Be The Peyton Manning Of Marketing


Wow! Did you see Peyton Manning surgically carve up the Raiders defense last night?


The guy is looking crazy good. Crazy Good!

His stats are crazy, already breaking records this year.

Plus, he ranks on Forbes' list of the World's Highest Paid Athletes.

What do you think makes Peyton so good?

Goal setting, practicing his skills, years of experience...


What makes Peyton Manning so good, (in my humble but right opinion) is his ability to make his own play calls at the scrimmage line.

He can audible based on what he sees.

Peyton will get the play call - (a strategy from the sideline)

He and his team line up and he looks at the defense - (assesses the market place)

He scans for potential weaknesses, makes adjustments and selects the best play for the current situation.

Then, because he has mastered what works against what, when to do and what to do, he is consistently one step ahead of the defense.

In other words, he has command over his offense... knowing which play will work best given the situation... given what the defense shows... given who he has on the field and being able to direct them in order to get the results he wants.

That is his secret to his success.

It's the secret to my marketing also, especially my email marketing.

And it's the secret you need too.

See, I know what my marketing strategy is... I have a game plan.

But sometimes when I come to the line of scrimmage to the run the play, aka send my email, I change the play.

I'll call an audible.

Depending on what happens in pop culture that day, or the news that day, or what happens to me personally that day... Maybe it's a life event or a conversation I have with a coaching client...

I'll change what my email marketing message is.

Or when I'm doing a launch, I specifically know the 10 emails I want to send. And as I'm sending them, I'm seeing what is working or not, what email caused the most sales, I'll adjust and call an audible.

Do you know your market, your market place and marketing well enough to do this?How about you?

Do you have a strategy in place?

Do you have a game plan?

Do you know what you are going to do everyday?

And then be able to call an audible to take advantage of what the day gives you?

To get help with this, start by thinking about joining Persinger Group.

Each month you get a game plan for your Website Marketing, you Sphere of Influence & your Lead Conversion...

And if you see something else you can take advantage, call an audible.

Become the Peyton Manning of your market, market place and marketing.

Talk with ya soon.

  • Stay Productive
  • Keep Focused
  • Be Consistent

- Darin Persinger