Your Questions Answered About Copywriting


Q and A about Levels Coaching Real Estate CoachingIf you are on my Email List, the other day  you heard about how a 1 to 1 coaching client of mine easily spotted a huge faux pas in the on a website... Some people emailed me and asked me to tell them more about copywriting and had some questions...

I thought I'd respond to some of them here... and a bit further down, I'll share the importance of good copywriting.

Q. I'm intrigued, what's the 1 Rule of copywriting?

A. As I said in that , I'll be sharing the answer in the PJ's Monthly Insider. To share with non-Members would not be fair to all the Members.

It wouldn't be fair to you either. If you don't have to invest to learn it, you won't value it.

The Members of PJ's Monthly Insider value the info and implement. Like John C., a Member who implemented a Lead Conversion tactic from the Apri Issue and increased his newsletter email open rate to 49%.

I could share that tip with anyone for free, and you probably wouldn't implement. And not implementing it means no results. You don't want that, and I don't want that.

Q. I'm looking to , to write some of my email marketing for me. If you wouldn't mind sharing with me, who writes your emails for you?

A. Me. I write my stuff.

Q. What do you mean just because someone can write, doesn't mean they are a copywriter? What's the difference?

A. To quote Judith Charles, "A copywriter is a salesperson behind a typewriter."

If it doesn't sell, or at least generate a lead, convert a lead or get the prospect to take action...  it ain't .

Pretty words that flow nicely together, that give you a tingly feeling, or entertain you or amuse you... but fail to make the sale... ain't copy.

I write all my own copy, see Q & A above... but if I was to hire someone to write copy for me, I'd ask, "Have you ever sold something to someone face to face? Have you ever sold something to someone over the phone?"

If the answer is "No" to either question, I wouldn't hire them to write my copy. "A copywriter is a salesperson behind a typewriter." If they can't sell face to face or over the phone, what makes you think they can sell in only written words.

Why Copywriting Is So Important Today

Copywriting has never been as important as it is now in today’s business world, in today’s landscape.

Because of all the ways you are communicating via . And copywriting is basically sales. It’s sales in print. It’s sales via written word.

Think about all the ways you communicate via written word now...

  • every tweet that you send out,
  • every Facebook message that you send out,
  • your text messages,
  • the blog post that you’re writing
  • the email follow up you send
  • the property description you write

It’s not just sales-letters,  postcards or print advertising.

It’s all these ways that you communicate online, which many of the ways you are communicating is via the written word.

All of these ways of communicating have the potential to influence and persuade someone.

The question is, are you influencing and persuading people effectively?

And that’s what copywriting is about. You have to develop a skill-set of to be successful and effective in business today and in to the future.

At the very least, you need a Copywriting 101 skill-set. That way, if you are looking to hire someone to write copy for you, you can recognize the good from the bad.


  • Stay Productive
  • Keep Focused
  • Be Consistent

-- Darin Persinger

P.S. The rule or formula that you should be following is in full force in this article...

Go back and re-read this email and see if you can spot it.

If you can't, you really should talk with me or you could bring me to you.