Lead Generation Tactics You Can Learn From Chess - Productivity Nugget #111

In this video I talk a little bit about and a little bit about how to build your over all.

Need More Than One Lead Generation Tactic

Not only do you need more than one lead generation , your need to be working together to support your over all business development .

Like in , 't checkmate with one piece. You can't succeed with your with just one piece. Everything needs to move together, with the same objective. You need a plan. You need support tactics for your over all strategy.

Support Your Strategy, Support Yourself

As I talked about in the coaching video, not only do you need to look at what activities you can do to support your overall business development strategy, you need to look at how you can support yourself.

Do you look to add leverage to your real estate business by adding people?

Do you look for outside perspective with coaching and consulting?

In the video I give some ideas on how to add supporting lead generation activities so that you are building your business from every angle, but with a focused attack.

Before someone enters into my coaching program, I see them trying to build their real estate business using too many strategies.

They are calling expireds one day, dropping by FSBO's the next. Week after that they are trying to get Short Sale listings. Then they are signing up for REO coaching programs. Maybe they try using social media and real estate blogging to build their business.

Trying too many strategies with out a focus attack that uses supporting tactics will put your business in the same place I was playing chess against the computer.