MOMENTUM - How To Get Momentum and Keep It (In Sales, Business & Life)

Today you’re going to see how to get momentum and keep it.


I have fours things to share with you when it comes to creating momentum.


A video where I go a bit deeper into the idea of getting Momentum.

Why Do You Need Momentum?

Maybe you feel stuck or in a rut…

Maybe you feel like you’re always moving up hill…

Or that things just feel harder than it should.


Momentum Is The Key

Momentum Is The Key To Achieving Better Results, Faster Results and Making Things Feel Easier.

Here’s to get Momentum… and keep momentum in

  • Sales

  • Business

  • Life

  • Anything

How To Get Momentum and Keep It

Most people spend it all on the start.

It being their resources (time, energy, money).

People work so hard to get it going, but quickly give up when it comes time to keep it going.

Can you think of anyone you know that bounces around from idea to idea, project to project, or industry to industry?

The start isn’t enough.

The initial push isn’t enough.

Momentum is created by doing the right things, not by doing more things.

And momentum is the key to success. And making success look easy and feel easy.

How To Create Momentum

  1. Take Steps in Sequence - For most things, the order in which you take the steps is even more important than the steps you take.

    1. Example 1: You go for a hike in the woods. Now you realize it would be nice to have a map.

    2. Example 2. Try to do a complex math problem without the correct sequence. No way you come up with the right answer.

  2. Start smaller  - Discover what works, what is wanted, before you spend your resources (time, energy, money) building something out, committed to a path or investment.

  3. Double down - Once you know what works, stay there. Triple Down. Quadruple Down. Play with house money. A bunch of other metaphors, (or is it an idiom?) Don’t give up on what works to start chasing something else you don’t if it will. If you have a orange and you squeeze it, and juice comes out. Keep squeezing. Don’t go find another orange.

  4. Create Quick & Early Wins - Victories inspire. Allow yourself to have them by setting goals you can achieve and achieve quickly. Don’t get stuck here though. It’s not fun to play the first level of Super Mario over and over again. Also, creating a game you can’t win is just weird and cruel. Especially since it’s your game and you are the only one playing it. Celebrate your victories and enjoy the wins.

Momentum Video Transcript
Can you think of anyone that bounces around from idea to idea project to project or even industry to industry? It's like being self regulated Sisyphus. You're just pushing, pushing, pushing, and pushing, bouncing from one thing to the next momentum.

Momentum is the key, but most people spend it all on the start or constantly restarting it. Being time, money, energy, resources. People work so hard to get something going but quickly give up when it's time to keep it going. The start isn't enough. That initial push isn't enough.

Jocko Willink

”Do I ever feel like sisyphus been waiting for people to start saying like, oh, you put another picture of the sweat and have a squat rack? Really, I've been getting on that squat rack and grinding it out for 25 years and I'm not bored with it yet. Getting that rock to the top of the mountain, that's not what my goal is. My goal actually is pushing the rock.”

Momentum is created by doing the right things, not by doing more things, and momentum is the key to success and making that success look easy and feel easy, so whether it's about getting out of debt, becoming healthier, becoming more fit, succeeding in our real estate business or being real estate investors, we've just come to realize how important, how significant momentum truly is.

Here's what you can do to create and sustain momentum.

Number one, take steps in sequence. For most things, the order in which you take the steps is even more important than the steps you take. Example, you go for a hike in the woods. Now you realize, hey, it might be nice to have a map out here. Another example, you're trying to do a complex math problem without the correct sequence. There is no way. There's no way you're coming up with the right answer. Number two, start smaller.

First, discover what works, what's really wanted before you actually spend your resources. You know that time, energy, and money stuff before you're fully committed to building out something or to a specific path or investment. We also call this start where you can start or being agile. Test your idea, test your project, test your premise number three, double down. Once you know what works, stayed there, triple down, quadruple down. You're playing with house money now and a bunch of other metaphors for maybe that's an idiom.

Don't give up on what works to start chasing something else. If you have an orange and you squeeze it in, juices coming out, keep squeezing. Don't go find another orange, at least not yet.

Number four, create quick and early wins. Victories, inspire. Allow yourself to have them by setting goals that you can achieve and achieve quickly. Don't get stuck here though. It's not fun to play the first level of Super Mario over and over again. Even if you do master that level, you're not actually progressing. Also creating a game that you can't win. It's just, it's just weird and cruel, especially since it's your game and you're really the only one plane. And finally, number five, celebrate your victories and enjoy your wins.

Hey, thanks for watching this video. If you’d like to, be sure to check out my Facebook page, It's where I share ideas to help small business owners, freelancers, and specifically those in the real estate industry.

Making A $100,000 In One Year As A Real Estate Agent: 29 Thoughts, Things To Do & Think About

So you want to make a $100,000 in one year as a real estate agent: 29 thoughts, things to do & think about:

  1. Depending on the market, location, price point, it could take a lot of time or could happen immediately.

  2. Remember, income is a lag indicator and you can only control your lead indicators.

  3. Getting focused on your goal is easy. Staying focused is hard.

  4. You’ll need a big enough database or a way to generate enough leads.

  5. If you don’t have the right strategy and systems you could burn yourself out reaching your goal.

  6. Do you know WHO can you help you or are you trying to do this by yourself?

  7. If you aren’t growing your database/audience, even if you hit your goals, you’ll have the same problems of hitting your goals the next year, and the year after, the year after.

  8. Being learning based is awesome, but you should be focused on what you need to learn now, not what you should learn next.

  9. Know what you need to do and be committed to doing that to get Market Leadership in your SPHERE, so they see you as who you are becoming, not who you were.

  10. “To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together.”

  11. Some months you’re going to do less transactions than you need to do to hit your goals. Some months you’re going to do more. Keep your focus on the MORE months.

  12. Your numbers will grow to the levels you’re growing personally (your mindset and skill set).

  13. Make decisions quickly. Scale it or kill, don’t stand still.

  14. Recognize there's a big difference from peak achievability and continued sustainability.

  15. It’s hard to live in complexity for very long. And most marketing, advertising and business development ideas are over engineered and complex for no reason.

  16. To reach your goals and to stay above that level, you can’t do the right things sometimes. You have to do the right things most of the time.

  17. If you’re doing everything yourself, almost everything is going to take longer. This includes small tasks and big goals.

  18. Even if you’re doing everything right, don’t be surprised by inconsistent outcomes.

  19. Your lifestyle won’t be much different when you do hit $100,000. At least it shouldn’t be.

  20. Save for your taxes.

  21. If you don’t have money to invest into your business, you’ll have to invest the time. And it’s almost impossible to get in front of enough people online by simply spending your time.

  22. The average real estate agent doesn’t even make $50,000 a year, so if you do hit your goal, you’ve doubled the average. That’s incredible.

  23. You have to remove emotion from your decision making.

  24. You’ll probably have to start doing some things you don’t like and stop doing things you do.

  25. Make sure you’re in the right environment, every day.

  26. You don’t have to be obsessed with metrics, but with limited access to resources (time, energy, money) you must be aware and careful how you invest in your marketing, lead generation, lead conversion, platforms and business development.

  27. You can’t just like helping people buy and sell a home. You have to be good at finding people to help. And getting people who want help to find you.

  28. Brute force only works so well, for so long.

  29. Successfully reaching your goal isn’t something that happens in the future. Success comes from what you did today… and yesterday… and the day before that… and the month before that… and the year before that.

SO get started where you can start.

Not sure how… Let’s talk.

Feeling Stuck? 12 Reasons You're Not Increasing Sales Production

Not increasing sales production is a common frustration amongst businesses large and small.

For the small business start up, or a self-employed freelancer, or a real estate agent, or maybe even a network marketer, you might find yourself feeling discouraged when you try but you can't increase sales production.

Maybe you've hit a plateau. 

Maybe you're not making enough sales to even make ends meet.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to increase sales production, they're your reasons. 

But maybe you're looking at strangers on Instagram in same industry as you. You see them showing off their success and they make it look easy. Makes you wonder what they know that you don't know.

Or you see friends on Facebook celebrating their latest sales.

It looks so easy, right?


It's hard work. 

If it was easy, iconic brands like Toys "R" Us wouldn't be filing for bankruptcy right now. 

You have a lot on your plate that you didn't think about before you started your business.

