Stop Trying To Be A Celebrity. Be A Kick Ass Person and Realtor.

A lot of coaches, speakers and trainers say you have to be celebrity to be successful. And they will show you how to become that celebrity in your social circle. The reality is being an authority does you no good if people don't feel you are approachable. Being a celebrity does you no good if people don't feel you are credible.

I don't take political or business or relationship advice from Ben Affleck. But he's a celebrity.

Sure things are changing with technology and the online, but the rules aren't changing.

What Dale Carnegie said 80 years ago is still true.

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” - Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends & Influence People

Stop trying so damn hard to get people interested in you. It reeks of desperation and insecurity. Get interested in other people.

Stop trying to use social media to become a celebrity.

Stop trying to figure out how to game the new timeline feature to showcase your awesomeness of being a Realtor.

Start using the info that others are providing to show your interest in them.

Start going to other peoples walls and profile. Stop trying to get people on to yours.

And if you want to know more about why shouldn't focus on celebrity status in your business read (Being Popular Doesn’t Make You Successful)

Oh, one last thought about the way you approach your business development online. If you believe that real estate and sales is about relationships. Not just the buddy/buddy kind but professional relationships, keep this in mind.

"A shallow person will have only shallow relationships." Daisaku Ikeda

What Is Your Primary Aim?

With no clear picture of how you wish your life to be, how on earth can you begin to live it? - Michael Gerber

I'm back in Wisconsin right now. Celebrating my 's high school graduation. Courtney is heading off to be a Badger in a few weeks. I am extremely proud of her. She is the young lady on the right of the picture.

is on the left side of the picture. There is a good chance that Caitlyn will be playing a sport in college. She is pretty good at basketball and soccer.

My Aim in life is my family.

My nieces now, and someday I might have my own kids. But for now, what I'm focused on doing with my , is being able to watch Caitlyn play sports in college and be able to help Courtney live her passion once she graduates from college.

I've been building Productivity Junkies and the other businesses that I'm involved in to support these things. To support that Primary Aim financially and also allow me freedom to work remotely.

Below is an excerpt from The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It

So, before you start your business, or before you return to it tomorrow, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I wish my life to look like?
  • How do I wish my life to be on a day-to-day basis?
  • What would I like to be able to say I truly know in my life, about my life?
  • How would I like to be with other people in my life–my family, my friends, my business associates, my customers, my employees, my community?
  • How would I like people to think about me?
  • What would I like to be doing two years from now? Ten years from now? Twenty years from now? When my life comes to a close?
  • What specifically would I like to learn during my life–spiritually, phisically, financially, technically, intellectually? About relationships?
  • How much money will I need to do the things I wish to do? By when will I need it?

These are just a few of the questions you might ask yourself in the creation of your Primary Aim.

No Flyers In The Flyer Box

You might remember my blog post You Can Do Better – You Have To Do Better where I was pleading with real estate agents that use flyer boxes to at least have flyers in there. The other day Kat and I were out for a walk and one real estate for sale sign after another had empty flyer boxes.

I started to sing a little song about it. That little song turned in to the video below.

If you like real estate marketing, acoustic music and hip hop, I guarantee you will love this song.


Me and my lady travel around the city looking for house that she thinks is pretty Its gotta have a backyard with a fence and a pool gotta be close to shopping and close to the schools

Getting tired of giving money away to the landlord looking for a place that’s nice - that we can afford maybe a townhome maybe a condo maybe a single-family standalone, we don’t know

Wanna get in on low interest rates, and buy before housings prices start to inflate

Then we see it!

The place that could be ours, My lady hits the brakes and stops the car She says get out the door and run to the sign See what the price, - if the house could be mine

SO I run to the sign to my complete awe and shock! Guess what?

There’s no flyers in the flyer box! There’s no what?

I don’t get it Mr. Real Estate Agent, Do I have to call you on the phone? To find out about this home?

I wanna know how many bedrooms it is, to see if there is room for all of my kids.

what am I to do? I just want some 411 to see if this house could be the one

When I tell my lady that the flier box “it has no fliers!” she starts yelling and calling me a liar.

She says - don’t be stupid, stop delaying An agent wouldn’t put up a box and be playing

So I search the sign -for a website to go online I bet that’s where all the info is for me to find

But NO! ON the sign is just his name, his picture and his phone number and in the box - no flyers.

