Become Self Aware, Not Self Conscious – Productivity Nugget #022


In this coaching video I talk about the idea of being self consciousis holding you back and the need to remember to stay aware also.

Being self conscious holds you back but not being self aware also sabotages your business. If you are not self aware of how people are responding and reacting to you, you could be alienating, frustrating and annoying people.

Your ego will make you self conscious to stay inside your comfort zone, to make you fearful of taking chances or trying something new. Arrogance will keep someone from being aware.

My role as a coach is to help real estate agents find their strength and at the same time expand their comfort zone.

What makes you self-conscious?

Is there something from your past that happened that is holding you back now? Are you carrying someone's negative response that is longer serving you?

What is something that you thought about doing this week, but were to embarrassed to follow through on it?

How will insure you follow through on it now?