Don't Go Broke Like MC Hammer

was the first rapper to have "legit" main stream success. <- see what I did there With his big, baggy "Hammer" paints and high energy , everyone seemed to like him.

He could dance. He had rhymes. And. He. Could. Entertain.

I remember staying up late past my bed time to watch MC Hammer perform on the Arsenio Hall Show. :) (Who remembers the Arsenio Hall Show?)

It was AMAZING!!!

Hammer had dancers every where. A huge band. Performers and more performers.

It was quite a show and a show he took on the road.

The problem with such an elaborate road show is that it made it very expensive.

Hammer employed a lot of people. He was giving away his success.

He also spent on cars, homes and even race horses, but his biggest expense was his entourage.

He was giving himself into poverty.

Don't go broke by giving it away

I see a lot of agent trainers and agents training other agents to give it away.

To start blogging, creating content, content marketing, whateve's you want to call it, and to start giving away all your info, knowledge and expertise.

Don’t Share Your Way In To Poverty

I have a video of Brian Clark, the super smart Founder of saying, "A lot of people just share themselves into poverty."

Are you sharing yourself into poverty by giving it all away?

Are you giving away your information with out converting leads?

Do you have clear, concise Call-To-Actions on your website?

Do you know what your target market wants and needs?

Do you know how to create desire in your marketing, online and offline?

Or are you buying into the silly idea, the myth, that it takes time to succeed online?

Buying into the idea that you have to just:

  • give away all your knowledge and expertise,
  • blog every day,
  • be patient for the next year
  • and perhaps… will show up.

Buying those ideas is expensive. It might just cost you your business.

There is a better, smarter, faster way to do this blogging stuff with out giving it all way.

It will take work. You will need a strategy. And you will need to implement the right tactics.

Don’t be like MC Hammer and share your way into poverty.