Storytelling To Help Your Real Estate Clients - Productivity Nugget #106

"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today." - Robert McAfee Brown

In this real estate training video, I talk about the importance of Storytelling.

In presentations or in objection handling, you could try to present facts and figures or combat their question with market stats, but what I have found is that a is more powerful. And doesn't have to only be in person. You could do this via .

blogging is a great opportunity to share a story about your activity as a real estate agent working for a seller, buyer or being involved in your community.

When I'm talking about storytelling in real estate, I don't mean telling fictional stories. I mean sharing about a past homeseller you worked with that decided to stage their home after no offers. Or about a homeseller that priced their home at the right price to start off with versus reducing the price later. You can blend your 10/20 Rule, stats and the experience of real homeseller into your story.

You can do the same for a home buyer. Share your personal experience, the experience of another homebuyer, so the homebuyer you are working with, has a frame of reference to work from. Allow them to become the character in the story.

Don't have any experiences for storytelling?

I'm sure you do, but if you are struggling to think of some, ask real estate agents on facebook or in your own office. When I'm doing a and we are talking about storytelling I ask the real estate agents in the session to share stories and you would be amazed at how many real estate agents have present, relevant stories to that you can borrow.

Remember, facts and figures and market stats are good to someone justify a decision, but humans are emotional creatures.

Do you have a story to share with your homeseller or homebuyer that they could relate to?