Did you think about all the laws, rules and regulations before starting a business, selling a product or service, or being self-employed?  Are you an attorney?

What did you know about marketing and sales? 

What is your accounting experience and understanding of taxes and 1099's? Are you a CPA?

It's easy to understand why you'd feel overwhelmed and frustrated that you're not increasing your sales. 

Here is a list of twelve reasons you might not be getting to the sales production level you desire.

12 Reasons You're Not Increasing Sales Production


There is so much to learn when just starting up. Or deciding to level up.

There are so many new tools, technology and shiny things that thought leaders want you to know and vendors want you to buy.

New marketing ideas such as content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing....(let me catch my breath) plus learning how to use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Wordpress, Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat.

It's no wonder that you are overwhelmed and go into a state of shock. 

You do nothing instead of taking action on something. Instead of taking action on anything.

It is paralysis by analysis.


You’ve heard the cliche before, “You have to spend money to make money.”

Sure, but you need to make money to have money to spend.

There are many vendors out there claiming the “magic pill” for your lead generation and marketing needs, promising, "... increasing your sales production is easy with THIS."

Don’t get me wrong.

You do have to spend money.

But you need to spend money on some essential tools and technology not magic bullets and gadgets that are fun or pretty.

If you spend too much money on the wrong things there isn’t money left over for the essential things.  

I've seen many a small business owner or self-employed person attempt to  do what I call “The Law of The Short Cut.”

“The Law of The Short Cut” is the based on the fact that we tend to look for the easiest, quickest way to achieve a result.

This usually leads to skipping steps or short cutting the process. Or by spending money you don’t really have on something that will allegedly do the lead generation for you, make your marketing easier and increase sales faster. 

If you want muscles you have to work out. You just do. 

If you want to increase your sales you have to do the work. 

You can speed up the process but you can’t short cut it. Don’t try to short cut it by over spending on the wrong things.


Who are you spending your time with?

If you feel stuck and you're not increasing your sales production, hitting your revenue numbers, look at who you're associating with. 


If you're a real estate agent and want to be doing 24 transactions a year you shouldn’t be hanging around other agents that are doing less than 24.

How are you going to learn the habits, rituals, mindset and activities that increase your sales and make you a Top Producer if you are not surrounding yourself with people who are.

Do you know who the Top Producers are in your office and in your company? Your local area?

How much time are you spending with them? Learning from them?

Don’t just look at what they are doing now though. Look at what they did to get there.

What books did the read?

Do they have a coach?

What trainings do they go to?


You can also learn a lot from people that are not producing.

Learn what not to do.

Don't listen to someone that does not have a track record of success.

In fact, whatever they tell you not to do, think strongly about doing just that.

An example is a Non-producer might tell you not to do Facebook ads, “It doesn’t work,” they will say. I would immediately go and run a Facebook ad. 

They might tell you blogging for business doesn't work. Or video marketing is a waste of time.

They might say things like they tried podcasting for business, did a few episodes but it didn't increase their sales

Also, don’t listen if they tell you what to do.

That probably won’t work either.

Sometimes free advice is the most expensive. Especially from the wrong person.


Escape velocity is the speed needed to "break free" from a gravitational field without further propulsion.

There is an actual formula to this. No joke.

I look at someone feeling stuck, that's not increasing sales production, trying to move their business to the next level as needing to apply the escape velocity concept to their sales and business.

Where you are right now has an enormous gravitational force pushing against you.

Let's pretend you're a Realtor that wants to do 12 transactions a year. You are fighting resistance just to get there. You will feel the same resistance to increase sales production from 12 to 24. And again to move from 24 to 36. And then to move beyond those numbers to the next level.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, that overload moment, or burnout coming on... that is gravity and resistance.

This is when you need to ask for help.

Find someone that is willing and wanting to help.

Somebody that can give you the fuel to fire your engines to get enough speed and maintain the speed to reach escape velocity.

You can’t succeed alone in business. 

Even a boxer has people in their corner. Even a golfer has coaches and a caddie on the course with them. Even a race car driver has a pit crew.

When you feel resistance look for assistance. 


Your network is a group of people that like you, trust you and want you to succeed. Your friends, family, neighbors, past co-workers, church members, club members.

Majority of small business, especially service businesses are built on trust.

People need to be able to trust you.

They need to trust that you can help guide them through whatever crazy, complicated, confusing process they need help with.

Increasing sales by building your network and being a Referrals First Business isn’t about learning how to get or ask for referrals.

It is about learning how to contribute and provide value to your network. It’s about becoming referable.

When you help people and demonstrate value to them, they will enjoy being a part of your success.

Succeed through others. See #5.


In my experience of doing over 10,000 hours of productivity coaching and sales training, I’ve noticed that many business owners and salespeople think because they have nothing better to do that they will work clients who will “know what they want when they see it” or a buyer that “has just a few more questions."

If you're tired of not increasing your sales production and want to take your business to the next level, there's never a bad time to start creating good habits.

Habits are hard to break.

And if you create the habit of working with Time-Killers it will be a hard habit to let go.

But, if you can rid your schedule of these time-killers early, your ability to do this later in your career will be easy.

Focus your time on business development activities that bring you the type of clients you want to work with.


The worst thought you can put into your head is average.

Even worse is failure.

Earl Nightingale says “You become what you think about”.

Do you spend your time thinking about how you don’t have any business?

Are you spending energy thinking about what could wrong?

What will happen if your sales don't increase?

What will you have to do if you fail out of the industry?

The hardest part of being an entrepreneur is controlling your mindset.

By being an entrepreneur and self employed you are in control of your future and your future is unpredictable. There could be a lot of uncertainty. 

Uncertainty is scary.

Are you concerned about where your next transaction is coming from?

Do you feel like you'll never be able to increase sales?

Are you growing tired of the up and down roller coaster of sales production?

Being able to have clarity of vision of what you want your life, your business and your world to look like and having complete confidence in your ability to achieve your vision is essential to taking your business and sales to the next level.


Granted in some worlds, being a start up is sexy.

In the real world though people like experience. If you are newer to an industry, this could be a big reason why your sales production might not be at the level you want. 

If you have developed your skills, know your stories, know your market, your audience and numbers, most people won't question your experience level or ask if you're new. 

If you don’t do all these things and you flinch on basic questions, you're sending a signal that they should dig deeper and they will question your skill level and if you're new.

You don’t need to volunteer that info though. Let your great skills speak for themselves.

Have  quiet confidence.


Let's not underestimate what you're doing here.

You are operating a business.

You are the CEO.

A board of directors doesn't have to give you that title for it to be true. And it might be a little douchey to call yourself the CEO if your a solo-entrepreneur. But that doesn't make it any less true. 

And as a CEO, why would you not have a plan?

Now, I'm not necessarily talking about a 24 page business plan that takes a week and an offsite retreat to come up with. 

You're not trying get a loan or venture capital for your business. 

You just need some goals and targets to aim for. 

Whenever you feel lost, uninspired, unmotivated-you should review the plan to get refocused on the big picture.

Also, by having another individual hold you accountable to your short term goals and action items, you will greater awareness.

Having greater awareness will lead to greater success.


Much of the training, especially the stuff that is always "launching" barely scratches the surface on how to truly operate a successful business.

Especially when it comes to marketing and sales training. 

Marketing is about psychology and understanding how people think. This means understanding copywriting, user experience and even website design.

Sales is about how people decide. Why do people do what they do?

How can you better understand the process of how people decide?

Plus, you need to understand lead conversion, lead nurturing, systems, technology, etc.

But I see a lot of the training being offered that just causes people to zigzag around. There is no concreteness and no alignment.

What is the shortest distance between two points?

A straight line, right?

You wouldn’t think a straight line is the shortest distance with all the “Flavor of the Week” training being offered to business owners.  

To take your business to the next level you need to make sure you have the right training.

One more thing to keep in mind on this point, your business will only grow to the level you grow. 

If you're not improving yourself, your business and sales will stop improving. 


If you can break free from #1 reason you're not increasing sales production and start taking action, make sure you are taking action on the right things.

Do you now what activities you need to be doing to build the foundation of your business on?

To increase sales production and take your business to the next level you have to build on something and then build up.

If your foundation is weak, your business will crash as you try to reach the next level and increase sales.

