yoda is telling you to recognize your emotions and get them under control. Most people don’t realize when they are angry that there is another emotion causing that anger. Knowing this is the first step to owning your emotions.

Let’s first take a look at things that cause failing businesses, poor business practices, frustration and burnout.

Emotions and ego.

When you make business decisions based on emotions or ego, you are almost certainly setting yourself up for failure, sooner or later. When you make decisions based on emotions, instead of relying on metrics, you are letting your fear of failure or rejection or desire to please people, run your business.

What this means is when you get a complaint from a small percentage of people, you're listening. Instead of looking at numbers that matter, you are listening to people who don’t. These are people that are probably never going to buy from you, sell with you, refer you, recommend you and are just perpetually unhappy in their own life.

That’s why, I don’t care about unsubscribes from my email list, and you shouldn’t either.

Emotional Business Owners concern themselves with making people feel comfortable and not offended. Success Business Owners help people get the results they desire.

For example, “How do I stop getting unsubscribes?" is such the wrong mindset to have, but so many people do. This prevents them from even getting started with email marketing or effective follow up.

Do you know how to make sure you never strike out at the plate?

Don't ever step up to bat.

Do you know how to make sure you never miss a shot?

Don't ever take one.

Do you know how to make sure you never have an omelet?

Don't ever break any eggs.

If you want to do effective marketing, prospecting and lead generating, you are going to lose some people along the way. The key word in that last sentence was effective. Thus the reason I italicized it. It would be a mistake to make your objective be to make sure no one unsubscribes from your email list. That is operating your email marketing from emotion.

Guess what?

My emails that make the most sales ALSO have the highest unsubscribe rate. My emails that get the most replies of gratitude and thanks ALSO get the most hate mail and unsubscribes.

Email marketing is like business. It's not for people that want to play it safe and can't deal with rejection. Your marketingbusiness development, lead generation and lead conversion can’t be driven by the few that complain or even the few that “tell you” you are awesome. You’re letting your emotions and ego run things. The only thing that matters is the result.

  • Do people take action on your marketing?
  • Are you generating leads? Are you capturing leads?
  • Are you people signing up on your website?
  • Are you getting referrals?

These metrics are the true feedback, not the the person that feels you are too “salesy".

What I’ve been talking about here is negative feedback causing you to making decisions with your emotions. Positive feedback can cause poor decision making also. TIm Ferriss writes in his book,“The 4 Hour Work Week” about testing products.

“Ask ten people if they would buy your product. Then tell those who said “yes” that you have ten units in your car and ask them to buy. The initial positive responses, given by people who to be liked and aim to please, become polite refusals as soon as real money is at stake. To get an accurate indicator of commercial viability, don’t ask people if they would buy -- ask them to buy. The response to the second is the only one that matters.”

Decision making on and systems need to be made on metrics, and enough of them. Not emotions, negative or positive.

Don’t go crazy and let your emotions take you over to the Dark side.

That's how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vadar.

Have A Plan

"This is some rescue. You came in here, but you did you have a plan for getting out?"

Remember the scene when busts into save ? Princess Leia questions their rescue plan. They then find themselves stuck inside a trash compactor with the walls moving in to crush them. Let this serve as lesson that you must have a plan.

“I want to sell more homes” is half-assed. “I want to increase my sales production by 50% in the next 6 months” is a plan.

“I’m going to prospect today" is half-assed. “I am going to call all of yesterday's new leads, call every lead that has been active in the last week and then call 3 people in my sphere today" is a plan.

“I’m want to get better on the phone” is half-assed. “I am going create a script and practice for 15 minutes a day" is a plan.

"I'm going to on my website" is half-assed. "I'm am going to create a traffic generating strategy and make a lead capture offer on each page" is plan.

When you plan ahead, you don't have to make it up as you go along. You don't have to wake up in the morning and wonder what you are going to do today.

When you plan ahead, you reduce your chances of ended up in a trash compactor.

If you want to be a master Jedi, you need to plan out your (calls, script, objective, etc) before you walk into the office in the morning. Know exactly what you want to achieve.

