The 7 A’s How To Blend Your Social Media And Offline Business Development #7 Authentic – Productivity Nugget #043

This video goes along with The 7 A’s  how to blend your marketing and offline strategy presentation that I gave to at the  Virtual BarCamp. vrebc

Obviously there are seven key areas to focus on and I’ll be sharing those over the next seven days.

The first focus area is Audience

The second focus area is Availability

The third focus area is Acknowledge

The fourth focus area is Approachability

The fifth focus area is Appreciate

The sixth focus area is Authority

The seventh focus area is

Be authentic, unless you are a jerk.

You have to be true to yourself before you can be true to others.

During my Virtual presentation, in the chat room, this one seemed to bring up the most discussion. Many agents said this one is the most important of all my 7 .

It really is about being something to someone instead of nothing to everyone.