What You Can Learn From The 13-0 Packers About Your Business

I'm proud to be from Wisconsin.

Some of my earliest memories are of watching the Packers on TV with my Dad and my Brothers.

That's just the way it is in Wisconsin I guess.

The Packers are having an amazing season following their Super Bowl win.

They will have literally not lost a game in over a year!

The last team to beat them was the New England Patriots exactly one year ago. The Packers lost with their backup quarterback playing, cuz Rodgers was out with a concussion.

But since that time...PERFECTION!

How have they done it?

What can you learn from them and apply to your business?

Well, the Packers have done things almost the exact opposite of what most NFL teams do.

Take the Philedelphia Eagles for example...

The Eagles are 5-8 this year. After they spend million$ of dollar$ to get the "best' players.

That is the typical route. Spend a ton of money and try to put together a Super Bowl team for that year.

Nothing seems wrong with that philosphy does it? Nothing wrong with wanting to win.

But the Packers on the other hand...

They have been committed to what they call 'Draft & Develop'.

The General Manager, Ted Thompson and the Head Coach, Mike McCarthy have been committed to the process of Drafting talent and developing that talent. Even if that means the team in the first couple of years wasn't a Super Bowl winning team.

This 'Draft & Develop' approach gave the Packers the youngest team in the league from 2006 to 2009. Nevertheless, the Packers reached the playoffs three of the last four seasons, and that Super Bowl win last year and this season off to a 13-0 start.

Maybe Jim Collins should research the Packers for Good To Great.

I can't find the exact numbers so don't quote me on this, if you know, let me know...

But the Packers roster is made up of about 45 out of the 52 players have NEVER played for another NFL team.

And 37 of the players where drafted by the Packers right out of college.

What does that mean?

  • It means they are creating a dynasty.
  • It means they are winning without having to spend as much as the other NFL teams.
  • It means they are committed to a long term vision.

What about you in your business?

To me 'Draft and Develop' sounds a lot like a Sphere of Influence/Database driven business.

Focused on the long term.

Nurture the relationship = develop the player.

Too many agents though, are spending HUGE amounts of money and time to generate new leads for their business. That sounds like spending the million$ of dollar$ on free agent players.

Many agents are chasing the Shiny Object, the newest hottest trend. That sounds like chasing players and spending dollar$ instead of developing players that fit the strategy, the goals of the team.

What is your approach in business?

Are you committed to the long term?

Are you in it for the year or for your career?

Are you going to take the 'Draft and Develop' approach like the 13-0 and Super Bowl Champs?

Or are you going to spend million$ of dollar$ and be 5-8?


I should mention, there are a lot of teams trying to copy, I mean model the Packers approach now.

For example, it looks the Seahawks are doing this out in Seattle.

We will see if they have enough patience to stick it out though.

Are you going to have the patience to stick it out in your business?