3 Ways Fear Of Money Manifests Itself - Productivity Nugget #190


Buffalo Nickel

That’s where the comes from—from your uninvestigated thoughts. ~ Byron Katie

Yesterday I asked you, "Are you afraid of money?"

The more I observe and failure, the more it confirms my belief that it all starts with mindset.

Not just knowing the How To's or What To Do's or Goal Setting or Planning...

But getting your mind right with who you are, where you are and where you want to go.

I see many smart, capable, driven people that are not succeeding in business.


is a big part of the . Its not the only thing, but its pretty damn important thing. Without profit you can't stay in business. If you are not in business, you didn't have a successful business. Even a Non-Profit has to generate more donations than expenses to keep doing good for the community and world.

Creating, having and keeping a profit starts with peoples relationship with . And the reason why, I believe I see so many smart, capable, driven people that are not succeeding in business, is they don't have a good relationship with money.

In this Productivity Nugget I share 3 ways Fear of Money Manifests Itself

Do You Have A Fear of Money?

Did one of these ideas that I shared in the video resonate with you?

Or is it something else for you?

"Most of us, when asked, regardless of how much money we actually have, feel afraid. If you spend a lifetime pushing your fears away, I can promise you that ultimately you're pushing money away as well." - Suze Orman