If It Works For A 2000 Toyota Corolla, It Might Work For Your Listing

Check out this awesome video by Clark Olson. It was created for a Kelley Blue Book-sponsored contest for the best used car review ad.

Tell me he doesn't create some desire with this video.

Who knew that a 2000 Toyota Corolla could be so desirable??? :)

Breaking Down The Video

This guy is obviously skilled.

Not just in video production and editing, but more importantly...copywriting.

He knows his target audience and speaks to them.

"Are you a recent college graduate?"

"Are you underemployed?"

Then he talks to a very specific niche.

"Do you need a reliable and sexy vehicle to get you to the Renaissance Fair?"

He does some good anchoring and connecting techniques, like the horsepower suddenly is connected to the number 5000.

He has a the hook of "COOOOORRRRROOOOLLLLLLAAAAA". This brands the product and makes it more memorable.

The disclosure of the negative, like the limited room in the back seats adds an element of trust.

Adding this to the mundane, it becomes a selling point,

"It won't turn heads...but it will turn right and left. "

This is all packaged into an entertaining pitch.

There is some brilliance here and I hope it inspires you to take the marketing of homes to the next level.

Using video to entertain, market, brand, and sell by using humor and brilliant copywriting.

If it works for a 2000 Toyota Corolla, in Grandmother White, why can't it work for that home you have listed?