Real Estate Video Tips - Save and Back Up - Productivity Nugget #093

In this coaching video I share the importance of backing up your own content, especially videos.

Video hosting sites, like Youtube and Viddler, are simply a place to host your real estate video and can change what they do and how they do that at any time.

I received an email from Viddler, which is the hosting site I use to embed video's here at It stated,

The Terms of Use are changing to state that personal level accounts’ original source file will be stored for 30 days from the date it was uploaded. Of course, the converted video file will be available as long as your account is active.

If you are creating video's for your real estate business, make sure you are backing them up and saving them on a hard drive or in the cloud.

Have you read your Terms of Service?

Even if you have, it doesn't really matter, because they can change their TOS at any time. I would never tell you not to use these hosting services, because there is power in their hosting services. In time, maybe you will rethink using video hosting and truly start controlling your real estate video content. But if you don't have a ton of traffic or a lot of video's, it is so much simpler to use their hosting and players.

Just make sure you are saving and backing up all your real estate video.

This creates a problem

Video's suck up a ton of memory. This is the reason Viddler is changing their policy.

So, how do you save all these video's with out making your computer as slow as the I5 at 5:00pm?

You will have to look into getting an external hard drive or cloud computing. That's a whole separate blog post, maybe even a couple. Just realize, that once you upload your videos to a hosting platform, like Youtube or Viddler, you are playing by their rules and they can change the rules at anytime.

How are you backing up your real estate video? Where are you hosting your video's?