There’s no flyers in the flyer box! There’s no what?

Please share the video online by using the Social Share links below and with the agents in your office.

Social Media And Real Estate - Who's Right? Rob Hahn or Tom Ferry?

The video below that sparked this blogpost took place back in January, so this is not new news. What brought this video and topic of discussion back to my attention was a tweet from a home buyer. It reminded me of this debate between Rob Hahn and Tom Ferry and I just wanted to share who I feel is right now after witnessing this home buyer, not real estate agent, using social media.

Apple doesn't use social media.

The community that uses Apple products talks about Apple in social media.

This was Rob Hahn's argument to Tom Ferry. Real estate agents don't need to be using social media. Rob stated in the video and in his blog post On Social Media Education,

I’ve become rather fond of saying “social media isn’t what you do, but what’s done to you” because more and more, I believe that the truth of a product, of a service, of a person shines through in the end.

Tom Ferry's rebuttal is that,

1. Not everyone has a $400 million ad spend like Apple 2. You have to be where your clients are at

The Top 10% of Real Estate Agents Don't Use Social Media

Rob Hahn mentions in the video that he did an "informal" survey to MLS people, real estate brokerages and agents asking out of the top 10% agents in your MLS how many are using social media? He states that in almost every case he heard was none.

This could be true. But some agents like Sue Adler, Jim Reppond, Ian Watt and Ben Kinney came to mind and maybe...these agents are the exception and not the rule. I also think we are still too early in this space to take a stat like this seriously.

When I got into real estate in 1997, not every real estate agent had a website. Hell, not every real estate office had a website. So, to say because the top 10% aren't there, you shouldn't be there doesn't sound like the most sound argument. Does that mean, if you are doing social media and you stop that you will become a top 10% producer in your market place?

I bet if we asked if the top 10% have their own website the answer will be yes. Ask that question 10 years ago, I bet the answer is different.

Why Rob Hahn Is RIGHT About Real Estate Agents And Social Media

Over 9 months ago or so I responded to a tweet of a local photographer looking for some tips on social media. I responded back and said buy me a coffee at my favorite coffee shop and I'll share what I know. This is how I met Kimberly Gauthier of Kimberly Gauthier Photography.

Kimberly has been pretty savvy at growing her business via online. She uses blogging, facebook and twitter. What does Kimberly, a photographer, have to do with Rob Hahn being right about real estate agents and social media?

Remember when Rob said,

“social media isn’t what you do, but what’s done to you”?

I've been following Kimberly's blogging and tweets because we have connected in real life, on occasion I've run into her at the grocery store, and  she has been talking about real estate on her blog. Kimberly has been in the process of buying a home. She has shared how HGTV lies and house hunting is not like that all, getting a counter-offer, how house hunting is a mess, the way professional photography of listings did catch their eye, prompting a showing, and a recent one entitled The House Is Ours.

Through many of these blogs, the house hunting process, Kimberly is sharing about her real estate agent, Rhonda Darling.

I asked her if her real estate agent is active on twitter or facebook,

real estate agent Rhonda DarlingSo what does this tell us about social media and real estate. Maybe you don't have to be using social media. Maybe you just need to rock at being a real estate agent. Because "social media isn’t what you do, but what’s done to you”.

Why Tom Ferry Is RIGHT About Real Estate Agents And Social Media

Rob Hahn probably couldn't have scripted out Kimberly and her real estate agent Rhonda Darling story any better than it actually went down. Seriously, how would you like to be Rhonda getting blogs written about your service and tweets from a buyer about how you rock.

Sure tweets from other real estate agents saying you rock feel good, but c'mon, you know that you are a bit jealous of this real estate agent Rhonda Darling right now.

The problem for Rhonda Darling though and the reason that Tom Ferry is right in his argument against Rob is that I can't find Rhonda Darling. There wasn't a @RhondaDarling rocks in that tweet for me to click on to learn more about Rhonda. Rhonda doesn't appear to have her own blog or website even that Kim could have been linking to in her blog posts. Or a facebook business page Kim could have shared with the audience of her blog and her followers on twitter.

Tom Ferry is saying you have to be where your clients are. I'm saying make it easy for them to find you, to connect with you. In my 7 A's Presentation I talk about availability and approachability. Being where your clients are makes you available. Not being a jackass makes you approachable.