Once you’ve identified the right activities you will build the foundation of your business on, you have to consistently, day in, day out, take action.

Diligently, you need to take consistent focused action.

But, if the wrong training from Reason #11 sidetracks or distracts you, you might stop doing something before it starts to work.

Increasing sales and taking your business to the next level takes consistent focused action on the right activities.


This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it’s a great starting point if you’re looking to increase your sales production. Increasing sales isn't magic or rocket science, but it does need you to focus on the right things and ignore the wrong things.

When it comes to breaking free of feeling stuck and figuring out why you're not increasing your sales production, many businesses struggle or just ignore the problem. 

It's easier to hope things get better versus making difficult changes.

Delivering amazing products and services is important, but it’s also important to constantly increase sales so you always have people to deliver your products and services to. 

You can dramatically increase your sales production. 

Just identify what reasons you're not increasing your sales production (maybe it's one reason, maybe it's all) and go to work on eliminating that roadblock so you can drive sales.  

When you start to accept that you can't just like helping people, that you have to be good at finding people to help and getting people who want help to find you, increasing sales is easy.


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Darin Persinger spends his days and weeks, helping people sell their home, making property tour videos and video marketing, helping Katherine with her homebuyers, serving on the Lake Stevens Chamber of Commerce board, serving on the Citizen Advisory Committee for the planning of the new Lake Stevens downtown, VP of the Lake Stevens Business Network, recording a weekly podcast called the Inside Real Estate Show, making a daily vlog called This Is The Life, writing books like, SOLD: What To Expect When Selling Your HomeHome Buying Made EasyThe 5 Levels Of Success For A Real Estate Agent, still speaking & training some times, and playing with his daughter, Morgan, and French Bulldog Pearl, as much as possible.

Stacking The Scale

Watch just the first 20 seconds of the video below. It will either benefit you directly, or someone you know, I promise... It might be the thing that tips the scale.

I believe getting started, getting motivated, comes from a stacking of things, not one thing.

It's easy to point to the ONE THING, that tips the scale, because it's the thing that tipped the scale.

It's the last thing on your mind, that you remember easily and the thing that "did the trick". The thing that put everything in to motion.

Gary Keller, the c0-founder of Keller Williams Realty, and author of books like Millionaire Real Estate Agent andThe One Thing calls this your Big Why.

Gary Keller says this about a Big Why,

"A Big Why is about having a purpose, a mission, or a need, that in turn gives you focus."

Or Micheal Gerber, the author of the book for business owners called " The E-Myth" calls it your Primary Aim.

When it came to losing weight and getting in better shape, the things that I stacked on the scale to tip motivation in the right direction was: having a healthy shoulder again, sleeping better, feeling better, being able to fit into my clothes again, increase in energy, being able to play with Morgan now, and later.

These and a few other things started my motivation. But, it's easy to get motivated. It's harder to stay motivated. That's why you need to keep stacking.

See, last October I finally went to a physical therapist for my shoulder that had been bothering me for over a year.

Long story short, she was concerned with the amount of scar tissue my shoulders, back and neck had (pretty sure it's via wakeboarding). Her second concern was my weight. She said we could try to relieve the pain, but if I don't lose some fat and add some muscle, this chronic pain will be forever and only get worse as I get older.

(Not Katherine's fault... I had gained about 40 lbs since we first met.)

My desire to lose some weight or get more fit is not for vanity.

58 is only 20 years away for me. Morgan will only be 21ish. If my body keeps falling apart at the same rate from 18 to 38 on my way to 58 - it will not be good.

After some half-committed effort I came home a few months ago after an AHA moment (another thing to stack on the scale) and told Kat that my health had to be the priority. Since then I'm down about 30 pounds. No specific, crazy diet that I can't stick too. Just eating healthier and really watching portions. Doing a bit of activity, not enough, but not too much to reinjure my shoulder and way more than I was.

The weight loss is slowing down a bit, but this video by Mike Vacanti, an online fitness coach, really re-inspires me. I hope it will inspire you or someone you know and that motivation is found.

It's called Why Fitness Actually  Matters.

Finding and consuming content like this stacks the motivation scale for me to keep me motivated and moving in the right direction.

Creating A Productivity Environment - Productivity Nugget #250

How To Create A Productive Environment To Get Things Done

Maybe you have a deadline pressing down on you … your timelines are coming up... you really need to get a project done...

Or you decide today is the day when you're going to be more focused and take more action, and be more productive.

Whatever it is, you can benefit from having a productive environment

A Productivity Junkies Environment is about being able to be get focused, be focused and stay focused with limited distractions while you work on activities that have impact.

To watch How to create a productive environment to get things done on Youtube Click Here

The 7 Things To Create An Environment of Productivity

0:42 Take your productivity to warp speed

How to Create A Productive Environment Tip #1

1:10 What is your objective?

Do you know what you want to get done, not just for the day, but for this focused productivity time.

How to Create A Productive Environment Tip #2

1:50 Where is that you are going to create your Productive Environment?

Where is that you are the most productive?

How to Create A Productive Environment Tip #3

2:22 Who?

Who helps you with your productivity, getting things done or needs to be there for this project?

Or should you be by yourself?

Who shouldn't be there? Who is a distraction?

How to Create A Productive Environment Tip #4

2:52 When are you the most productive?

How to Create A Productive Environment Tip #5

3:40 The Sounds

What sounds help you focus? What sounds should be shut off because they distract you or are interruptions?

Check out

How to Create A Productive Environment Tip #6

4:37 The Resources

What tools, resources do you need?

How to Create A Productive Environment Tip #7

5:30 The Weather?

Maybe? Maybe not?

"When there's surf, we surf."

Need a Speaker On Productivity?

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3 Tips On How To Become Ruthless With Your Time Management

Be Ruthless With Your TIme Management

Today, we're talking about being ruthless with time management.

It's something that I strive for, especially as the founder of a real estate group, Persinger Group and all of the video creation I do, here, here and here.

And I'm told quite often that I am ruthless with my Time Management.

For example, the producer for a podcast I did, Jonathan Rivera says,

"I think that you don't waste your time. I think you've got it down and I think you're tight with what you let you and what gets your focus."

The reality when it comes to me and managing my time, I'm better now than I use to be.

And I'm just speaking about since the boom of social media. Maybe you were wasting as much time as I was with social media. I think all of us were wasting a lot of time there for a while.

The Time Management Perfect Storm


Time Management Perfect Storm

The real estate market was tanking and the internet with social media was starting to make this big wave at the same time.

Many agents and trainers went All-In on the idea of technology, social media and Internet Marketing because it was free or very cheap.  People weren't quite sure how to deal with the new real estate market that they were facing. Add to that all this technology and online stuff at the finger tips.

It's basically free to get started with a Wordpress website, Facebook and twitter, so why not? The only cost was your time.

Now what had to be decided was, is it worth it?

Was all this time online and using social media worth the time invested?

For me, I worked out what really works for me and what doesn't work through tracking and measuring. So, I was probably busier with activities four or five years ago than I am now, knowing what works and sticking with that. So that's part of it of being ruthless with your .

This is what I work with my 1 to 1 clients on and Members of my programs also. Tracking and measuring their time and it's effectiveness.

How Time Management Became Important To Me

Let me give you some background here so you have some context of how and why I view time as I do.

Before I got into real estate full time, I was working at a water park where we were deep water certified and we had ridiculously dangerous water slides.

The owner of the resort wanted to be very innovative. He even commissioned new innovative slides to be designed that had never been built anywhere before.

I was running that water park and it scared the hell out of me actually, because we were basically making these really dangerous things and then saying, "Okay, stick your four-year-old in here."

It was so scary.

I was dealing with big things like spinal injuries. We're having to pull people out on backboards and sticking them into the back of ambulances. I had to defib someone that was having a heart attack and their heart had stopped. Dealing with maybe a little bit smaller things like concussions or shoulder dislocations or someone slipping in the bathroom and breaking their arm.

I was literally dealing with life and death situations there for a while and so when I got into real estate, I was like: it's just money. It's not someone's life or death.

Start Of My Real Estate Career

If you were to talk with my high school teachers they would not consider me the most focused person… the best at time management…or the most productive person in the world.

I would usually finish my homework just before class… IF I finished at all. 

Caring about time… getting things done… focus… … I couldn’t care less!

