Facebook Fanpages, Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should - Productivity Nugget #091

***Warning***This coaching video is PG-13 . I swore. Sorry. It just came out.

This video is bit of rant. There is some coaching in here though.

I'm just so frustrated by facebook fanpages. I'm seeing real estate agents more and more put up fanpages. I have no problems with fanpages in general. But the majority of them are providing no value.

A tweet from yesterday:

Picture 6Ask yourself,

Why do you want fans?

Why do you want twitter followers?

What are you going to do with these fans?

Where are you leading these followers?

I know you are hearing to do facebook fanpages for your real estate business right now. All the social media rockstars and social media guru's are telling you to. Hell, I'm giving you five reasons why you need a facebook fanpage in your real estate business.

But just because you can have a fanpage, doesn't mean you should.

If you decide that you are going to do a facebook fanpage, model one that is working. Find someone that is building a community. Copy a real estate agent with a fanpage that has fans engaged, connected and who is listening to their audience.

Picture 7