GIST Social Media Productivity Tool For Real Estate Agents - Productivity Nugget #134

Gist logo Gist.comTime is a precious resource. Information is abundant. Real estate sales is about relationships. is an amazing to help you discover information about the people you are trying to create and maintain relaionships with. The problem is, time is limited.

Who has the time to go out there and find all that information people are sharing? To check their , their facebook, their blog is basically a part-time job trying to keep up to date with them!

Jeff Turner shared with us Junkies about the importance of listening in social media and mentioned as a tool that could help us.

I visited  Greg Meyer here in Seattle at the Gist headquarters to find out what it is and how it works.

There are great out there to help you filter the noise. To help bring the information to you instead of you having to go search for  it. Gist is amazing at this!!!

What tools do you use to listen in social media and help your productivity? Leave a comment below and let me know.