Facebook Privacy - Why You Should Not Change Your Privacy Setting - Productivity Nugget #110

I'm seeing many people on Facebook saying that Facebook is destroying their privacy and they are sharing in their status updates how to keep their info locked down. I even did a video Facebook Destroying Your Privacy – Change Your Settings to show you how to change these privacy settings. I did it begrudgingly. With a lot of snark.

Today I'm doing the follow up of why you don't want to change your facebook settings. Check out the video below.

I'm excited about Facebook extending their network

facebook on pandoraYou should be too! With them extending their network outside of just facebook walls it allows you to get to know your friends in a more personal setting. You get to see what other websites they are members of. You get to hear what music they like, not just read it on their interests and activities profile.

In the picture, here to the right, is an example of facebook extending the network on to Pandora. Because I'm friends with Kimbery Kennedy and she has shared on her Facebook profile that she likes Mat Kearney, she shows up.

Now, would she show up for you? NO! Unless...you are also friends with Kimberly Kennedy on facebook.

This is the reason I love this extending network! I would have never gone and looked at her music interests. I don't have time for this. And candidly, my connection to Kimberly is not strong. I would have never known this, but now...it gives me a reason to go check out her profile, learn more about her and connect with her.

I see this as just another component in your lead generation strategy for your real estate business.

To me, not allowing the network to extend outside the facebook walls doesn't make any sense.

If you saw one of your facebook friends in real life at the grocery store would you say "Hi" or would you quickly run around the corner so you don't have to talk to them and hope they didn't see you?

If you are anti-social in real life then I guess its ok to be anti-social networking online also.

If you are going to be anti-social and anti-social networking though, how are you going to build the business you desire?