Be Successful By Doing The Alternative

Be Successful By Doing The Alternative : So, back to you and

Yes, I'm seriously sticking with that theme (wait until you see how I make the jump from Batman to Star Trek, it's going to be epic).

So I'm obsessing over Batman right now, but you know who is out in the theaters right now?


I'm not that interested in Superman... All of his powers make him kinda unfun.

But Batman, he doesn't have any super powers.

He's not an alien from another planet. He doesn't have any mutant gene. He didn't get into an accident with gamma radiation or a magical spider.

He's just a dude that is smart, tough and uses his resources really well.

Batman is basically the alternative to Superman.

Superman has all sorts of powers.

Batman has none.

Superman is an alien.

Batman is just human.

Superman can fly.

Batman has to drive a car.

Superman doesn't wear a mask.

Batman does wear a mask.

I feel you can do the same in . Become the alternative version of what's going on out there.

I've read that Sam Walton once said, "Swim upstream. Go the other way. Ignore the conventional wisdom. If everybody is it one way, there’s a good chance you can find your niche by going exactly in the opposite direction."

A lot of coaches and trainers teach how to make prospecting calls... how to do presentations... how to handle objections... scripts to use... etc...

There is nothing wrong with this at all... but what if you took the alternative approach? What if you became "Batman" instead of trying to be "Superman"? And that's more the style I coach and train.

Create really compelling marketing... develop skills... get good at email marketing... develop reports, whitepapers and video marketing that informs, educates, informs and entertains...

My alternative philosophy is if you do things that way... you don't have to handle all the objections... you don't have to master 20 different closing techniques... you don't have to develop the super power of handling rejection for 3 hours a day... 

Plus, you can be seen more as a resource vs a salesperson.

I look at my wife. Katherine has never made an expired or FSBO call in her life, yet has generated 15 Seller Leads in the last 45 days via and Facebook ads.

She might not be a "Superman", that's ok.

Because she is the alternative, like "Batman".

Which character are you going to be in your ?

Stay Productive | Keep Focused | Be Consistent

-- Darin "Michael Keaton Is Still My Favorite Batman" Persinger

P.S. If you want help either developing your super powers or creating the alternative skills you need in your business, let's talk.