Increase Conversions On Your Landing Pages - Productivity Nugget #249


on with this simple trick. Increase Conversions On Your Landing Pages

It's not really a trick, but more of a philosophy. It's a philosophy on how to by not being so in people's face.

are needed to convert your traffic to leads.

And you have three kinds of landing pages...

  • You have Pass Thru Landing Pages - sending your website traffic on to other content they might like
  • Landing Pages - getting your website traffic to opt-in to your email marketing follow up and appointment setting
  • Sales Pages Landing Pages - Turning your traffic into paying clients and customers

So watch this video on how to increase conversions on your landing pages...

In this Coaching Video:

0:25 The most common mistake people with their landing pages

0:38 Why so many people are making this mistake

0:52 What you don't want to do on your landing pages

1:29 What is going through the mind of your website traffic

1:34 A lesson I learned from observing a situation at the mall about "information"

2:00 "That's how valuable ______________ information is"

2:07 What you should be doing to increase conversions on your