Be intentional. Be purposeful.

Need help putting your together?

Contact me.

Get committed

A Jedi must have the deepest commitment.

If you want to be a Jedi, it takes training, being mentored, learning and dedication. There’s no online Jedi webinar you can take. You can’t learn lightsaber skills via some Youtube videos. You don't develop your fighting ability by reading a PDF.

If you’re going to generate more leads, it takes training, being mentored, learning and dedication. And then you have to do. Not just try, but do.

You must implement.

Being a Jedi isn’t a job. It's who they are. Being a real estate agent, a business owner, an entrepreneur, isn't a job. It's who you are.

If Obi-Wan wanted to stop being a Jedi, he couldn’t walk up to Yoda and say “here's my letter of resignation.” He is a Jedi, and that will never change. Even when he is living in a cave on Tatooine, he is still a Jedi.

You need to take this committed mindset with your path as a real estate agent and business owner.

Do or Do Not. There is No Try

This isn't just one of my favorite quotes from the Star Wars franchise, it's one of my favorite quotes ever. About anything.

Think it's a stupid movie quote and doesn't make any sense?

Do this... Is there pen or pencil nearby? Try to pick it up.

Or if you're reading this on a phone or tablet, try to put your phone or tablet down.

Did you or did you not pick up the pen or put down the phone/tablet?

You can't try to do something. You do or you don't.

And this is what Master Yoda is saying to Luke, "Hey Luke, You can either lift that x-wing out of the swamp, or you can’t."

You can either drive traffic to your website and convert it, or you can’t. You can either pick up the phone and call your sphere, or you can’t. You can either write copy that gives people clarity and compels them to take action, or you can't.

Every January, agents start off the year with some goals and good intentions. Sure, they try to make some calls for a couple of weeks. They try calling some expireds. They try holding an open house or two. They try to put together a newsletter.

But it gets hard, or boring. They run into roadblocks, or rejection. Urgent things and emergencies show up to distract them and pull them off course.

A Jedi is 100% committed. They are a Jedi. You have to be 100% committed to lead generation. Do just try. Do.

Now, I’m not saying you have to start prospecting for three hours a day. Or that you have to door knock 100 homes a day. Or that you have to make a 100 contacts a week and ask, "Who do you know who...".

Instead, you need to pick one lead generation strategy this month, look to enhance it, systemize it and do it. And/Or give you one tactic or activity that you know deep down is not working. If it's not bringing you leads, or closings, quit it. (And you know what it is, even if the EXsperts and GoRubes are telling you to do it)

As Obi-Wan asked, "Who’s the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?"

Then next month, continue to work on it while you pick another lead generation strategy to implement it, enhance it and systemize it. Just one thing a month and then focus on doing it and being consistent every day without fail.

  • Give up a social media platform - Between Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. There is probably one of those that you can give up to get back some time and reinvest that time somewhere else.
  • Remove yourself from one Facebook Group - There is probably at least one Facebook Group that not only sucks your time, but your energy and emotions because of the constant debate and disagreement that goes on.
  • Work on Connecting with 1 Sphere a Day - Eventually, work towards connecting with 3.

Think Bigger because size does not matter

After Luke uses The Force to move some stones around, he attempts to move the X-wing out of the swamp. He fails and whines, "Master, moving stones around is one thing. This is totally different."

Yoda responds, "NO! No different. Only different in your mind."

What Yoda is trying to do is shift the mindset of Luke and get him to realize that if you can do one thing, you can do another. Just because the stones are small and ship is large, what's the difference?

Luke: I can't. It's too big! Yoda: Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm.

If you can do one thing, why can't you do another? This is what I talk about when I talk about 10x your business.

If you can do one transaction, why can't you do 10? And if you can do 10 transactions, why can't you do 100?

If your mindset is "because 100 transactions is too big" or "doing 100 transactions is totally different than doing 10", stop.

It's only different in your mind.

After Yoda raises the X-wing out of the swamp, Luke goes to Yoda wide eyed and tells him, "I don't believe it."

