Press Replay Or Hit Reset On Your Real Estate Business - Productivity Nugget #097

"Sometimes thinking too much can destroy your ." -

In this video I share the importance of momentum or interrupting momentum. Momentum goes in both directions - up and down. Forward and back.

I  also believe it is tied to passion. When you are doing something you are passionate about, you want to do more and more. Even if things go wrong or you hit a bump in the road, the passion for what you are doing pulls you back on task.

When things are going good in your and in your life,  just repeat the process. Feel flow and roll with the vibe. Press .

When things are going bad in your business and in your life, you need to interrupt the pattern. Hit reset or reboot, the way you would on a PC that locks up. Just start over.

One of these things that I think that is critical to your success in your real estate business, is knowing what your Lighthouse Concept is. When I'm doing a real estate training class or coaching 1-on-1 with a real estate agent, I want them to define that Lighthouse Concept.

When you have that defined, it is easy to get focused and get momentum moving in the right direction.