The Biggest Time Trap You Get Yourself In


you can get into...


If you are on a debating team, or want to become a lawyer or you are a politician, maybe debating is for you.

But, in business and in life, there is no reason to have a .

A debate implies one party is right and the other is wrong.

The definition of debate is....

"To engage in argument by discussing points."

Or this...

...argumentation in which two opposing teams defend and attack a given proposition."

It's been my experience that when you enter a debate, the other party has no intention of actually changing their mind.

You debate your truth. They debate their truth.

Not productive use of time, in my opinion.

I just wrote a post for InmanNext that talks about this very problem.

It's called dissonace.

What is really interesting to me, is even though I point out what cognitive dissonace is and give examples, you can see people in the comments section displaying cognitive dissonace.

It's kind of a mind freak to see it happen.

Go check out the post by CLICKING HERE

Be aware of this behavoir in .

Notice it in others. Accept that you can not logically debate someone in to seeing your truth.

  • Maybe it's getting a seller to lower their price.
  • Or a bank to accept a short sale offer.
  • Or a buyer not to walk away from after inspection

Don't get me wrong. This doesn't mean you throw your hands up, walk away and just give up.

But is the opposite of debate.

Effective communication is understanding the other persons Point of View.

Debating is trying to get the other person to accept your Point of View.

I promise...

Nothing good comes from debating. Just wasted time. Frustration. Angry emotions.

Everything good comes from effective communication. People feel heard. Understood.

Debating is not effective communication. And I'm seeing way much debating online, not much effective communication.

The to this is understanding what  is.


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