Seth Godin - Who Cares What He Has To Say About Real Estate - Productivity Nugget #107

"Who said it is just as important as what is being said." - Darin Persinger

about what advice Seth Godin has to say about buying a house?

In this Productivity Nugget, I talk about the that wrote. gave a 10 step list on how to buy a house. Now I've read many of his books and am a frequent read of his blog, but I had to wonder, what does Seth Godin know about buying a house?

Should Seth Godin be giving advice about real estate?

The answer to that question doesn't really matter.

What matters is that Seth is an . When says something it has context. He has past success to leverage his message and get people to listen. In the Productivity Nugget video, I share the problem with this is that, in some people's eyes, he probably has more authority on than you do.

I bet you don't a best selling book. So he has you trumped there.

So, are you writing a ?

Or doing a video blog?

Who said it is just as important as what is being said.

Information is flying at us at an alarming rate. There is a lot of noise out there. So we use context to filter that noise and all that information. Trust matters. That's why relationships matter in , but someone liking you is not enough. They have to look at you as an authority on . They have to believe you have knowledge and information to share.

So are you becoming the go to Authority in your local real estate market?