Real Estate Lead Generation Tips - Content Creation - Productivity Nugget #140

"Why are you going to choose failure when success is an option?"  — Jillian Michaels

I love .

I think a lot can be learned from fitness training that can be applied to your .

To increase your fitness, health and it simply comes down to consuming less calories.

To find time for your , less .

Keep in mind, you can do some great content creation in 15 minutes.

Even though I say in my 1-2-1 Business Development Formula that you should spending 1 hour a day in content creation that doesn't mean the whole hour has to be on real estate blogging.

Stop Consuming So Much Content

How much content are you consuming?

  • 24 hours a day news channels
  • free TV on
  • Movies and TV shows On Demand at Netflix
  • Millions of blogs
  • 100's of friend posting updates and pictures on facebook
  • 1000's of tweets per day from the people you follow

There is so much information  flying at you from traditional and new media sources, it's amazing you get anything done. But just like Jillian coaches people on losing weight by consuming less calories, you have to stop consuming so much content.

Increase Your Lead Generation By Content Creation

Consuming less calories is a good start for your weight loss. Consuming less content will free up time for your . If you are start exercising to burn more calories you going to see faster results.

Start content creation from the time you saved by consuming less content and you will see greater results from your inbound marketing strategy.