No Plan Survives Its Collision With Reality

That’s a quote, and I find it to be so true. Goals however, sometimes can survive.

I have some serious goals for my business and life. With these serious goals I have a lot of projects that need to be completed to make these goals reality.

This last week, I had an oral surgery and it derailed me hardcore! I don’t remember the first 48 hours after the operation. The painkillers that I have been taking have been pretty wicked and not allowed me to have the normal “UMPH” I usually have to get everything done.

My plans were not surviving its collision with reality. No bother. (That’s a phrase I picked up in Ireland, like No worries, Not a problem.) I had so many other projects that I could finish up, that didn’t need me to be high energy or have the ability to talk.

I shifted my focus to my eBook that I’ve been working on for real estate agents that want to build a Sphere Of Influence business. I put the finishing touches on it, designed and created the cover and released it today. I’m happy to announce that, Stop Contacting | Start Connecting is released and ready for you on Amazon...

No plan survives its collision with reality. Your goals can live on though.

How do you counter reality when it gets in the way of your plans?