Hanging out with friends and wakeboarding was all I cared about.

When I went off to college my habits didn’t change.

After a couple semesters I realized that giving my money to college didn’t make sense when I didn’t show up for the classes.

I was too busy to show up classes…

… too busy wakeboarding… too busy traveling… too busy sleeping in.

After dropping out of college,  tired of dealing with life and death situations and getting my body beat up from all the wakeboarding, it was time to find a career.

Real estate it was.

I had swore I would never get into real estate.

See, my parents were Real Estate Brokers.

I grew up in real estate, around real estate, surrounded by real estate. Real estate drove me CRAZY!

Real estate was the last thing I wouldn’t to do.

But when push came to shove, I knew real estate was something I could do.

Plus, I wouldn’t be dealing with life and death (like I my previous job). And I wouldn’t have to do manual labor, which would have beat up my already Broke-Down-From-Wakeboarding-Body.

So… I started my real estate career. It was 1997.

And I did OK. But I still wasn’t focused… or that productive… or managing my time well.

I was just cruising… just coasting through my days and weeks.


…A phone call.

My best friend, since I was 5 years old, was in a car accident.

Tommy and I had grown up together. Tommy’s dad was my basketball coach. Later on we became neighbors. After Tommy got his drivers license he became my ride to school.

We traveled all over the country wakeboarding together.

Tommy and I were inseparable, until he moved to Biloxi, Mississippi.

I was starting my real estate career and he was trying to “find himself.”

It had been about 6 months since I had last seen Tommy before that call.

While living in Biloxi, Tommy’s car was hit by train.

His body survived but that’s about it. He was left in a comma.

Eventually, once his condition stabilized, Tommy’s parents moved him to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. So he was closer to their home.

Since Tommy was closer now, I would visit Tommy every night. I would finish up my appointments, pack up my paperwork and make the 2 hour road trip to Milwaukee. I would hang out with Tommy, telling him about my day and what paperwork I was working on.

While sitting with Tommy I would work on my files and paperwork. Once finished, I’d pack up the paperwork and drive the 2 hours back home again.

This became my schedule. My new routine. My day had become significantly shorter. With all the driving and time spent with Tommy I was forced to become more efficient, more productive, more focused and manage my time better.

It took this tragic accident to FORCE me to realize that time is precious. Time should not be wasted. Time should be maximized. Time should be cherished.

On July 4th 2005, after years of battle, Tommy passed on.

This event and time in my life was significant.

It gave me perspective.

Life is short.

I still have fun… I still fool around a lot… but now, rarely do I waste time.

To be candid… life hasn’t become much easier. There as been even more tragedy and loss since losing Tommy.

My nephew Chris, who was just 11 years younger than me, was killed in a car accident in 2007.

Perspective… Reality… Time is precious… Priorities… Clarity all in instant again.

Time management wasn't necessarily a switch that I threw or a book that I read or a system that I learned. It was things that were happening in my life that said time is precious, time is limited.

Moments are few.

Prioritize what's the most important.

Stop Wasting Time and Energy Being Dramatic About Everything

Stop wasitng time with drama

I see people that get so bent out of shape, so dramatic, so over the top about something and they're writing these little diatribes on Facebook or whatever it is. They get so worked up about the littlest thing and I just sit there and I think, "I really hope I am not around you when something seriously bad happens."

When some serious shit goes down, how are you going to respond to that if you're flipping out about this little thing?

It scares me to see people get so worked up about the littlest things. I just have to assume that nothing super tragic has ever happened in their life if they are treating some of the things that they treat with such seriousness.

When you start looking at the big picture like the time with your family, your friends, and you don't know how much of that time you have, it really all is small stuff.

This is an actual conversation I was having with my niece, my goddaughter who was 21 years old at the time. Her and I talked about this on the last vacation we had together. The last time I saw her before this was when I flew her and her little sister to visit Katherine, my wife,  and I here in the Seattle area last year in January. So her and I were talking about that it's been a year since we've seen each other.

I said to her, "Courtney, if this is the pattern that we're on, then I most likely, best case scenario will get to see you 50 more times in my life. I just don't know if I'm okay with that if I only to get to create 50 more memories with you. We have to do something different about this."

How much time do you think you have left with the people you care about?

How many more memories are you going to be able to create with them?

3 Tips On How To Become Ruthless With Your Time Management

Tip Number One

To become ruthless with your time management you've got have Clarity.

You have to know what it is that you want for your life, for your business, for the world that you live in.

You have to know what it is that you want.

If you don't know what you want, start to think about what you don't want. You have to start somewhere.

Either way, you have to take time and make time to think.

One of the biggest problem with technology is we dive into technology as a break from reality, as a distraction from our own thoughts and feelings. But, you have to sit there with your own thoughts and your feelings and get a clear picture about what you want.


If you don't spend time thinking about these things, you're bound to give in to every little thing that comes along the way and wants to distract you and throw you off of your path.

Tip Number Two

Being ruthless with your time management means not giving into immediate gratification or the distractions that exist in today's world.

You have to think bigger, see further.

Look at the big picture of things. Like I did with my niece, we were talking about 50 years out from now. We're talking about me being on my deathbed. It might seem a little depressing, but what would really be depressing is if I'm laying on my deathbed and I've only hung out with her 50 more times in my life or even less.

That's even more depressing.

Tip Number Three

The third tip to becoming a ruthless time manager is start trying to make your schedule for two weeks out.

Stop living day to day.

It's like living paycheck to paycheck.

A lot of people are living day to day. They have no idea what they're going to do until they wake up in the morning and then their email tells them what they're going to do, whatever is sitting in their email inbox.

Start to make your schedule for two weeks out.

For example, if you know in order to meet your business goals, your objectives, you need to have three appointments per week, go and block those periods out so that you know where to fill those in.

For two weeks out from now, go, "Okay, I'm going to have appointments on Tuesday and Thursday night and one for Saturday morning so when I get a buyer lead or seller lead, I'll say, 'Here's my time available.'"

Schedule that out for two weeks at a time.

Start to see how that works for you just so that you can start to protect your time a little bit better.

Again, see a little bit further than what you're doing now. Maybe, you're living  day by day or maybe it's week by week.

Two weeks out at least gets you to start thinking a little bit bigger and see a little further out.

If you want to go deeper with being Productive and you truly value your time...

Then learn more about what we do at Persinger Group and let's chat


How To Increase Your Real Estate Sales Production - Beginners Guide To Selling More Homes

Sell More Homes - Productivity Junkies

Today, you’re going to discover how to #increase your sales via the #Productivity Junkies Philosophy of “Selling More, By Doing Less.”

Over the past couple of years, as the real estate market has started to uptick, I’ve noticed a crazy increase in the number of emails from Realtors that are looking to increase their #sales, production and commission dollars. Many real estate agents are feeling better about the market, their business and have some confidence that they can now grow their sales, not just maintain.

*Sidenote - there is nothing wrong with this, but the reality is that there is never a bad time to grow your business, if you have identified a great niche or market segment, are utilizing great marketing, taking calculated risks and using measurable control in your expenses.

Although I’ve spent the past eight years helping agents with increasing sales and productivity with online marketing and email marketing through , I was originally licensed in 1997 and started managing and leading agents and brokerages in 2001. The experience, time on task, sure volume of transactions I’ve been involved with, the number of Realtors I’ve personally worked with, I’ve seen the art and science of selling more homes and increasing your production. And with that, have developed the Persinger Real Estate Productivity Philosophy for this….


If you are a real estate agent and struggle to sell enough homes to make “ends meet”, this post is for you.

If you are a successful Realtor, but hit a plateau and are interested in taking your sales to the next level, a lot of the same advice will apply (and we even have an entire section for you that explains any differences).

If you are a rookie real estate agent and new to sales, keep reading. I guarantee you’ll learn something.

To me, increasing sales, productivity and profit is more than just the pursuit of making more money – though there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s about being better, the next best version of yourself (version 2.0 or perhaps Version 8.7), confidence in your ability and providing more clients with exceptional service, so they aren’t having to work with shitty, slimy real estate agents. And no matter how badly you want it be this way, simply being a “better agent” does not lead to an increase in sales and production.

