Wordpress For Real Estate Agents With Jeff Bernheisel- Productivity Nugget #127

Jeff Bernheisel has talked with the Productivity Junkies community before. He joined us on the MD Show to about the upcoming BuzzRE event, google, seo and social media. I grabbed at the BuzzRE after party to talk about , website hosting and why need to own their content.

Real estate blogging will certainly help your online real estate lead generation. I think to take it one step further you want to make sure you own and are not just your online space. When you are on a template website or facebook or , you are renting.

Jeff shares in the video why wordpress is the website of choice .

What hosting a wordpress website involves and the expense.

How to get a custom look for your blog, website, so you have something that truly reflects you and your real estate business.

And why having a website that you are truly proud of, something you want to show off is so important.

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