Yoda responds, "That is why you fail."

May the Force be with you

So there you go. You now know how to move from padawan to Jedi Master. How The Force can help you start to generate more real .

If you need a Mentor, aka a "coach" to work with you and help you "do",  let's talk.

I'll leave you with this thought from Qui-Gon Jinn.

Remember: Your focus determines your reality.

Might As Well Make It Memorable


If you are going to do something, you might as well make it memorable. With so much noise in the world today, so many ideas about creating content and marketing for you business... what it ultimately comes down to is how passionate are you about what you are doing and how you are doing it?

Does that passion come through?

Are you simply counting your marketing "touches" or are you leaving an impression on people?

Are you reaching out or making an impact?

Check out this young man giving a speech to incoming freshman that is short... powerful and memorable!

A second point...

This Information Age we live in is tricky...

It's easy to think bad things are always happening...

  • To feel like violence is up
  • Or crime is up
  • Or the world is chaos

... because it's so easy to see all these things. Online, 24 hour news channels, etc.

But reality, you get what you focus on.

There are amazing videos like this online that you wouldn't have been able to see 5 or 10 years ago.

You get what you focus on...

What are you focused on?

Perspective Is Everything


The years have been hard for me... I would not the last 7 years on .

I've done my best to not think, act or be a victim though...

But more than a few times I've wondered WHY?

  • Why can't I catch a break?
  • Why can't my family catch a break?
  • Why can't my close friends and their family catch a break?

It's been hard... but I've survived.

And the truth is, this year has been such a blessing. Not just because it's been a great year, but been probably the best year over the last decade for me.

For those in the USA, and celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow... if you've had a rough year, or rough few years... or NOT...

I would invite you to read this.

It's called Maybe.

So, maybe you had a good year...

Maybe you had a rough year...

It's all about though.

Tomorrow I encourage you to have of gratitude and thanks.

Don't forget to read Maybe

  • Stay Productive
  • Keep Focused
  • Be Consistent

-- Darin "Thanks" Persinger

Easy for you to say...


I'm going to the Packers/Seahawks game tonight... that is the only reason for the image. It has nothing to do with this story...

A few years back, maybe 4 or 5 now...

I was talking with a friend of mine... (not sure how good of a friend because he didn't come to my wedding, he had excuses for that. I'll get more into his addiction to excuses in a bit)

Over a beer, this friend was complaining and whining about the job market... the amount of debt he had... how useless his degree was... his lack of love life.

This was after I basically had to beg him to come out, have a drink and catch up.

"Hey, I'm in town. Come out and have a drink with Chris and me."

"Ummmm... well, I don't know. You guys are on the other side of town... It's pretty late."

"Dude, I flew 2,000 miles. I'm only in town tonight. Stop being a baby and come out."

Maybe I should have just let him stay at home.

Over the beer and in between his whining... I suggested he start a business.

He was full of excuses about why he couldn't do that.

"Well, I'm working on a business plan. But I need capital. And it's hard to get a loan without an MBA..." Blah, blah, blah.

I tried to convince him, he didn't need a million dollars in capital to get started... his response.

"Easy for you to say... it worked out for you."

So I tried to reason with him that Chris also started his own business...

"Chris how much money did you need to start up your business? Did you take out a loan?"

His response, "No. I had all the equipment already. I put up a website myself."

My excuse maker friend... "Easy for you to say... you had the equipment and the connections."

During the week of my wedding, I was talking with some of my friends about why this friend didn't come out and they all said he had different excuses for each them.

And they all had different stories about why this friend of ours would make excuses about different things... And it all started off with, "Easy for you to say..."

Are you making excuses about anything in your business or life?

Are you looking at other agents online and saying, "Easy for them to say... they are tech savvy." ?

Maybe you're looking at my clients, you see their success, you read their testimonials and you think, "Easy for them to say... they coach with Darin."

Easy to say... Sure. I'd agree with that.

But when my friend says, or you say, "Easy for you to say..." what you are really saying is, "That's too hard to do..." or "That's too risky for me..." or "That's too much work..."

