Referral Marketing: Stop using this phrase, start getting more referrals - Productivity Nugget #246


Getting More Referrals In Your Business

Starting Getting More Referrals From Your Referral Marketing

Want to referrals?

The wants to ban two potentially ... "citizen" and "brown bag".

If those words are offensive, then we need to ban this word in sales, marketing and business.

In This Productivity Nugget:

Stop using this phrase to increase the effectiveness of your

0:32 Do you want more referrals? 0:41 Referrals and introductions are a transference of knowing, liking and trust 1:28 The phrase you need to stop using to get more referrals from your sphere 1:44 The problem of using this phrase 1:54 An example of using this phrase the problem it causes 2:32 What you need to do to and keep getting referrals

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