How To Turn Liabilities Into Assets - Productivity Nugget #242

How to turn you liabilities into assets

It's easy to feel like you have liabilities in sales and in .

But it's more focused around how you think and your .

In today’s Nugget:

  • 0:29 How you are currently looking at things and Why
  • 0:43 Why because your new is not a
  • 1:02 How to turn that "liability" of being new into an
  • 1:18 Another example of how to turn a liability into an asset
  • 1:54 The problem of getting drunk in college
  • 2:27 What if you are not tech savvy enough?

In this are examples of how to turn liabilities into assets.

Watch how to turn liabilities into assets on youtube

Now it's time to sit down, reflect and be honest about how you feel and what you think are liabilities.

What excuses have you been making?

Now think about how you can turn that thinking around so it becomes a positive thing, an asset for you in business.