Too Many Tools In Your Business


Too Many Tools In Your Business

"It is a poor workman who blames his ."

There is waaaaaaay toooooooo much talk about tools in -a-days.

about "Which app...", "What ...", "What IDX...", "What Email...", "What wordpress...."

You'd think with all the "Thought Leaders" and "Gurus" going on and on about Tools, and you buying in to that, we are watching 24/7 episode online of "Tool Time".

By the way, that proves me point.

Remember how incompetent Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor was?

It's not the tools! Or the software! Or the app! Or fill in the blank with whatever it is you want to distract you from doing real work.

What ever happened to Strategy and Implementation?!?!?

If you still care about these things...

Then join me  at Persinger Group.

If you like searching for , talking about tools, debating in facebook groups about tools, telling me you can't afford any of my programs or services because you spend all your money on tools...

You're probably not a fit with our culture and philosphy.

No hard feelings.

You are Tool Junkie, not a Productivity Junkie.

That's not the focus here.

But if you are a Productivity Junkie and ready for the right strategies, ready to implement, stick around and let's start a conversation. 

  • Stay Productive
  • Keep Focused
  • Be Consistent

- Darin Persinger