Virtual BarCamp Presentation - The 1-2-1 Business Development Formula

Finally got my PPT from the Virtual BarCamp up. After the on Tuesday, I caught a flight on Wednesday down to Arizona to get ready for the RE BarCamp Phoenix. It's been a busy, hectic, and fun week.

I had of the Clark County Real Estate Guide and 365 Things to do in Vancouver, WA on the BarCamp session with me. has built a great online community on his fanpage, that his allowing his real life community to connect and engage online. Right now he has over 8,000 fans!

Also, and joined me. The Group are the founders of 365 Things to do in Seattle, WA and have built a fanpage of over 7,700 fans! Their fans are passionate about Seattle and their community and allowing the Payson Group to met many new people.

I shared my 1-2-1 for agents, and Dale, John, and added to the session by showing how they are implementing it.