The 7 A’s How To Blend Your Social Media And Offline Business Development #5 Appreciate – Productivity Nugget #041

This coaching video goes along with The 7 A’s  how to blend your marketing and offline business development strategy presentation that I gave to at Virtual BarCamp

Obviously there are seven key areas to focus on and I’ll be sharing those in coaching videos over the next seven days.

The first focus area is Audience

The second focus area is Availability

The third focus area is Acknowledge

The fourth focus area is Approachability

The fifth focus area is Appreciate

People spend time before they spend . Money follows time.

How are you showing for the people that are spending their time with you?

People spend their time by reading your real estate blog, visiting your open house and listening to your presentations.

Even in other industries, people spend time before they spend money. Looking at the website, going in to the store, trying on clothes. No matter what business I look at, the consumer spend times before they spend their money.

You need to show appreciation for that time . A real estate buyer or seller could be spending time with any real estate agent, or reading any real estate blog.

How are you showing appreciation to your sphere of influence, prospects and clients?