If I'm reading Kimberly's blog and following her tweets, living in the local area, thinking of buying a home, I know that Rhonda Darling sounds like an amazing agent. She sounds approachable. Here is someone in my social network recommending her, the problem is she doesn't appear available to me.

I can't read her blog or see her tweets. I can't even find her phone number doing a google search.

Now, if Rob Hahn was here he might say that I would most likely reach out to Kimberly to get that phone number or email address. I might agree with that. Kinda.

As much as word of mouth, recommendations and referrals are a huge part of the real estate business and any business, I still feel people are going to seek out and research the recommendation they have been given before taking action.

I'm the person that believes the opposite is also true and it’s all about perspective

So, I think Tom Ferry AND Rob Hahn are both right.

What do you think? Is Tom right or Rob right?

Free Real Estate Coaching For Top Producer

Contact Management System - Top Producer is a database that allows for follow up, action plan and automating, systematizing your real estate business. Every small business, sales person and real estate sales agent should be operating their business with a Contact Management System or Client Relationship System. Whether you are just starting your real estate sales career or you are a Top Producer real estate agent, having a CRM helps you organize your relationships, insure follow up and not let things fall through the cracks.

The challenge with the Top Producer system is that it is frustrating for most real estate agents to use. There are too many bells and whistles. It is not as simple to use as some other CRM's.

While I was coaching inside two large real estate offices, I was hearing the same frustration from the real estate agents over and over and over. Top Producer is confusing and complicated!

Free Real Estate Coaching For Top Producer

Besides being confusing and complicated, Top Producer has been frustrating me with some other things lately. They are spamming my email and they are not engaging on their Facebook Page. Just recently I was talking about this on my Facebook profile and I think its pretty funny that as I was complaining about Top Producer, their ad was on my wall.

Top Producer Real estate systems Normally, I would not do free real estate coaching, but I'm sitting on all this info so why not share it?

So here is some free coaching for Top Producer:

1. Stop Spamming -

You can engage and connect with your customers in the social media space. I get 2-3 emails every time you send your emails. If you are spamming me, how do you think I think your service works?

2. Simplify Your Product -

Majority of real estate agents I talk to do not enjoy the user experience. It's difficult to navigate and function. You have Feature Creep taking place in your product line. Real estate agents are busy and can't live in complication for long. I wonder if engineers and programmers are creating your product of if sales people and designers are?

3. Stop Selling -

You have a sales force that makes real estate agents uncomfortable because they are telling agents "don't call in to the Top Producer 800 # because I don't get credit for the sale." You have something out of alignment in your model. Get things organized.

4. Stop Training -

I'm serious. Stop training how to use your product. If real estate agents can't figure out how to use it out-of-the-box go back and make a product that is more simple. See #2. This is something a real estate agent left on my facebook wall commenting about your product, "...when I have to invest hours and hours in classes and with Tech support even after using it for YEARS, something is WRONG!"

5. Start Listening -

Once you have #3 figured out, instead of sending sales people out to real estate offices, send product support people. Have them ask questions, get feedback and learn what the frustrations of real estate agents are. I've been able to get feedback from over 100 real estate agents about your product, I bet you can too.

6. Hire a Social Media Manager

Look at the pic above. I'm frustrated because I asked you a question on YOUR fanpage and you did not respond. And yet, you are advertising, spending money to promote your product or service. You are even offering FREE social media tips to real estate agents, yet aren't applying some of the basic methods of the social media space in your own business. Hire a social media manager to listen on twitter for customer complaints and reach out to them. Celebrate customer success stories on twitter by retweeting them. That social media manager can engage your "Likers" on your Facebook page.

For goodness sake....get a custom URL by visiting http://facebook.com/username

7. Simplify Your Product Line

You are doing your database, the Market Snapshot, websites, blogs, lead conversion forms, etc, etc. In my opinion, you are not crushing it at any of them. I would scale back and starting dominating one of those platforms and look for joint ventures in the others. For example, why not collaborate with with Altos Research on the Market stats and updates?

8. Integrate Social Media Into Your Platform

Use your clout to work with facebook on getting an API to pull in a real estate agents friend's contact info into your platform. CRM Vyllij is the new kid on the block, but knows that social media matters. They pull in a contacts last five tweets. You are bigger company, I'm sure have deeper pockets. Follow what Roost did with their Facebook IDX app and see if Facebook will allow you to bend the rules. How amazing would it be if a real estate agents Top Producer account immediately had updated contact info and notes when their friend updated their facebook account!?!