Stop complaining that other agents need to raise the bar. Or that you are a "better agent". Or that those "guarantees" the jerk agents offer are a lie or bait and switch. Stop whining about how you know more about contracts or addenda. Posting in a Facebook group about how bad the realtors in your local market place won't help either, so stop that too.

The Myth

In my daily marketing and productivity tips email a couple of years back, I asked a simple, short question to the 4,500+ subscribers...

"What would you do if, magically and suddenly, you woke up tomorrow and your business had doubled?

Hit reply and let me know.

- Darin

I was shocked by the responses. But it gave me great insight to the mindset, limiting beliefs and personal constraints many agents put on themselves.

A word that was actually used a number of times in the responses was "Panic."

Now isn't that interesting?

And in reality about 50% of the responses involved similar responses that I would put in the category of "Panic, Freakout".

What this tells me: just as many real estate agents have a Fear of Success as those who have a Fear of Failure.

You have to get real with yourself here for a moment...

Are you the type of person that has a Fear of Success?

Are you afraid your business could be "too big?"

Which leads to one of the biggest, greatest, scariest myths when it comes to increasing your #sales production.

Myth: If I sold more homes I would be working harder and more hours.

This is a biggest myth about increasing sales production. Some people actually believe the more successful you become, the more time and effort it will take, and the less freedom you will have.

Think about it... if you are working 50 hours a week right now to make $100,000, do you really think you have to work 100 hours a week to increase your income to $200,000? And then would you have to work 200 hours a week to increase your income to $400,000?

That's obviously crazy. Any time you connect hours worked to your success you are setting up the wrong equation. The trick is not to try to apply more time or effort to the equation but to think of the equation differently. Like how effective direct response marketing is and how it adds a huge leverage piece.

The Reality: Everyone has the same amount of time, and hard work is simply hard work. As a result, what you do in the time worked determines how many homes you sell and if you can increase your sales production. (This right here sums up the secret to increasing your sales production. Time to deep dive into this.)

There are a bunch of related myths when it comes to time and "working harder".

Myth: I'm already too busy. Reality: Being too busy and not having time is having a lack of priorities.

Myth: I use technology to be efficient and get more done. Reality: You can be efficient without doing anything that is effective. Or as Peter Drucker said, "There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all."

Myth: Everything is important and needs to get done. Reality: The 80/20 Rule rules everything. Stop ignoring it. Stop forgetting about it.

The Story

Recently, some coaching clients shared with me they are not making more money.

They have been working with me for some time, but they have not started making a considerable amount of more money.

That's a problem, huh?

Well, not according to them, or to me.

(They are a husband and wife team)

When they first started working with me, they were working about 125 combined hours a week. They had all sorts of things going on in their business. They were doing social media, had even hired a social media manager. They were calling expireds, sometimes door knocking them. They worried about blog content and their Facebook updates. They had a distressed homeowners website they tried to upkeep.

They were bouncing all around like a jack-rabbit, on crack, on a hot stove.

But now they are working about 90 hours a week. They went from 125 hours a week combined, to 90 hours a week.

That is 35 hours less a week working.

That's like getting back an entire work week, every week.

An extra 4 weeks a month.

An extra 50 weeks a year.

They might not be making more money, but they created an extra year, every year for themselves.

Get Your Time Back

When it comes to your #real estate sales business, decide….

Does business really need to be a 24/7 thing? Do you really need to miss out on your kids events and time with them? Do you really not have to have a social life with neighbors, friends and family and resort to "social media" as your actual "social life"?

Success comes in many shapes and forms.

You decide what you want it to be.

You have to be proactive in all of this though. Your business, your sales, your relationships, your production, etc. You have to be intentional and purposeful.

Or you suffer the consequences… I have no hard data to back this up, but I’ve heard a rumor that real estate agents suffer from double the divorce rate. And I’ve heard Jon Taffer from the TV show, Bar Rescue say that the divorce rate is 82% for married business owners.

Let’s try to make sense of those numbers for a moment.

(You might be wondering what divorce has to do with selling more homes, right? Everything. You can’t give focus to your work, when there is chaos at home. When you can’t give focus, you won’t be able to grow your business. Well, you could. But you would be doing it at the risk of your marriage, personal life and probably your health. That goes against what being a Productivity Junkie is about.)

To understand these numbers, it would help to know what causes divorce.

You hear money problems cause divorce right? So, if you are struggling in your business, that stress on you and your spouse, leads to further frustrations and arguments.

Being a business owner often leads to working odd hours. This holds doubly true for real estate agents. You are showing property at night, going out for listing appointments on Saturday and holding open houses on Sunday. Lack of personal time with and support from a spouse often leads to divorce. You gotta keep the romance alive. Hard to do if you are never together.

I’m a fan of dogged determination and 100% desire to succeed, but if you are doing it wrong, it could have a backlash on your home life, personal life and even your health.

Today’s article outlines the three most important things I’ve learned  and observed about increasing sales over the past 17+ years in real estate, sales and business.

Your time is the most important thing

Growing Your Real Estate Business With Better Time Management

Neil A. Fiore said, “There’s a myth that time is money. In fact, time is more precious than money. It’s a nonrenewable resource. Once you’ve spent it, and if you’ve spent it badly, it’s gone forever.”

If you are trying to grow you business, how you use your time will account for 80-90% of your successes or failures.

What that means: you’d be better off working on less things, instead of trying to do more.

The reality is: Brute force only works so well, for so long. And if you are focused only on increasing your sales, chances are you're going to do it wrong. You are going work harder, work longer and  try to do more. I’ve seen so many agents fail going this route.

They decide that they want to sell more and increase their production. They decide they just need to work harder, put in more hours and put more on their plate. This just leads you to overwhelm, frustration and burnout. Maybe you’ve been there? Or are currently there?

When I get emails from people who explain the fact that they can’t find any more time in the day, but the really want to know how to sell more or they ask me what apps, software or technology they should be using to be more productive, I always first ask about the person’s daily schedule. And more often than not, that person proudly tells me how hard they working, how busy they are, but undoubtedly their schedule is not consistent. It's usually very random. It’s not scheduled, structured or time blocked. It’s not proactive, it’s reactive. It’s not focused on the Impact Activities, Important Activities or High Dollar Producing Activities. It’s bouncing from what is currently urgent to the  latest emergency.

Here’s the truth: If you are not growing your sales, you are not focused on the right activities and not managing your time effectively.

Some more truth: You are overwhelmed and struggle to get things done for the most simple of reasons…

… because today’s world is full of distractions, technology can be disorienting, your calendar and to-do list has become cluttered and you’re frustrated that you can’t take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

And it’s not really your fault. Not 100% at least.

You are being bombarded with the idea that technology or some app is going to make you more productive or increase your sales. Your brokerage, or your local MLS board is bringing in speakers giving you a presentation like, "The 40 Must-Have Apps To Increase Your Productivity."

If there are 40 Must-Haves of anything, then none of them can be that amazing. And all the wasted time it takes to download, learn and use is just obscene. Think about it… how many apps do you have on your phone or tablet? Even if you spent just one minute a day using each, how much time are you spending using it?

If you are spending 40-60 minutes in technology and apps to try to become more productive... do you see the problem here?

Your business isn’t growing because of your lack of tech savviness, that’s another myth.

To grow your business you simply have to start doing the right things. This means doing less, not more.

Doing more of the right things.

The Productivity Junkies Philosophy of “Selling More, By Doing Less.”

I had a #real estate coaching client send me this video. They told me it reminds them of coaching with me.

“The less you do, the more you do.”

Think closely about what I’m about to tell you, since it’s going to change the way you think about getting things done, productivity, selling more homes and making more money.

FOCUS is more powerful than any technology or tool, because the things that you focus on can either make you successful or cause you to fail.

The elimination of things from your schedule or to-do list that aren’t truly important or impactful is more powerful than any technology or tool. This is true because there are only so many hours in day. Everyone is given the same amount of time , what you do with it is the difference between selling more or getting burnt out.

Working More Hours Does NOT Work

The reason you cannot #increase productivity by working more hours is because you will just fill up the hours with more activities, tasks and projects.

By working more hours… by sacrificing more time… you simply are working more and longer. Working more hours in a day or week doesn’t equate to success.

As Tim Ferriss says about productivity in his best-selling book, The 4-Hour Work Week…

“…our culture tends to reward personal sacrifice instead of personal productivity. Few people choose to measure the results of their actions and thus measure their contribution in time. More time equals more self-worth and more reinforcement from those above and around them.