But all of this...

... It's easy for me say.

Stay Productive | Keep Focused | Be Consistent -- Darin "I'm going to the Packers game tonight" Persinger

Don't Lose Your Ass


Once upon a time there was an old man, a boy and a . They were going to town and the boy was , with the old man alongside.

As they rambled along, they passed some old women sitting in the shade. One of the women called out, "Shame on you, a strong healthy boy riding while your old father is walking."

The man and boy decided that maybe the critics were right so they changed positions.

Later they passed by a group of mothers watching their young children play by the river. One cried out in protest, "How could you make your little boy walk in the hot sun while you ride!"

The two travelers decided that maybe they both should walk. Next they met some young men out for a stroll. "How stupid you are to walk when you have a perfectly good donkey to ride!" one yelled derisively.

So both father and son climbed onto the donkey, deciding they both should ride. They were soon settled and underway again. They next encountered some children who were on their way home from school. One girl shouted, "How mean to put such a load on a poor little animal."

The old man and the boy saw no alternative...

... maybe the critics were right.

They now struggled to carry the donkey.

As they crossed a bridge, they lost their grip on the confused animal and it fell to its death in the river below.

And the moral, of course, is that if you try to please everyone you will never know what to do, it will be hard to get anywhere, you will please no-one, not even yourself, and you will probably lose .


Stay Productive | Keep Focused | Be Consistent -- Darin Persinger

Langley's Folly

They had the best man for the job... Dr. . Dr. was a respected of and . of . He had published many papers on aerodynamics and he had done extensive experiments with large unmanned plane models with his buddy Alexander Graham Bell looking on.

Dr. Samuel Langley had everything going for him AND more...

They picked him for the job and gave him extensive funding.

They = Federal Government.

They wanted Dr. Langley to create a flying machine capable of carrying a man.

Over 15 years of working on Manned-Flight and with the backing of the Government... on October 7, 1903, Dr. Langley attempted to take off and fly over the Potomac River (Just in case he crashed the water would be a more forgiving landing).

In the first attempt, Langley said the wing clipped part of the catapult, leading to a plunge into the river "like a handful of mortar," according to one reporter.

Since the flying machine was fairly undamaged (luckily, so he didn't have to go back to government for more funding) he attempted a second flight.

On December 8, 1903, the second attempt led to the air craft being damaged as it left the "catapult".  It crashed into the river again.

Reporters called these incidents, "Langley's ".

Quietly, two brothers from Ohio who owned a bicycle shop had a growing passion for "flight".

These brothers were not scientists, not educated, not funded. The invested $1,000 of their own money vs the $70,000 Dr. Langley was given by the government.

They spent nights and weekends on research, design and testing...

On December 17, 1903, (just a few days after Langley's Folly, Orville and Wilbur Wright took flight over the sand dunes of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, USA.

... Despite what some people might say about your success and your business, I believe you did it.

... I believe you did build your business and your success.

... I believe the beat Langley to the punch even though they didn't get dealt the best hand.

... I believe you earn and deserve your success.

... I believe you only fail when you quit.

... I believe some people (they might even be close to you and have big hearts) don't want to see you succeed. Not because they dislike you, but because they are afraid to see you fail. They think people are weak, frail and fragile and if you don't succeed it will devastate you.

... I give people more credit for being strong and for being more than that.

... I believe when you don't succeed, you gain wisdom and strength.

... I agree when Gary Vaynerchuk says in CRUSH IT, "Don't ever look at someone else who has more capital or cred than you and think you shouldn't bother to compete. You may only have a million-dollar business, and your biggest competitor may have a fifty-million-dollar business, but if you can outwork him or her, you will win over time."

Don't let anyone belittle you, tell you "You can't", or tell you that your hard work, risk taking, sleepless nights, sacrifices don't have value.

--- Darin "I believe I can fly" Persinger

The Biggest Time Trap You Get Yourself In


you can get into...


If you are on a debating team, or want to become a lawyer or you are a politician, maybe debating is for you.

