Real Estate Video - Live Blog @ Coldwell Banker Bain - Productivity Nugget #132

10:05 is giving some amazing stats about

  • Average person spends 15 minutes per day on
  • YouTube is second to Google in Search Results
  • Google tops the charts with 40% of all views (YouTube accounts for 60% of all videos watched online)


10:12 "Your unique personality is what is going to attract clients to you. How can I get more business show casing my personality with out standing in the Safeway parking lot?"

10:15 "I'm not tech savvy at all. It's easy though when you break it down step by step."

Michael is saying that he was inspired by Ian Watt at a Seattle RE Barcamp to do .

Michael is showing the equipment he uses. A FlipCam. He says don't use the HD. Even though the quality is a bit better, it takes much longer to upload.

10:22 "Just get started."

10:24 "Keep the videos 2-3 minutes. Capture their attention in the first 10 seconds and they will watch the next 2-3 minutes. 10-15 minutes is too long to watch and too long to film."

Michael is showing some tri-pods and uni-pods to help with your filming and holding the camera.

10:29 "Decide where you are going to shoot your videos. I've only done one not inside my office. Be consistent where you are going to do it though."

We are talking about websites that work with videos. is coming up.

Just learned that Michael uses the FlipShare hosting service to embed his videos on his wordpress website.

10:35 "The videos don't have to be perfect. This is not a Stephen Spielberg production. Be authentic and be yourself."

How to get started.

Michael AckermanHe sat down and made a list of topics before he ever started filming.

His method for filming. He picks his topic. He writes down 3-4 bullet points about the topic.

Michael is about to film a in front of the class.

10:52 He is sharing how he uses video in other ways, home tours for out of town buyers, congratulation videos for buyer and sellers. He sends a video on their home buying anniversary date.

(Check out my 6 Ways You Can Use Video Blogging In Real Estate for more ways to use video)

A question from the class about how much does the FlipShare software costs.

Michael responded with "The software comes with the camera and there is no cost."

10:56 Linda Aaron is sharing now how to on facebook.

10:58 Michael Ackerman "A website that just sits there is not enough now a days."

Discussing legal stuff now. Getting releases from the sellers to film their home and people in their video.

Screen shot 2010-06-24 at 11.17.53 AMHe just did a video in front of the class and is now uploading  it to FlipShare and turning it in to a "movie".

Its clear that we are not that tech savvy. Having trouble getting audio working on play back. :)

At this time I started sharing more with the didn't need to hear that part though. That stuff is all over this website.

I had a great time. There was some great questions from the agents. And it was great meeting Michael. By the way, Michael has been in since 1993, so once again, one of the old dogs learning new tricks.

We all have the choice to shift with the times or play victim that the market has shifted and marketing too.

Check out the video I took of Michael doing his daily real estate video blog: