Wisdom from a 17 year old

Always questions about this and that, what to do who to trust? whats worth doing and whats not? why do something if everyone is gone eventually? why the chance of life? what do we do with it? why does it matter who we become and who are right now? is it a game you can’t win, a race you can’t finish? why make love, and life, and friendships so hard? thetruth is the harder things are the more you appreciate them when you get. now some may make it there to the end of the race or game, but you’ll find me on level 3 or the pit stop drinking a beer, because its not whose the best at the game or the race its whose the best at enjoying it. – Chris Persinger

Today I celebrate the life of my nephew Christopher. He was killed in a car accident two years ago today. We created some great memories, wakeboarding, playing guitar, playing basketball, paint balling, and the last day I saw him…our Thanksgiving family football game.

His memory reminds me to live, love and enjoy. Life is short.