Facebook Destroying Your Privacy - Change Your Settings - Productivity Nugget #109

just made some huge changes this week and I am getting TONS of questions in my inbox and via Facebook chat. There seems to be confusion around what facebook is doing and how this effects your . If you want to hear directly from Mark Zuckerburg, Founder/CEO,  you can watch him present these new changes at the F8 conference.

In this Productivity Nugget I did screencast of how to your to NOT allow some of these changes, if that's your thing. As you will hear in the , it's not mine and I'm not sure why it would be yours. But, I'm getting the questions and concerns, so I hope this video answers your questions about how to change the privacy setting and also debunk some of the myths and panic about these new changes.

The LIKE button that I feature in the video and that is right below this post was inspired by Jeff Bernheisel, a genius on wordpress blogs. I will be doing my next Productivity Nugget about why this change that facebook did is awesome and why you DO NOT want to change your privacy .

We will talk about why the LIKE button and other things that Facebook is doing will only help you extend the relationship with your sphere of influence and help your online lead generation for your real estate business.