The Goal

Before you start trying to do more transactions, I want to you cut back the hours you are working.

Yes. You heard that right. Cut back. Do less.

What you are doing here is you are finding your pace. Once you find your pace and you get comfortable with it, you can start to increase it.

Business and sales is not the only place this works by the way. For example, when trying to lose weight, it makes the most sense to get your diet right first. Start with healthy eating habits BEFORE starting an exercise routine. Why? Well, diet makes up 80- 90% of the success in losing weight. And if you start exercising first, your body is going to go into shock, wondering what is going on and desire more calories, because of this new stress of exercising is putting on it.

It's about priorities.

Now, for every person, the number of hours you are going to cut back to is  different:

For some people, you might be working 10 hours a week. For others, it might be a 30 hour work week. For a rookie, it still might be about working 60+ hours a week, because you need to develop sales skills, learn about the industry and get educated about your market.

Now, you might be thinking “there’s no way I can cut back on the hours I'm working, Darin! I have too much to do!”

You have a choice here... continue to let that reactive thinking control you, your actions, your results and your income. Or bust that personal constraint and realize the reality: NOT all activities have equal importance.

Depending on your background you are bringing some baggage with you into this career.

If you were an hourly employee before, you are most likely thinking about trading time for dollars. But that's not the way real estate works. You get paid for a result.

If you were a salaried employee, you might be thinking about tasks and projects. Again, the way you get paid in real estate is if you get a house sold, not if you complete a bunch of projects by doing a bunch of tasks really well and really efficiently.

What you must keep in mind is you are not punching a clock anymore. You don’t get paid time and a half for overtime. You don’t have to impress your boss anymore. You are not climbing a company ladder.

You are the boss!

Track It, Measure It, Increase It

I'm a big fan of tracking and measuring when it comes to your sales and marketing. You need to know your numbers. It should not come as a surprise to you then, I'm a big fan of tracking and measuring your time, since I feel time is even more important than money.

The reality is a lot of people UNDERestimate where and how they spend their time.  I'm going to give you an exercise in a moment about how to track your time, because you have to do this in a very specific way. It's not just about writing down what you did. It's about knowing how you are spending your time is connected to your goal of increasing your business.

But first, you need to check out the #Productivity Junkies Productivity Model.

Productivity Junkies Prodcutivity Model

The PJ's Productivity Model has 6 different areas that your activities could fall in to. Let's start at the bottom and work our way up.

1. Useless Activities

These are activities that don't contribute in any way to you growing your business or making more money. You know things like Candy Crush, watching that cat video, going to yet another webinar on something you already know, but still have NOT implemented. If you are brutally honest, I know you will find a few of these in your day.

2. Urgent Activities

These are things that you are usually going to find in your email or voicemail. They are activities that is someone elses To-Do List for you, not the To-Do List you created for yourself. They are not planned or scheduled, but you do it NOW anyways.

3. Emergency Activities

Now, up to this point you might be thinking to yourself, "Damn, this Darin guy is cold. He must be a Time Robot, or Productivity Cyborg, or something. He's like a bulldozer through excuses." I wouldn't say that is 100% true, because I do live in hard cold truth of reality, this is why I share what I share and the way I do. Because of this, I understand that  you can't always control your schedule, your day or your plan. No plan survives its collision with reality.

An Emergency Activity is something involves the threat of an immediate deadline tied to a decision or outcome involved in something large. This typically means "keeping a contract together".

I'll give you an example from my life...

It was Friday night and the Impractical Jokers where in Seattle. Katherine, my wife, and I love the Impractical Jokers and we had tickets. As we were driving downtown to the show, Katherine was on the phone with a buyer, a home inspector and a listing agent. The inspection contingency deadline was for 9 pm, only 3 hours away and the buyer had some doubts and questions. Now, some trainers and coaches say your 20% is all about lead generation and prospecting and scheduling that at the same time every day so it gets done, but here my wife is 3 hours away from helping her buyer make a very important decision. Is she really supposed to ignore the call and just enjoy her night with me?

You can't do that, can you?

But don't confuse Emergency Activities with Urgent Activities. Urgent Activities usually don't lead to much of a pay off, but the Emergency Activities do. Think of it like the difference between an emergency room and an urgent care center.

Emergency Rooms:

  • Treat severe and life-threatening conditions
  • Hospital emergency rooms have specially trained doctors, paramedics, nurses, and other support staff that can recognize, diagnose and make recommendations on a wide variety of medical issues
  • Emergency rooms are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Urgent Care Centers:

  • Focus on diagnosing and treating conditions that aren’t life-threatening yet they need to be taken care of right away
  • Offer quality care on a walk-in basis

4. Low Dollar Producing Activities

These are the activities that you could hire, outsource or delegate for cost substantially lower than what your average dollar per hour income is.

5. High Dollar Producing Activities

The things that get you actually get paid for like getting referrals, buyers, sellers, lead conversion, appointments and contracts.

6. Impact Activities

This is taking time to truly work "On" your business. Creating strategies for your High Dollar Producing Activities. Creating systems for your business. Finding, training and developing the people who help you in the growth of your business.

Tracking Your Activities

So, track your time and activities over a few days, or a week to get a general idea of how you are truly spending your time.

Track your time

The reason why the PJ's Productivity Model is colored is to make it simple to track on your calendar.

You're not going to write down every little exact thing you did. You are simply going to mark a chunk of time with a color. It's best to get some highlighters to do this easily and correctly.

If you are thinking you don't have the time to do this activity, immediately go back to the top of this blog and start reading again.

If you are thinking that you've done something like this before or this is too corny to do and it's beneath you, that's your problem. Good luck continuing to scramble around in your day to day and enjoy the roller coaster ride you call your income.

Once you have a few days of your activities tracked, you will start to get a clear reality check of how you are spending your time.

If you see any... I repeat any Useless Activities on your schedule, immediately eliminate them.

If you see a lot of Urgent Activities popping up over and over, work on controlling your environment and schedule. Make sure you are getting your High Dollar Producing Activities scheduled first and are following through on them.

If you see yourself doing a lot of Low Dollar Producing Activities, and you can't afford to outsource or hire, determine if they absolutely, completely 100% need to be done. For example, a Member of one of my programs identified that he was spending 4-5 hours a week on twitter, when he combined looking for articles to share, reading them and then actually being on twitter. He eliminated this activity and believe it or not, his business did not suffer from not being on twitter all that time. It actually improved.

Increasing your productivity = increasing your sales

If you want to grow your business, focus on being more productive.

Get great at marketing and conversion

Last but not least, the other important piece to this trifecta of business growth... Get great at marketing and lead conversion.

The Persinger Business Development Philosophy is: Marketing for leads, prospecting for appointments.

In today's "internet - Do NOT Call List - social media - people seeking out 10.4 sources of information before deciding - world it seems crazy to try Cold Calling as a means of lead generation.

Instead of Cold Calling for leads, you should be getting really good at marketing, to bring the leads to you and then picking up the phone to prospect for appointments.

If you hate picking up the phone to call random people because you're expected to have "X" number of conversations a day, let me tell you a story about how I started my #real estate sales career.

I was the first in to the office in the morning.

I would look up expireds every day.

I would search through the phone book, later on to find phone numbers.

I made countless of calls.

Lots of no answers. Voice mails. And hangups.

It was gruelling.

It was humbling.

A nice way to say it would be that it was character building.

Don't get me wrong, I had success.

But I had to keep showing up. Day in. Day out.

I basically had a high paying telemarketing job.

Once I started to understand business and marketing at a higher level, I started to understand the power of Direct Response Marketing and #Copywriting.

When I say marketing, what I mean is Direct Response Marketing and Copywriting. Developing this skill is truly the first piece of leverage you can add and should add to your business.

You don't have to pick up the phone and call strangers that are on the Do NOT Call list every day. You don't have to deal with all that rejection. You really don't.

Stop being a glorified telemarketer.

Start being the advisor, consultant and Approachable Resource you are and bring the leads to you.

Save your will power for picking up the phone to call all these leads you generate from your marketing or capture on your website to schedule an appointment.

