Content Is King Myth, Plus 3 Others Exposed - Productivity Nugget #221

Content is King MythTake a listen to this Nugget . I share why " is " is a .

I also give you three other _______ is "king" myths.

What do you think is "King?"

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Podcast transcript

There might be a few people that are going to disagree with me.

This email MIGHT make a few people angry.

I'm counting on getting some emails telling me how "wrong" I am.

I'm sure a couple of angry tweets will show up also...


Because I’m going to dispel big myths about what is "KING" when it comes to your online .

You'd think these Myths are butter the way they are spreading (especially in social media). And I believe hurting people's incomes and ability to provide for their family.

You ready?

. Myth 1: Content Is King


True, content is important. And you need it to get found.

But is it “king”?

If it is, then it must have been folded in a bad hand of poker.

Because there are millions of people creating content online right now who are B.R.O.K.E.

They have content created themselves into the poor house or as Brian Clark aka Copyblogger says, "Don’t share your way in to poverty".

And if Content is “king”, then you'd be sunk. Because there are so many Realtors already creating content. There are many agents working like a dog, putting out boat loads of valuable content each day.

But STILL aren't closing transactions from it.

If content was the end-all-be-all, then all of these agents would be pulling in the "benjamins".

But lucky for you....

Content is NOT "king".

. Myth 2: Traffic Is King

Ditto with 1.

There are lots of agents out there bragging about their "traffic."

They are bragging so hard, we might as well autotune them and turn it into a bad T-pain hip hop song.

Traffic is NOT "king" though.

I could write about coffee shops or a donut bakery all day long and bring traffic to my site...

But is that traffic showing up to buy or sell a home? Or are they looking for coffee and donuts.

Traffic IS important, but it’s not king.

. Myth 3: Teaching Is King

Is it?

If teaching is "king", why are teachers in our culture always going on strike to get paid more money?

But there are many "online teachers" teaching you to just give away all your valuable knowledge and info.

To just "teach" your prospects.

I think I'm naturally a teacher. I was even going to school for Secondary Education.

But that natural skillset didn't help me in real estate sales and business.

I still needed to learn about marketing and lead generation. And, teaching doesn't replace those skillsets.

Yes, teaching is a nice addition and a wonderful enhancement.

It can do wonders for your prospects and sphere viewing you as a resource.

But it’s not even close to being "king".

4. Myth 4: Engagement Is King


Sure engagement is nice. It's important.

But have you ever had a conversation with a woman that has been engaged for a VERY long time?

Engagement isn't enough.

OK, so if the above ain't the  “king”, what is?

Don't say Elvis!

Email me back and let me know what you think it is.

I'll let you know soon, but I'll drop a big hint on ya right now...