6 Ways You Can Use Video Blogging In Real Estate - Productivity Nugget #117

"Imagine what kind of coin you'd earn if you became the most trusted agent in town because no one would ever doubt that you'd try to sell them a house you didn't think was worth every dime for you which you were asking?" - Gary Vaynerchuk

Any ideas or thoughts on what kind of content to include in the videos?

I got this question from a real estate agent that is ready to take their , internet presence and team to the next level. Using in your is a great form of marketing and lead generation.

Here are some ideas in this .

6 Ways You Can Use Video Blogging In Real Estate

A recap of the real estate coaching video of the 6 you could you could use video with some links to examples.

1. Share information about your local real estate market.

Ian Watt does an information packed, daily video about condos in downtown Vancouver, BC. Ian shares market stats, information about solds, or news about condo developments in a concise, high energy delivery.

2. Share information about your local community.

Dale Chumbley mixes it up on his real estate blog about things to do in Vancouver, WA. He uses the written words, pictures and video. He shares info about restaurants, parks and points of interest in the community that he lives and sells real estate in.

3. Do a property tour of a listing

I will give some ideas about this in a Nugget tomorrow. If you know a real estate agent that is doing a tremendous job of this, please share in the comments below.

4. Do question and answer

The real estate buyer and seller has questions. You have the answers. Just do a Q & A format like my friends Kristin LaVanway and Dean Ouellette do on their EastValleyTeam.com website. Having someone else to interact with helps make it a more natural conversation. Dean and Kristin look like they are having a lot of fun and are also able to share valuable information.

5. Use a screencast to give transparency

use an application like screentoaster to give your website visitors a tour of what happens and the benefits of registering on your website or IDX search. An example of me using screentoaster  is in this How To Facebook video

6. Give a tour of the community or neighborhood

My coaching client, Gilbert Peralta specializes in condos. Gilbert has created a website that is resource for a buyer looking for information on condos in the Seattle area. He has started doing driving tours of the condo community and sharing information as the video viewer rides along with him.