A word about offline marketing: if you think that direct mail is too expensive, it's because you are doing it wrong. You are most likely doing branding and not focused on Direct Response. Direct Response is about having a clear concise message with a compelling call to action. These are things that I worked with my coaching clients on and I do for the associates at Persinger Group.

A few words on LEAD CONVERSION: There are two ways to convert leads to appointments. Writing great emails (that comes back to your copywriting) and picking up the phone. That's it. Your lead conversion should be early and often. According to the NAR 2012 Buyer & Seller Report, we know that 66% of Buyers and 65% of Sellers will work with the first agent they talk to. So the objective in your lead conversion is simple. Be the first agent they talk to.

That’s it. It’s not hard. It just comes down to priorities, speed of implementation and taking action.

Be The First

Common questions and objections

“But I just want to make more money, I don’t care if I have to work more hours.”

Good for you. I admire your gusto. The reality still exists, you only get 24 hours in day just like any of us. Do NOT worry about just making more money. Work on making the same amount of money, doing the same amount of transactions, generating as many leads, referrals appointments as you do now in a significantly shorter time. Once you are doing that, go ahead and put more time in on the High Dollar Producing Activities and increase your hours to the amount you are ok with. The money will follow.

“But I don’t want to do that time management crap or your direct marketing junk, so I’m gonna do _____ instead.”

Awesome, go for it. Give it a month, and see what your numbers do. If your leads are increasing, it looks like you are going to start making more money, it will be consistent and you are happy with the hours you are working, keep on trucking. If not, give the stuff above a shot for a month and see how things go.

“I’m a part-time agent, can I sell more?”

Absolutely. You just need to make sure you’re still time blocking the High Dollar Producing Activities as often as you can.  Finding enough time in your week to prospect and lead generate is your biggest challenge. So the PJ's Business Development Philosophy of Marketing for Leads will work better for you anyways. You do face the problem of "#be first" with your lead conversion though. But candidly, I wouldn't sweat it too much. Your competition is almost certainly going to drop the ball or be incredibly slow in their follow-up. So go for it!

“Should I focus generating buyer leads or seller leads?"

If you want to make more money and control your time better, focus on seller leads. When you lead with listings, the listings lead to more leads anyways. For more on Seller Leads, let's talk. 

“Do I need to prospect on the phone 3 hours a day?”

Nope. Remember the PG's Biz Dev Philosophy,"Marketing for leads, prospecting for appointments".  The TOTAL hours you spend on the phone each day is going to be in direct correlation to how many leads your marketing is generating and the size of your sphere. Now, if your marketing is generating so many leads that you COULD spend 3 hours a day on the phone trying to schedule appointments with leads, that's a different story. Most of my coaching clients conduct their lead conversion calls and sphere calls in a segment of 96 minutes that I call Focus 96.

"I'm already a Top Producer - what's different for me to go to the next level?

Take a look at your time tracker exercise you did. I've yet to work with any agent, no matter the production level that is not doing some Useless and Urgent Activities. Eliminate those immediately. Next, take a look at how much time you are spending in your Impact zone. It's great that you are probably spending a huge majority of time in High Dollar Producing, but chances are, you're spending little, if any time working on Impact Activities. Make a shift to that so you can bring in agents, or marketing coordinators, or lead coordinators to do your High Dollar Producing Activities for you now.

This section is from Lisa Archer, a client who has had tremendous success with growing her business.

18 months ago I said the dumbest thing in the world to Darin. I said I have too many leads to handle. Now, I run a team of over 20 agents and we are still growing. We have written 164 offers in last 3 weeks. Where would I be without him? Likely still showing every night, every weekend and not enjoying my family. I thank God for my big mouth and for coaching with Darin.”

Darin is a KICK ASS coach, motivator and a genius.

Yes, he has a mind that is incredible.

I feel that Darin is vested in my success both personally and professionally. He is a dear friend and I am excited we are now partners.

- Lisa Archer

CEO/Broker at Team Ludlow Realty

Co-Founder of The Geeky Girls

No matter what you chose, to follow my Philosophy or another coach, the key is to get your mindset right by not fearing success, prioritize the right activities and develop and enhance your direct response marketing, copywriting and lead conversion skills. Stop worrying about the small details, the technology or the apps and just make sure you are making progress.

How Else I Can Help

This is a beast of an article, and your head probably hurts at this point, but I want to make one last point.

Most people would rather debate what they think they know instead of implementing what it is they do know. People also love to debate minutiae.

Ramit Sethi writes on his blog,

If you’re below the age of 125, you have heard people saying one of more of these phrases about losing weight:

  • Don’t eat before you go to bed because fat doesn’t burn as efficiently
  • If you cut your carb intake and raise your protein level, you can lose lots of weight quickly
  • If you eat fruit in the morning, it’s easy on your digestive system and your metabolism will speed up

I always laugh at these things because they’re so absurd. Maybe they’re correct, or maybe not, but that’s not really the point.

The point is that we love to debate minutiae.

We love to debate details at the completely wrong level of analysis.

When it comes to weight loss, 99.99% of people only need to know 2 things: Eat healthier and exercise more. Only Olympic athletes need to know more.

I see this happening more and more with real estate when it comes to things like social media, lead generation, lead conversion, website platforms and ROI.

People want to debate the minutiae of it all. I don’t.

I want productivity.

I don’t want to hear opinions or guesses or theory.

I want to see people implement and get results.

Increase Productivity - Stop debating minutiae

As Ramit puts it,“…we feel like we really expressed ourselves, and it’s a good feeling. The problem is that the feeling is totally illusory when it comes to getting anything done.”

Sounds to me like the opposite of being a Productivity Junkie who wants to grow their business.

  • Stay Productive
  • Keep Focused
  • Be Consistent

- Darin Persinger

PS: Yes, I cover a lot of stuff in this Beginners Guide To Selling More Homes,  however, if you want more, if you want to go deeper with the PG's Philosophies or get accountability, let's grab a coffee or beer.

There Are Donuts In The Conference Room


Information Overload - Making Agents Rich PodcastIf you are trying to ... "There are in the conference room" is like the worst thing you could hear.

But, hey I get it. It's like that every day for you in your business and life.

You are trying to .

Stay productive.


Get it done.

But then you see the Facebook post inviting you to a webinar for a game changing new tactic or tool.

That is the equivalent to "...donuts in the conference room".


  • Stay Productive
  • Keep Focused
  • Be Consistent

-- Darin  Persinger

Productivity Tip From Jack Reacher


for ya today... from In the film Jack , title character played be , he is having with another character who uses the word "Someday".

Jack Reacher responds,

"Someday. That’s a dangerous word. It’s really just a code for ‘never’."

What are you putting off until "someday"?

Stay Productive Keep Focused Be Consistent

- Darin Persinger

How To Increase Your Productivity - Productivity Nugget #247


How to increase productivity So you want to know how to increase your productivity?

You are busy... only sleeping 5 hours a night or less... trying to get it all done... wish you could clone yourself?

What is the secret to increasing your ?

Is there even a secret to productivity? Or do you just have to work longer hours, work harder?

You've tried all the , you've read all the books and have tried all the methods, but you just can't seem to figure out how to .

In This Productivity Nugget:

0:21 You live in amazing world with technology and all these digital apps 0:33 The question you need to ask yourself 0:39 The secret to productivity and getting more done 0:59 The reason you are not productive 1:36 I share with you my simple productivity system (the 3 steps to increasing your productivity) 2:02 The things you need to eliminate to increase your productivity

Business Coaching: What To Do When You Are Stuck And Hit A Plateau


First, let me give a shout out to the Mobile Agent TV guys and . Michael tweeted...

Thanks @MobileAgentTV for introducing me to @darinpersinger! Best used 5 minutes of my day reading his e-mails!

Awesome! Thanks guys!

I'm a fan of any story... , health, etc.

It inspires me to see people commit, fight past the ... the desire to quit and give up, but keep at it and still achieve.

The other week I watched a show called Extreme Weight Loss. The host is named . He specializes in extreme weight loss transformations. And this show was about the first husband and wife he ever worked with at the same time.

In the first 90 days, they did amazing. The had a goal to lose 150 lbs between the both of them.

At their 90-day weigh-in, the wife had lost 75 pounds, and her husband had lost 86 pounds. EPIC WIN!!!

But at their next 90 day weigh in, they didn't quite have the same results.

