Become Purposeful - Productivity Nugget #191

"If your income is random, I'm willing to bet your activities are random too." - Darin Persinger

Marching in stepIt's easy as an entrepreneur or to fall into an un-.

As a agent, you have buyers who want to look at homes at this time, but a seller that can't meet until that time. Then you have inspections to be at by this time and a education workshop to attend in the afternoon.

Inconsistent Activities = Inconsistent

I see many not taking consistent focused action, and they wonder why they are on a roller coaster ride with their income.

Maybe its not controlling your schedule or chasing the "shiny object" or looking for the "magic bullet", but I promise you that your income it directly tied to your activities. But, they can't just be any activities. No, they have to to be right ones and you have to be consistent with the.


I filmed a for you about being purposeful. This was after I realized that I kept using this word in all of my conversation that day.

If you are ready to become purposeful you might want to check out my blog post called "What are you the master of?"