How To Increase Your Productivity - Productivity Nugget #247


How to increase productivity So you want to know how to increase your productivity?

You are busy... only sleeping 5 hours a night or less... trying to get it all done... wish you could clone yourself?

What is the secret to increasing your ?

Is there even a secret to productivity? Or do you just have to work longer hours, work harder?

You've tried all the , you've read all the books and have tried all the methods, but you just can't seem to figure out how to .

In This Productivity Nugget:

0:21 You live in amazing world with technology and all these digital apps 0:33 The question you need to ask yourself 0:39 The secret to productivity and getting more done 0:59 The reason you are not productive 1:36 I share with you my simple productivity system (the 3 steps to increasing your productivity) 2:02 The things you need to eliminate to increase your productivity