So there is some free coaching for you Top Producer. Do with it what you would like. Keep in mind, this all comes from conversations with real estate agents that use or at one time used your product.

Oh and one last free real estate coaching tip - Debbie McBee seems to be an advocate of your product. She is the only real estate agent that I have came across that seems to love your product. I would give her something if I was you. Comp your subscription or give her a free upgrade or something. Leverage your advocates and let them become raving fans!

Top Producer Free Real Estate Coaching Picture Tweet

9 Ways To Cutting Costs In Your Personal Finances And Real Estate Business

If you want to have a successful and a life with less stress, one good place to start is spend less money than you are making. Yes, I know, I'm Captain Obvious there, but sometimes the simplest things are not the easiest things to do. Since its the day after , you have probably become more aware of finances and . So this is the perfect time to look at some budgeting and control. Here are some quick ideas, that could have impact on your expenses with out too much discomfort.

1. Stop buying

Alternative: Buy Starbucks grounds at the grocery store for $9.99. That will last you the month if not longer. Don't like your coffee black? You can get creamer, syrup or sauce at the store too. I have made many a white mochas at home.

Potential Savings: $100

2. Stop going out for lunch

Alternative: Brown bag it. Bring your own sandwich, some fruit or bring leftovers from dinner last night. Not only will save money, you will save time. Plus you will be eating healthier and smaller portions. Save money and lose weight. NICE!

Potential Savings: $140

Bonus Tip: Invite other agents to do the same and watch my Productivity Nuggets and mastermind.

3. Cancel subscriptions

Alternative: Those magazine, even gym subscriptions can really add up. Start reading blogs.

Potential Savings: $20+

4. Stop Print Marketing - Newspaper/Magazine

Alternative: Start creating your own content and web presence. Prospect more. Use craigslist.

Potential Savings: $500+

5. Check your cell phone bill

Alternative: Many carriers have an Everything Plan or Unlimited Plan. This might cost you a bit more, but you are going to get a lot more out of service, by having unlimited calling minutes, texts and being able to be online. Research and decide what plan is right for you. Spending 10 minutes actually looking at your bill and calling plans could save you some money or get you more services. Also most franchise   offices have special deals for between 10%-20% of your bill. Check with your Broker/Manager/Team Leader.

Potential Savings: TBD

6. Pay bills on time - don't get late fees

Alternative: Banks, companies, even the cable, utilities, etc EVEN your real estate office make huge money off of you paying bills late. Schedule your bills on your banks website, use an AFT, or just pay the bill the day it comes in. With some late fees at $15+ or this adds up

Potential Savings: $50+

7. Don't get ATM fees

Alternative: Banks made over $4 billion in ATM fees in 2008. That's ridic!!! Don't pull the cash out if there is . Just don't do it! Many stores, grocery, fast food offer cash back. Grab the cash there while you are making a purchase already.

Potential Savings: $10-$20+

8. Don't give out gifts at your Broker Opens

Alternative: Just hold a kick ass open house! If you are giving out lottery tickets, or starbucks cards just to attract people, you are going to attract the wrong people.

Potential Savings: $100+

9. Cut out cable tv

Alternative: Sign up for a netflix account and watch television on Hulu.

A better alternative would be to read books or blogs.

The best alternative would be to write a book or blog.

Potential Savings: $50+

BONUS TIPS: Anny Havland, a Mortgage Broker in Bellingham, WA, shared with me a tip on twitter to :

Anny Havland, mortgage broker, tweet about personal finances

Steve Jagger, who operates Ubertor.com, a company that provides websites and online marketing tools to thousands of real estate agents shares:

Cutting Costs In Your Real Estate Business

What suggestions do you have for cutting costs in your personal finances and real estate business?

Virtual BarCamp Presentation - The 1-2-1 Business Development Formula

Finally got my PPT from the Virtual BarCamp up. After the on Tuesday, I caught a flight on Wednesday down to Arizona to get ready for the RE BarCamp Phoenix. It's been a busy, hectic, and fun week.

I had of the Clark County Real Estate Guide and 365 Things to do in Vancouver, WA on the BarCamp session with me. has built a great online community on his fanpage, that his allowing his real life community to connect and engage online. Right now he has over 8,000 fans!

