Real Estate Lead Generation and Lead Conversion - Productivity Nugget #139

"The best is done by providing tons of great content-and the best is done by providing the right kind of contact." - author of The Referral Engine

What Is Your Lead Generation Strategy?

How much time are you investing in your lead generation? In content creation?

John Janstch says lead generation is providing great content.

To be effective with your inbound marketing you must make content creation apart of your . In my 1-2-1 Business Development Formula I share that 1 hour a day should be spent in content creation.

There are many ways for you to look at content creation besides just real estate blogging.  Content creation could be creating powerful presentations, packets, informational seminars or webinar downloads, white papers and e-books. This content could be for expireds, FSBO's,  short or first-time home buyers.

So, what is your strategy or... what is your content creation strategy?

What Is Your Lead Conversion Strategy?

I'm not impressed with traffic. I don't care how many visitors you had to your site last month.

If you are getting 20,000 visits a month to your website, but there is no lead conversion, your website is pointless.

I've seen many websites with less powerful, less quality content, convert more traffic into , then some others where have spent a ton of time and a lot of money on their website. It comes down to intent.

If lead conversion is about how you contact, YOU need to have their contact information. Conversion is about conversation. How can you have a conversation, if you don't know how to contact someone? If you don't know WHO you are talking with?

You need to look at how to exchange your content with your prospect for their contact information. Then experiment with what you will send them and how often you will contact them as you move them through your lead conversion funnel.