They were frustrated and complained to Chris...

"We are doing the exact same thing we did the first 90 days. We are still eating clean, we are following the same exercise routine."

Well there's the problem!

Chris explained to them that they no longer had the same body they had the first 90 days. In order to get better results now, they would have to pick up their intensity.

It reminded me so much of what I see in business.

Business owners, think there is this magically orbit. They just need to get to a comfortable level and coast.

This is what I call a "Death Valley" in business. The gap from one level to the next level in business.

What got you here, won't get you there.

You need to pick up the intensity, but also change your focus on what your priorities are at each level in .

This is exactly what I talk about in my book, 5 Levels of Success. 

You can  find it on Amazon if you want.

  • Stay Productive
  • Keep Focused
  • Be Consistent

- Darin Persinger

P.S. If you know you need to pick up the intensity of your business...

Let's talk or bring me to speak to your team

How To Get Better Results, Faster Results - Productivity Nugget #244


How To Get Better Results, Faster Results

The 3 Questions You Must Ask & Answer To Get Better Results, Faster Results

If you would like to get and in your , with less time and effort, watch this video.

In this Productivity Nugget:

0:07 Hype? Snake oil?

0:44 Get Marketing And Productivity Tips to your email

0:50 The email I sent about Dolph aka "I must break you"

:12 What Dolph, still looking like he is in great shape at 55, has to do with this

1:30 The problem of limiting beliefs and personal contraints

1:44 "Maybe I can if I follow a model"

1:54 you need to ask, reflect on and answer

:07 Question 1 - To getting better and faster results

2:17 Question 2 - To getting better results and faster results

2:24 Question - To getting better results and faster results  The Model aka The Path

It's easy to get on the Path, and it's difficult to stay on the Path.

If you want help getting on the Path to "Better Results", and staying on the Path...

... Let's talk.


  • Stay Productive
  • Keep Focused
  • Be Consistent

-- Darin Persinger


The Problem Of Being A Problem Solver - Productivity Nugget #240


The reason you don't have enough time and you don't have ... It's you've created... And now you must break this habit.

In today’s Nugget:

  • 0:20 The problem of being a Problem
  • 0:48 What taking care of the urgent does
  • 1:11 Many roles and occupations involve this
  • 1:22 What you have to do as Business Owner
  • 1:35 The shift you have to make
  • 1:48 What you need to stop doing, and start doing


The Problem Of Time Management In Sales & Business


Time Management Problem In Business And Sales "What is the most important thing we should be talking about today?"

I ask that question or some variation of it to all of my 1 to 1 coaching clients, during almost every conversation.

"Time ."

That was the response of a coaching client of mine.

"I'm struggling with time management ." He said.

Would you like to hear what I shared with him?

One of the first things we talked about was his language.

I told him to "Stop using the phrase 'time management'."

I know. I know. You've probably seen on the website me using the word time management. You are probably thinking, "Take your own advice Darin, if you think that way."

Well, I'm taking some of my own advice. My marketing advice.

Such as, join the conversation the prospect is having in their head sell them what the want, give them what they need... But I digress....

I will share more about marketing next week... but for now back to 'Time Management'.

I told him to "Stop using the phrase 'time management'."

The reason why... You can not manage time. Time is constant. It is the same. Over and over again.

The same 60 seconds in a minute. The same 60 minutes in an hour.

You can't speed it up. You can't slow it down. Time can not be managed.

And it's kind of a victim mentality to blame time or your lack of time managed.

In fact, TIm Ferriss says, "Lack of time is actually lack of priorities." Chew on that.

Instead of focusing on time, focus on what you can control. Your activity.

And just as I told this coaching client, I will tell you now.

Use the phrase '' instead of 'Time Management'."

Check out the difference this makes: At the end of the day, when you don't get the things done that could have made an impact on your business and in your world, instead of saying, "Oh, I didn't manage my time well." you say, "Oh, I didn't manage my activities well."

The latter is a bit more painful to say, huh?

GOOD!!!  It's supposed to be!

Or instead of saying, "I have a 'Time Management' problem," you now have to say, "I have an 'Activity Management' problem."

Stings a bit doesn't it?

Start being focused on 'Activity', not so much on 'Time'.

Stay Productive | Keep Focused | Be Consistent


The Simple (But Not Easy) Marketing & Productivity Tip


When the new Nike CEO was named, Steve Jobs called him to congratulate him. The Nike CEO asked, "Do you have any advice for me Steve?"

Steve responded, "No. You will do great!"

There was a pause and Steve continued...

"Nike makes some of the best product in the world. Product that you lust after. Absolutely beautiful, stunning product. But you also make a lot of crap. Get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff."

Get Rid Of The Crappy Stuff

  • What do you need to edit out of your business and world?
  • What do you need to stop doing?
  • What do you need to quit?
  • What do you need to not even start?

It is easy to get sidetracked and distracted in this world of information and ideas, but remember, that those things don't pay the bills.

Implementation of the right things is what gets rewarded.

Implementation of the impactful things.

It's a simple marketing and productivity tip, it's just not easy. Get rid of the crappy stuff.

What would you do with advice like this from Steve Jobs, "Get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff."

  • Stay Productive
  • Keep Focused
  • Be Consistent

-- Darin "helping you get rid of the crappy stuff"Persinger


Look for ways to double your productivity

If you are looking for ways to double your productivity... Don't make the mistake of thinking that it's always about just working harder.

I was watching the HBO show "Hard Knocks" which is about the Miami Dolphins football team training camp.

It's interesting to me because the Head Coach is Joe Philbin. He is the former offensive coordinator for my Green Bay Packers.

Plus, Mike Sherman is the new offensive coordinator for Miami. And "Sherm" is an ex-Head Coach of the Packers.

Joe Philbin runs his practices in a unique way.

He has two sets of competing units set up against each other at the same time.

One set of players are running plays going one direction, the other set going the opposite direction.

The coaches are in the middle.

When the first unit completes it's play, the coaches simply turn around and watch the next play from the second unit.

While that second unit is running the plays, the first unit reorganized to run another play.

The coaches turn around and watch that play.

This allows the Miami Dolphins to run twice as many plays in the same time.  The coaches can assess more players and plays than their competition.

As a team, they have doubled their productivity with just this small tweak.

Take a look at your day... your schedule... your activitiess...

Is there a small tweak you can make that will double your productivity?

I know one way.

Bring me out to you and your team and I'll share it with you.

Stay Productive | Keep Focused | Be Consistent -- Darin Persinger

Rockstars Use A To Do List, Do You?


Friday night Kat and I went to see a . Not a band you probably have heard of, just a small local band here. They mostly play covers.

I pointed out to Kat the that was on stage, at the feet of the rockers.

The setlist reminded me of a conversation I had with her father a couple weeks ago. He made of all the bands he has seen live. And I asked him, "Do you have a setlist from any of these shows?"

The only one was from . :)

I've been able to grab the setlist from Train and Better Than Ezra.

Kat was wondering what a setlist is, does and why we were talking about it.

A setlist is a document that has the songs in order that the band plans on playing. It's basically .

It makes sure they keep ROCKING instead of looking at each other between songs, wondering what to play next.

The setlist allows them to think out the order of the songs, so they don't play all fast songs, or all slow songs.

The setlist helps them ROCK harder...

... And basically all it is, is a To Do List.

If a to do list works for a rockstar, it might work for you HUH?


To Grow Just Say No



I had a last night.

I'm pretty sure it was inspired by ... even though I haven't watched the movie since it was in theatre.

You know the parts of the movie where finds and that say " Me" and "Drink Me"?

When she would eat or drink those, she would like a giant or shrink like a bug...

That's kinda what my dream was about.

But instead of finding cakes that said "Eat Me" or bottles that said "Drink Me"...

The cakes and bottles in my dream said "Yes" and "No".

When I would eat a cake that said "No" I would grow.

If I drank something that said "Yes" I would shrink.

I don't know how to interpret , but here is what I feel this dream was saying to me...

... Say "No" to more things. Or basically narrow my focus. Do less. Eliminate...

... And saying "Yes" meant I become overwhelmed and felt more pressure.

I don't know how you feel about your business, productivity and results...

But I'm willing to bet you need to say "No" to some things. You need to narrow your focus. You need to prioritize.

-- Darin "I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast” Persinger