The 7 A’s How To Blend Your Social Media And Offline Business Development #6 Authority – Productivity Nugget #042

This video goes along with The 7 A’s  how to blend your social media marketing and offline development strategy presentation that I gave to at Virtual Bar Camp

Obviously there are seven key areas to focus on and I’ll be sharing those over the next seven days.

The first focus area is Audience

The second focus area is Availability

The third focus area is Acknowledge

The fourth focus area is Approachability

The fifth focus area is Appreciate

The sixth focus area is

"Faced with infinity, people panic. People pick the ." - Seth Godin

To be a person of influence, you need to become the authority in your . You can do this in many ways. By sharing market updates, community events, local business info, etc.

You want to become the resource that your audience trusts. You become referable with you are the Authority and Trusted Advisor. If you don't stand out from the pack, you will always have to chase business and ask for referrals.

When I'm real estate on becoming the authority, I share with them the key is to create content.

If you are not sure what content to create. Look at you are passionate about that is involved in your industry, community or market place, learn it and then share it. That's all it really takes. This might sound like simplistic coaching, but really that's how you position yourself as the authority. Learn it then share it.