Everyone's Got Some Kinda Scar To Hide

You will rarely see me clean shaven. It's not because I'm trying to be cool. It's not because I think the 5 o'clock shadow looks good.

It's not because I'm a hipster. It's not because I'm lazy... maybe a bit.

It's because if I was clean shaven you would see a 2 inch scar just under my chin, running up the left side of my jaw line.

It's a scar I try to hide.

When I was younger I had a pretty bad wakeboard accident. I landed hard, buckled and hit my chin on my left knee cap.

I came up from under the water with my mouth full of teeth chiclets.

I ripped my chin open, bad.

What made it worse was with the water it looked like a lot of blood! And the cut on my chin looked like a huge gap, you could see my jaw bone.

As I climbed on to the back of the boat, blood dripping everywhere, I spit out my teeth into my hand and put them into a cup holder.

My friends Tommy and Ed where in the boat.

Ed passed out.

Tommy threw me towel.

He drove us back to land and he helped me in the car and took me into the ER.

I could tell you what happened back on the land, where I kept the boat.

It was a piece of land owned by a doctor.

He was there fishing.

But that's another story for another time.

I ended up with a fractured jaw, in two different places. If I remember right, I had 12 internal stitches (the cut was so wide they had to stitch me internally with some stitches that dissolve.)

Plus, I had 23 external stitches.

And every Monday for a few weeks, I was going to the dentist to get my teeth fixed.

That scar bothers me. Still.

It reminds me of being young and foolish. It reminds me of losing focus for just a split second.

It reminds me of fear.

I hate that scar... so I try to hide it by not shaving.

We all have some kind of scar we are trying to hide.

Maybe your's is not so literal.

But everyone has something in the past that reminds them of something not so great.

What that scar is and how you hide it will determine how you move forward.

Are you letting that scar stop you from trying again?

Are you letting that scar hold you hostage with fear?

I was stupid and actually went out and wakeboarded a few days after the accident, while I still had stitches in.

I knew I could have hurt myself worse, ripped out my stitches, etc.

But I knew if I didn't ride then, I probably was never going to ride again.

I went out and stomped a heelside back roll and then got back in the boat.

"Take that fear!"

But that damn scar...

It's still there sitting under my whiskers, on my chin, running up my jawline.

A consistent, constant reminder.

We all have some kind of scar to hide.

What scar are you hiding?

Is it holding you back? Is it paralyzing you?

Maybe you have a scar from making an investment in business or real estate?

I'd encourage you to get back out on the water and do a heelside back roll and have a conversation with me.

Stay Productive Keep Focused Be Consistent

- Darin Persinger