The Secret To Big Air On A Wakeboard Will Help Your Real Estate Business - Productivity Nugget #092

In this coaching video I share how knowing the secret to getting big air in will help your business in real estate.

Before I , I spent a huge amount of time in my youth wakeboarding. I was getting to travel to different parts of the country and meet amazing people. This was before wakeboarding is as well known as it is now.  Its still not very well known. Like for example, I run into people all time here in Seattle that don't know what wakeboarding is even though some the top wakeboard manufactures in the world are headquartered here.

And before I was coaching and training in real estate, I was coaching people how to wakeboard. My first Productivity Nugget actually brings back some of my wakeboard coaching techniques, to help you with vision in your .

In this coaching video I give a tour of The Board Room, show off my and share how , rope tension and position are key factors on how to get air on a wakeboard. This translate into how to get big results in your real estate business.

Online marketing, blogging, and offer huge leverage opportunities. For example, in this  coaching video I talk about a website called Tweet Reach that measures how many people your tweets actually reach.

Picture 10

Once you have created that content, that real estate blog about the local park, or beach or market stats it is online forever. A buyer or seller searching Google for real estate or community info can find it today, tomorrow or two years from now.

Social media platforms like twitter and facebook allow you to listen to, connect and engage with your sphere of influence like never before. Social media can be a big time suck or help you leverage what you are already doing.

This online marketing, social media stuff can be powerful for your real estate business. The key is to learn how to harness and focus its power so it works for you.

How are you using these online, social media tools to get big results in real estate?