No Flyers In The Flyer Box

You might remember my blog post You Can Do Better – You Have To Do Better where I was pleading with real estate agents that use flyer boxes to at least have flyers in there. The other day Kat and I were out for a walk and one real estate for sale sign after another had empty flyer boxes.

I started to sing a little song about it. That little song turned in to the video below.

If you like real estate marketing, acoustic music and hip hop, I guarantee you will love this song.


Me and my lady travel around the city looking for house that she thinks is pretty Its gotta have a backyard with a fence and a pool gotta be close to shopping and close to the schools

Getting tired of giving money away to the landlord looking for a place that’s nice - that we can afford maybe a townhome maybe a condo maybe a single-family standalone, we don’t know

Wanna get in on low interest rates, and buy before housings prices start to inflate

Then we see it!

The place that could be ours, My lady hits the brakes and stops the car She says get out the door and run to the sign See what the price, - if the house could be mine

SO I run to the sign to my complete awe and shock! Guess what?

There’s no flyers in the flyer box! There’s no what?

I don’t get it Mr. Real Estate Agent, Do I have to call you on the phone? To find out about this home?

I wanna know how many bedrooms it is, to see if there is room for all of my kids.

what am I to do? I just want some 411 to see if this house could be the one

When I tell my lady that the flier box “it has no fliers!” she starts yelling and calling me a liar.

She says - don’t be stupid, stop delaying An agent wouldn’t put up a box and be playing

So I search the sign -for a website to go online I bet that’s where all the info is for me to find

But NO! ON the sign is just his name, his picture and his phone number and in the box - no flyers.

There’s no flyers in the flyer box! There’s no what?

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