Real Estate Lead Conversion The Moment W/ Garron Selliken - Productivity Nugget #133

I have referenced Garron Sellliken before in a blog post about Real Estate Agent Website Lead Conversion. In this Productivity Nugget, Garron sat down with me at BuzzRE Portland and shared about THE MOMENT.

Garron is the Principal Broker for M Realty and Founder of Homequest Websites and IDX. He works closely with his own real estate agents and Homequest clients on lead conversion, both online and offline.

Check out our conversation and get some tips in there on how you can start to think about the moment in your business.

I love Garron's perspective on this.

I've talked before about how Lead Conversion – Not Always A Smooth Funnel.

So many real estate coaches, real estate trainers and books talk about lead conversion as this simple, clean, fluid process.

Lead does this at Step A. You then do this or send this or say this. Lead now does this at Step B. In Step C this happens and you follow up after Step D. Step E and Step F are this and now you have a big fat commission check. Congrats!!!

If only it was that smooth. That easy. Reality gets in the way and smacks our lead conversion funnel in the face though.

What I take away from the conversation that Garron and I had, is that lead conversion is not a one size fits all process. Define "The Moment" in your business and build your process around it. I think Real Estate Lead Generation Is Easy – Lead Conversion Is Hard.

So...when does "The Moment" happen in your real estate business?