Also, and joined me. The Group are the founders of 365 Things to do in Seattle, WA and have built a fanpage of over 7,700 fans! Their fans are passionate about Seattle and their community and allowing the Payson Group to met many new people.

I shared my 1-2-1 for agents, and Dale, John, and added to the session by showing how they are implementing it.


The magic of Christmas, the power of mystery and the joy of family

"How was Santa going to find us?"

My parents tried to put me at ease that Santa would know where we were for Christmas. I was 5 years old and the Persinger family was going to Hawaii for Christmas. I didn’t know much about Hawaii, didn’t much care. I was only focused on one thing.

"How was Santa going to find us?"

The night before our flight was going to leave the entire Persinger family was in my bedroom, which also served as my parents office. My brothers and I were playing Nerf basketball, while my parents, I assume were working out the details of the family vacation.The vacation that I was convinced that was going to confuse Santa, leaving me to not get my Christmas presents.

And that’s when I heard it. Bells. I froze. More bells. Coming from above me. I looked up and started to hear foot steps on our roof. Then more bells. I looked at my parents,

“Do you hear that? What is that?”

I knew what it was in my mind. Santa had come early. Santa wanted to make sure that he got me my Christmas presents. I was sure of it. He didn’t want to risk not finding me in Hawaii. Besides, I saw some pictures of Hawaii and there was no snow, so I wasn’t even sure Santa would go there. Yes. It had to be Santa.


I screamed. Running to the door. My tiny five year old hands fumbling with the door knob, fighting to get it open.

By the time I ran down the hallway to the living room, there under the tree, presents. Presents that had not be there 15 minutes earlier. Wrapped. Bows. Big boxes. Little boxes. My stocking was full. And again I heard bells. Coming from outside. And then I heard,

“Ho! Ho! Ho!”

It was Santa. Santa was here. In my house. I didn’t see him, but I heard him. There are the presents right there to prove he was here.

I ran to the giant sliding glass doors and threw back the drapes. My hands pressed against the cold winter glass, cupping my face, trying to block the light to get a glimpse into the outside darkness. I was hoping for a glimpse of Santa or the reindeer or the sleigh.

That’s the magic of Christmas, the power of mystery and the joy of family. Still to this day my parents and brothers have never told me who or how Santa was there that night. We lived in the country, miles away from the closest neighbor.

It’s still clear in my mind. That bit of magic. The memory of that moment. And now the appreciation for my family to create that for me and still to this day for not stealing the mystery from me, so that I still have the belief of Santa and the magic of Christmas.

I wish you a magical holiday and hope you create something memorable for you and your family.

Darin Persinger

The 7 Questions To Answer To Make Sure You Have Ideas Worth Working For

“And what makes people work is an idea worth working for, along with a clear understanding of what needs to be done.” -Michael Gerber

That quote from Michael Gerber, author of The E-myth Revisited, brings some questions to mind for me that I wanted to share with you, that if you can answer well help you build the business you desire and live the life you deserve:

1. Do you have the right ideas in your business, career, life?
2. Do you have the a clear understanding as a LEADER, of what needs to be done?
3. Do your the people in your business, in your life, know your ideas?
4. As a LEADER, are you communicating your ideas effectively and systematically?
5. Do the people in your business, in your life have a clear understanding of what needs to be done?
6. Are you asking the people in your business, in your life for cooperation or for their collaboration? Which one is more empowering, engaging?
7. What are you waiting for?

Why Am I Obsessing Over Bruce Lee On A Productivity Blog?

Why not?

Why do I have to look to , Brian Buffini, Howard Brinton or Gary Keller for ideas? Why do I need to look at Tim Ferriss, or for productivity tips?

seems as good as anybody to model for success!

Bruce Lee created his own style of called .  Lee said,

“Let it be understood once and for all that I have NOT invented a new style, composite or modification. I have in no way set Do within a distinct form governed by laws that distinguish it from ‘this’ style or ‘that’ method. On the contrary, I hope to free my comrades from bondage to styles, patterns and doctrines.”

He took a lot of theories and principles and made them applicable to the martial arts. He mixed them together and showed people that they had no need of style—only to take what works and find their own path with it.

I don’t believe there is ONE way to succeed in real estate sales. I do believe we should take Bruce Lee’s advice and take what works from internet marketing, print advertising, branding, phone prospecting, event networking, direct mail, social media and make it our own. Take the best practices and make your real estate sales practice the best.