But, in business and in life, there is no reason to have a .

A debate implies one party is right and the other is wrong.

The definition of debate is....

"To engage in argument by discussing points."

Or this...

...argumentation in which two opposing teams defend and attack a given proposition."

It's been my experience that when you enter a debate, the other party has no intention of actually changing their mind.

You debate your truth. They debate their truth.

Not productive use of time, in my opinion.

I just wrote a post for InmanNext that talks about this very problem.

It's called dissonace.

What is really interesting to me, is even though I point out what cognitive dissonace is and give examples, you can see people in the comments section displaying cognitive dissonace.

It's kind of a mind freak to see it happen.

Go check out the post by CLICKING HERE

Be aware of this behavoir in .

Notice it in others. Accept that you can not logically debate someone in to seeing your truth.

  • Maybe it's getting a seller to lower their price.
  • Or a bank to accept a short sale offer.
  • Or a buyer not to walk away from after inspection

Don't get me wrong. This doesn't mean you throw your hands up, walk away and just give up.

But is the opposite of debate.

Effective communication is understanding the other persons Point of View.

Debating is trying to get the other person to accept your Point of View.

I promise...

Nothing good comes from debating. Just wasted time. Frustration. Angry emotions.

Everything good comes from effective communication. People feel heard. Understood.

Debating is not effective communication. And I'm seeing way much debating online, not much effective communication.

The to this is understanding what  is.


If you want to take effective communication to the next level in your business development...

Hire Me To Speak


[UPDATE] A real writer wrote about my family and this story. Someone that isn't as close to it as I am and gives some perspective and more details about it. If you want to read it CLICK HERE. .

I love this story.

There is an old farmer who has worked his crops for many years.

One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit. "Such bad luck," they said sympathetically.

"Maybe," the farmer replied.

The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses. "How wonderful," the neighbors exclaimed.

"Maybe," replied the old man.

The following day, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses, was thrown, and broke his leg. The neighbors again came to offer their sympathy on his misfortune.

"Maybe," answered the farmer. The day after, military officials came to the village to draft young men into the army. Seeing that the son's leg was broken, they passed him by. The neighbors congratulated the farmer on how well things had turned out.

"Maybe," said the farmer.

Yesterday, while traveling home from speaking at Agent Reboot in Columbus, I was texting my niece. She injured her knee and was supposed to be going in for surgery today.

She told me she might be getting tissue for her ACL replacement from Chris.

Chris is her older brother, my nephew, that passed away in car accident a few years back.

This seemed a little odd to me and I couldn't make sense of it but as long as she came out of the surgery ok, that is all I cared about.

My brother texted me this morning and said Caitlyn was finished with the surgery and was doing great. And in fact, Chris's tissue was used to repair Caityln's ACL.

Christopher was an organ and tissue donor. My brother told me that Chris had helped 53 people in 8 different states and two other countries. Today was the 54th and last person that he would help. And that person was his little sister.

Life is not black and white

It is too easy to see life as black and white, good or bad. But it's not that at all.

It's a gray. It's "maybe."

There is uncertainty in your life and business and the farmer knew this. Events that seemed bad or good in the moment where just a "maybe" to him. He knew he was too close to the situation to define it as good or bad just yet.

I miss my nephew everyday. I literally catch myself every day staring out the window or looking at a picture, remembering a good time, feeling sad about the loss or wondering "what if?"


I know I'm too close to the situation to have a good perspective on it.

Here is what I do know.

My nephew has helped 54 people in his death, one of them being his little sister.

Reality does not need to make sense.

There is nothing more imporant than family.

[UPDATE] A real writer wrote about my family and this story. Someone that isn't as close to it as I am and gives some perspective and more details about it. If you want to read it CLICK HERE. .

What Time Zone Are You In?


Professor Philip Zimbardo conveys how our individual perspectives of time affect our work, health and well-being. Time influences who we are as a person, how we view relationships and how we act in the world. He breaks down how we really live in 6 time zones, but there are 2 different areas in each time zone.

Check out this video, it's pretty cool: