Content Marketing - Don't share your way in to poverty - Productivity Nugget #213

This is a I recorded of , Copyblogger responding to a question I asked him. My question was about lead conversion, asking for contact information online vs just giving it all away and hoping people will want your services.

Here is his response:

Don't Your Way In To

Are you giving away your information with out converting leads?

Do you have clear, concise Call-To-Actions on your website?

Do you know what your wants and needs?

Do you know how to create desire in your , online and offline?

Or are you buying into the idea that it takes time to succeed online?

Buying into the idea that you have to just

  • give away all your knowledge and expertise,
  • blog every day,
  • be patient for the next year
  • and perhaps... will show up.

Buying those ideas is expensive. It might just cost you your business.

Don't share your way into poverty.