Who is your target market audience? - Productivity #194

Target by Jasper JohnsChris Brogan wrote about which crowds are you blogging to. In that blog post, he is talking about blogging for colleagues vs. buyers. What I'm talking about is strictly buyers or your potential clients.

On Monday, I shared with you how having a real estate marketing niche will help bring you better results. Today, I want to keep going with that idea and drill down to the idea of your target market.

With out identifying who you are targeting with your marketing, your message will not resonate with anyone. If your marketing is not effective, your business will suffer. If your business suffers.....then what happens?

Just as in increasing your productivity, you have to do less. In increasing your marketing effectiveness you have to market to less.

A smaller audience.

A target market.

Watch this video to learn the problems of not identifying a target market for your business. I share with you about Paul and Mark and why marketing to them with the same message will not work.