Productivity Junkies Economic Formula - Productivity Nugget #094

This video is the for . This worksheet and video will help you figure out the key numbers in your and more importantly, the number of appointments you need to have each week to meet your income goal.

Now, some of you might be saying, "But Darin you wrote the book, Stop Contacting, Start Connecting - Real Estate is not a numbers game. Why are you telling us to know these numbers?"

You are correct!

I don't think you should be focused on the numbers. You should be focused on the relationships. You can't only focus on the tangible.

What the economic formula does is help you focus on the relationships. I'm coaching real estate agents to use this  in collaboration with the Development Formula, which is my 1-2-1. When  you know your key numbers to focus on, you know how many new relationships you need to get into, so you can have the business you desire. It will also help you focus on maintaining and enhancing your current relationships, while using the 1-2-1.