"Realtors don't work nearly as hard as they used to"


Location: On a train... traveling south

Jumped on a train to head south to Portland today.

The train wasn't moving when I jumped on it though. How cool would that be? That's definitely on my bucket list - hop onto amoving train.

On the train, a couple seats back I couldn't help but overhear a conversation.

A couple of men were talking about their homes, retirement, downsizing, taxes, etc...

One line in the conversation really caught my attention and made me tune in...

"Realtors don't work nearly as hard as they use to."

The other gentleman made the sound of agreement.

I caught bits and pieces of their perspective...

"They use to have complete marketing plans..."

"They would do some open houses and really get people coming through and get some exposure for the home..."

"They are just lazy now. Just put it online is all they do now..."

I wanted to make my way back to talk to these guys and ask them some questions, but they got off at the stop in Seattle.

Look, you can disagree with these guys, be defensive or you can listen to what they are saying as feedback that could help your business.

I'll tell you that my blood started to boil as I heard this conversation. I was getting angry for all my Clients, all the Members of my programs, my friends in the industry and for my wife, who is aRealtor.

But as I processed the conversation I overheard, I realized it was great consumer feedback.

This is how a couple of guys feel about Realtors when it comes to listing and selling their home. That's all it is.

There is no right or wrong here. Just beliefs, perspective and feedback.

What you do with that is up to you...

I think for the rest of the train ride I'm going to ponder on this conversation and I'll give you some thoughts about it tomorrow...

What are your thoughts about this conversation?

And what do you think you can do, if anything to change this perspective?


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  • Be Consistent

-- Darin Persinger

P.S. Heading up to the Lounge Car now to grab a drink. Working on the train is pretty productive. I couldn't have written this article if I was driving.